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★ ᗰᑌᒪTIᖴᗩᑎᗪOᗰ ★

BTS × Puma courtstar paradise

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@Plox_Angel Angel @Plox_Angel

dia x twice [mr. potter feat. candy pop] the song fits the choreography so well https://t.co/JM1Pbz1h7c

dia x twice 
[mr. potter feat. candy pop...

@flowtaee william 🌟 @flowtaee

would it be a new season of masterchef ? @BTS_twt #BTSARMY #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards https://t.co/H3ZsIpW358

would it be a new season of masterchef ?...

@BTS_twt 방탄소년단 @BTS_twt

#JIMIN https://t.co/G5jKvuMk3p

#JIMIN https://t.co/G5jKvuMk3p

@svteenluv rt&like my 📌♡ meimei @svteenluv

Help me please ☺ Please rt and like. 1K rt and likes. Until January 30 #rtxrt #LIKEXLIKE https://t.co/Owput1zm3W

Help me please ☺
Please rt and like.

@baekhyun_vines Baekhyun Vines 🐾 @baekhyun_vines

🐶😂 https://t.co/W8NOoBASx0

🐶😂 https://t.co/W8NOoBASx0

@yoroibi Omma Yoroibi @yoroibi

🌼 https://t.co/9y28uY2RSq

@yoroibi Omma Yoroibi @yoroibi


@yoongsass •ɴɪᴄɪɴ• @yoongsass

Stan Talent Stan monsta x

@seokjinfansite s. @seokjinfansite



@Stray_Kids Stray Kids @Stray_Kids

Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "어린 날개" Performance Video https://t.co/BKzG2uQfqN #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #Mixtape #Hellevator… https://t.co/QWJhEqfdvV

@yoroibi Omma Yoroibi @yoroibi

@MarriedHyungwon then wait until 22nd!! (that's my opinion ><')

@yoroibi Omma Yoroibi @yoroibi

@MarriedHyungwon the ga for your birthday?

@yoroibi Omma Yoroibi @yoroibi

Happy birthday!! @OfficialMonstaX I hope you enjoy your day and get so much love ❤ × #CHAETURTLEDAY × ×… https://t.co/88PAfEpr4d

@sehunniieebaby ElyXiOn 📍 @sehunniieebaby

@baozi_twt thankyou fam huhu😭😘 Help Me fam 🙏 I do rtxrt. -650 rt -750fav Until January 15,2018 https://t.co/SHgdFWz6Or

@baozi_twt thankyou fam huhu😭😘 Help Me f...

@exo_sexo Meℓanie Meℓan @exo_sexo

The rest of Electric Kiss made me nut

@taehyunglvyrslf ℓei ❀ ia bc work immersion @taehyunglvyrslf

✨ 2018 HUGE GA ✨ Link: https://t.co/swQpdPt8b1 🌻 3 winners 🌻 Check prizes in pictures attached 🌻 Strictly, follow… https://t.co/8A2U3btmU6

@yoroibi Omma Yoroibi @yoroibi

@universe__kpop @weareoneEXO @weareoneEXO Happy birthday Kai!💗 I hope you will enjoy your day and get a lot of love because you deserve it!

@universe__kpop KPOP-GIVEAWAY 🎁 @universe__kpop

EXO Kai Birthday Giveaway Surprise Package! Official Merchandise Ends 14th January '18 Entry: MBF, RT and send bd… https://t.co/pUasK8GV2G

@yoroibi Omma Yoroibi @yoroibi

@universe__kpop aww I love the socks 😄❤ and army necklace is just perfect Thanks for this!!💗

@universe__kpop KPOP-GIVEAWAY 🎁 @universe__kpop

❤️BTS ARMY GIVEAWAY ❤️ 👉EUROPE ONLY👈 - RT to enter - leave a comment - follow us @universe__kpop - Only 1 Winner… https://t.co/XpIog3Ih7U

@yoroibi Omma Yoroibi @yoroibi

@universe__kpop @leesoomina is it ww?

@yoroibi Omma Yoroibi @yoroibi

@universe__kpop @leesoomina Twice surprise box ❤❤ (quite difficult choose only one 💔)

@universe__kpop KPOP-GIVEAWAY 🎁 @universe__kpop

Giveaway collaboration: Melanie (account owner) and Sumin (@leesoomina) BTS - EXO - TWICE Read the description i… https://t.co/PS1RhMToYM

@yoroibi Omma Yoroibi @yoroibi

omg I fell in love 💖💖 https://t.co/97beTyBOmY

@yoroibi Omma Yoroibi @yoroibi

today I woke up wanting BTS × Puma courtstar.... again 😔😂

@royalohsehun mai @royalohsehun

KPOP GIRLGROUP GIVEAWAY [multifandom ver] ✿RT to enter ✿worldwide ✿mbf ✿1 winner ✿read for more details! https://t.co/jcfC5lSVsF

[multifandom ver...

@whyy_BTS Whyy_BTS @whyy_BTS

-Esses coreanos são todos iguais -Mentira, Jungkook e Jin não sã- EITA https://t.co/6VwPG0BC10

-Esses coreanos são todos iguais

@bestofchanbaek best of chanbaek @bestofchanbaek

EXO 'Electric Kiss' Dance Practice https://t.co/kvkJUqw2bm https://t.co/yBgg9SEdfy

EXO 'Electric Kiss' Dance Practice 


@dulcetaee zieey @dulcetaee

this is blessing i can hear this everyday and make it as daily routine #BTS4thMusterTODAY https://t.co/2zZRaDIn2l

this is blessing i can hear this everyda...

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