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If you have to start a sentence with 'I'm not racist, but...' then chances are you're pretty racist. This isn't a bot. RT≠endorsement, obviously.

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@TheRoot The Root @TheRoot

Tennessee lawmakers have fined several black hairdressers almost $100,000 for braiding hair without a license:… https://t.co/9MWAd9oiLy

@garrbage garr the internet dog 2, now with more characters @garrbage


@ElizBRead Elizabeth Read @ElizBRead

An Alamance County Commissioner doesn't understand the difference between wearing the Confederate flag to school an… https://t.co/AiBpNlOoGy

@_Saeen_ Sacha Saeen @_Saeen_

Ben Shapiro: "One American soldier is worth far more than an Afghan civilian." Totally not racist.… https://t.co/mKr2r0tfco

@yesyoureracist Yes, You're Racist @yesyoureracist

Looks about white https://t.co/0gim14buKH

@ProgressNow_NC Progress NC Action @ProgressNow_NC

The first annual #WorstNCPols tournament begins NOW! Here are your first-round Region 1 contenders... Twitter polls… https://t.co/iAhjNOCQDT

@GoAngelo Angelo Carusone @GoAngelo

On radio, @seanhannity boasting about his racial purity (I'm completely serious), then immediately transitions to a… https://t.co/Bd6QrmGtwI

@yesyoureracist Yes, You're Racist @yesyoureracist

This should be fun... https://t.co/zgrWplwf96

@JackSmithIV Jack Smith IV @JackSmithIV

Holy shit — neo-Nazi leader Matthew Heimbach had an affair with his chief spokesman Matt Parrott's wife. Parrott is… https://t.co/T8SdPhwERO

@yesyoureracist Yes, You're Racist @yesyoureracist

“The person in the video appears to be white” https://t.co/8TSBuhDBUi

@muhmentions 🔥H E L L D U D E🔥 @muhmentions

what a strange thing to ask someone who has tried to interfere with rescue efforts of migrants at sea and fired fla… https://t.co/2UQanvFQY9

@alexkotch Alex Kotch @alexkotch

Oh cool the president is citing an anti-immigrant hate group on twitter dot com! @splcenter https://t.co/rSzCFpyMZa https://t.co/Ovbyfuuvyx

Oh cool the president is citing an anti-...

@blazingxmexican Carlos @blazingxmexican

Hey, Republicans! If you don't like transgender people using the bathroom, just look away from them like you do wit… https://t.co/aeoeQUHYMq

@rossacrosswi Scot Ross @rossacrosswi

.@YesYoureRacist Local WI school district to limit discussion of social privilege after white parents whined to whi… https://t.co/Q5A6Nh6O74

@yesyoureracist Yes, You're Racist @yesyoureracist

@jon_snow_420 @azninthesun Can confirm

@classiclib3ral PeterNorway @classiclib3ral

The two most skilled fail men online with the exact same self-own https://t.co/N1C48814C2

The two most skilled fail men online wit...

@yesyoureracist Yes, You're Racist @yesyoureracist

Funny, I’m pretty sure it isn’t https://t.co/o1hZzVlMnj

@LoganJames Logan Smith @LoganJames

I would LOVE for someone to explain why they’re offended by a statue of MLK https://t.co/gAuzDScxgJ

@LuxePosh Breniecia @LuxePosh

Hey @Netflix, Rachel Dolezal doesn't need a documentary streamed on your site. She's fraudulent and problematic. W… https://t.co/omKZE4DwzX

@YesYoureRacist Yes, You're Racist @YesYoureRacist

@NickJFuentes https://t.co/Yx5wUoZWzC

@NickJFuentes  https://t.co/Yx5wUoZWzC

@yesyoureracist Yes, You're Racist @yesyoureracist

@Chas_Brose @benshapiro Good for you

@yesyoureracist Yes, You're Racist @yesyoureracist

Angry elf @benshapiro: "Rap isn’t music. Music has three elements: melody, harmony, and rhythm. Rap is all rhythm,… https://t.co/5RBqyi3mAi

@yesyoureracist Yes, You're Racist @yesyoureracist

@nothxsleeping @ScifiDiva You have access to Google, don’t you?

@yesyoureracist Yes, You're Racist @yesyoureracist

@BigSexyDaniel Dying

@BigSexyDaniel De’Aniel Fox @BigSexyDaniel

@YesYoureRacist This NYT sponsored tweet appeared below yours and I chuckled https://t.co/y03Apq4ujB

@YesYoureRacist This NYT sponsored tweet...

@yesyoureracist Yes, You're Racist @yesyoureracist

BREAKING: White male downplays the concept of microaggression, film at 11 https://t.co/jkQz2Wymob

@yesyoureracist Yes, You're Racist @yesyoureracist

@Theoceanthemoon Translation: “I definitely said that”

@yesyoureracist Yes, You're Racist @yesyoureracist

Folks, I’m beginning to think arming teachers might not be the best idea https://t.co/2qw8RECuB3

@yesyoureracist Yes, You're Racist @yesyoureracist

@bariweiss Sure Bari, I don’t call for anyone to be fired either 😉

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