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Evolution and human behaviour. Dislikes both the alt-right and SJWs. You might find me offensive. Multi-racial mongrel. Hispanic shitlord.

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@hildherlo Es que los seres humanos somos constructos culturales en vez de animales con alta funcion cognitiva

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@CathyYoung63 @rogercanaff This is what bugs me the most with mras, they argue that men should. They want a race to… https://t.co/yYgKzA7yVx

@CathyYoung63 Cathy Young @CathyYoung63

Yes yes PLEASE show me the guy who has tried to claim that he was "sexually assaulted" because his partner did this… https://t.co/xRNXfXyjVI

@amyalkon Amy Alkon @amyalkon

Right on from @clairlemon on biological sex differences. It's those clamoring for "gender equality" (meaning the pr… https://t.co/DMHLU3Pw6n

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@paulhcassidy53 @clairlemon @SteveStuWill Modern feminism is the typical mind fallacy on steroids, they apply it bo… https://t.co/pJG69D0r8b

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Not to mention treatment of mental illnesses and other psychopathologies which often show large differences https://t.co/m01R9022UL

@AcademiaObscura Academia Obscura @AcademiaObscura

Help is available. https://t.co/rNIZVCmIOJ

Help is available. https://t.co/rNIZVCmI...

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Case in point https://t.co/VLY4E7yhYJ

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@adamcwejman Att påstå att en normkritisk analys är politiskt neutral är som att säga att en marxistisk analys är det

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I've even seen academic papers proposing this (I don't have to mention from which departments) https://t.co/4t9s6LepIK

@jonkay Jonathan Kay @jonkay

great @TheAtlantic piece on "identity politics" as a new form of "political theology" for a godless age.… https://t.co/n5y1PDcJRR

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@xenubarb @Recursion_Agent Newsflash: behavioral predispositions are also genetic https://t.co/UoveuRfZyu

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Human sheep who blindly follow the herd is what allowed some of the worst atrocities in history to happen https://t.co/El18QoZxr9

@HeatherEHeying Heather E Heying @HeatherEHeying

Everywhere in the universe, sentient beings will have math, & a periodic table, & evolution, although its instantia… https://t.co/12d8qASlbd

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@Onisk64 @primalpoly @WiringTheBrain @EpgntxEinstein No, I'm just pointing out it has often been ascribed magical powers

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@PorgyGeorgy @Miranda_P_Lewis @DrTLane https://t.co/3ldz9wvbRD

@PorgyGeorgy @Miranda_P_Lewis @DrTLane...

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@SergeyKofanov Read the entire article that is linked in the tweet, lots of resources for you

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@IllusiveThought A favourite tactic of Cordelia Fine

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@xenubarb @Recursion_Agent Some women are taller than most men, does that suggest gender differences in height are a social construct?

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@SergeyKofanov Here, digest this https://t.co/N4USlnaWFU https://t.co/0nluRtM0O2

@SergeyKofanov Here, digest this https:/...

@MrAndyNgo Andy C. Ngo @MrAndyNgo

Thank you campus police & private security. Also, I do consider it a violent act when someone smashes equipment & p… https://t.co/UH0RfNr7fl

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What an insufferable amount of contorted logic and twisted arguments in this thread https://t.co/I09oji6mkt

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@tomeclarke @Miranda_P_Lewis Based on anecdotal evidence the answer is no

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@primalpoly @WiringTheBrain @EpgntxEinstein My favourite is still magic neuroplasticity (not a parody from what I c… https://t.co/PPh8kV36NP

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Do they have any arguments left besides straw men? https://t.co/nDpKPpZpMM

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@x0x0x00x0x0 @olgakhazan classic

@RealPeerReview New Real Peer Review @RealPeerReview

Academia in 2018. https://t.co/Gk5E96fMQD https://t.co/sOYXDBF38T

Academia in 2018. https://t.co/Gk5E96fMQ...

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Why countries that empower women have fewer female STEM graduates, by @olgakhazan: https://t.co/CxBDC2a3GM

@drunkenalpaca takashi I hate everything yamamoto @drunkenalpaca

So is gender studies. https://t.co/p24XlverIi

@sapinker Steven Pinker @sapinker

If you can stand a bit more Trumpology: Personality expert (and grad school classmate) Dan McAdams argues that DT u… https://t.co/hS8ySjEomd

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