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We, too, are America


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@MichelleObama Michelle Obama @MichelleObama

Congrats to the entire #blackpanther team! Because of you, young people will finally see superheroes that look like… https://t.co/mGf422Nu7k

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi

Currently in the theater crying whilst watching Black Panther for the second time #WakandaForever

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi

Thank you for everything! And my mama says hi💕 https://t.co/ryIMJFG5D6

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi

@Lifefvcksusall I’m sending a big hello you you💕💕

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi

👑 https://t.co/fS8N4REWqR

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi

Powerful. Empowered. A leader. https://t.co/x8ZcParAZn

@Zendaya Zendaya @Zendaya

YESSSSS EMMA GONZALEZ!!!!!!! Thank you for your voice, and for your bravery and honesty while using it✊🏽 https://t.co/7y7Su02uSz

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi

#WakandaForever https://t.co/xFLVZdMPjV

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi

Honored to have worked with you on this special project! Thank you! https://t.co/dCVsi9ggxp

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi

@AaqilahIW Oh man!

@laneyyy19 Elaine @laneyyy19

Got creative after hearing some great things from @YaraShahidi this week... A little rough, but I’m not a rapper 💀 https://t.co/BWP16Fmss6

Got creative after hearing some great th...

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi

If they don’t know go ahead and tell your friends‼️ https://t.co/UovOlGBxzY

@naomischeung Naomi Cheung @naomischeung

If you missed the panel with @yarashahidi and @joeybadass, you can still catch @joeybadass’s concert at 9! Tickets… https://t.co/ZgPgJzccrs

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi

What! https://t.co/asVv8Lh8Sk

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi

Ayy! https://t.co/Z0GiGar54W


Here's how you can help victims of the Florida school shooting https://t.co/pNr86Kq4z2 https://t.co/VNvJqzGRah

Here's how you can help victims of the F...

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi

Yes! https://t.co/zqcW6COPjX

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi

I’m here now!! #chattingwithmypeers #thecuse https://t.co/T0gidw5LeE

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi

So excited to speak at #CuseforGood ! Happening in moments 😬☺️ https://t.co/DO0qaFrgKG

So excited to speak at #CuseforGood ! Ha...

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi

Literally me and my brother @sayeedshahidi #BlackPanther #proudbigsis https://t.co/xmd8JQo1ju

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi


@MatthewACherry Matthew A. Cherry @MatthewACherry

Y’all @VashtiHarrison is so cold with it #Shuri #BlackPanther #BlackPantherSoLit #wakandaforever #blackpanthermovie https://t.co/msMYbeQqwH

Y’all @VashtiHarrison is so cold with it...

@grownish grown-ish @grownish

our girl,@yarashahidi, lived all our dreams with marvel's @theblackpanther cast. see the inspiring movie tomorrow. https://t.co/hasgDrbQZp

our girl,@yarashahidi, lived all our dre...

@trevorjackson5 Trevor Jackson @trevorjackson5

I’m still working but I can’t wait to see #BlackPanther @theblackpanther ✊🏾 Ayyye @YaraShahidi this is dope!… https://t.co/MO5soGV6Zk

@KingJames LeBron James @KingJames

Thank you Love you @YaraShahidi!! #LoveOurBlackWomen. All of you are special! ✨⭐️ please remember and know that 👸🏽… https://t.co/5VRFJZ4HBk

@DrMargenaXan Margena A. Christian @DrMargenaXan

#FBF When @YaraShahidi dad, @AfshinShahidi , took the cover photo of her cousin @Nas for the story I wrote 11 years… https://t.co/S91migTbPp

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi

Fam fam💥 https://t.co/S4fNVmYQp0

@Essence ESSENCE @Essence

.@YaraShahidi pens a powerful essay on #BlackPanther: "It gives us permission to celebrate our diverse culture."… https://t.co/sIIMhWuap0

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi

💛💛💛 thank you https://t.co/fQf95AZSxd

@yarashahidi Yara shahidi @yarashahidi

Thank you! I love your podcast 💛 a friend of yours recommended it to me https://t.co/F8ip9olN5T

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