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If i could just say a few words...I'd be a better public speaker!

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@gilbertjasono Jason O. Gilbert @gilbertjasono

The only surprising thing about Trump paying hush money to a porn star is that he didn’t bring it up that time he addressed the Boy Scouts

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

In the midst of the Hawaii situation I can't help but think of s3e3 of the twilight zone, "The Shelter", and how mu… https://t.co/Y3NNOOxb1v

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

@leviweaver Yes that makes sense. So the reply about the other thing was separate. Very good.

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

@leviweaver I can't tell if this is a joke answer about relevance or the actual name of a book. I Also thought orig… https://t.co/TER2jYNvz7

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

@leviweaver Which book is this? I'm intrigued

@TheDweck Jess Dweck @TheDweck

“I hope the news of him paying off a porn star doesn’t distract from the news of him calling non-white countries sh… https://t.co/Kd63lX18Rw

@_ShamGod 🇰🇲Comorienne🇰🇲 @_ShamGod

Guys, PLEASE refrain from the “exceptional immigrant” narratives while rebutting Trumps latest tirade. It’s unneces… https://t.co/ylw6deyv0O

@rachelheldevans Rachel Held Evans @rachelheldevans

Good grief. It's not that he uses "salty language." It's that he uses "salty language" while denigrating people of… https://t.co/DRJoBNxHrG

@leviweaver Levi Weaver @leviweaver

My spirit is weary of this idiot baby man. I know that there are no perfect politicians (or people) but I will rejo… https://t.co/ODsUf72xLC

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

@mistymadonna I wanna seee

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

@mistymadonna It is pure beauty

@rebeccawatson Rebecca “I Demand 280-Character Usernames” Watson @rebeccawatson

seeing a lot of praise for this and I agree she's an incredible, inspiring woman. she's also a bullshit peddler who… https://t.co/LMpVebqZQo

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

@rebeccawatson If i could like this via twitter as much as i like this in my real life form my phone would explode into dust

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

@ProcHoliday He's easily one of the most hatable people alive. Which is really something

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

@jillblacksheep "I probably would hate my own kids which is why I don't have any. Enjoy your screeching toddler you boring old cow."

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

@mistymadonna Hahahaha

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

@mistymadonna It's really incredible how good that song is

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

@splitinfinities I did some fo4 VR at pax earlier this year and i tell you what....yes. Yes sir to that.

@KenTremendous Ken Tremendous @KenTremendous

He's never read the Bible. He has no idea what Christians believe. He referred to STDs as "his Vietnam." He sexuall… https://t.co/JvnLpnSW80

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

@leviweaver Their first album could be called "The Dook"

@genheron Norma Desmond @genheron

This 1000x yes https://t.co/K4kc6YQU1Y

@JimForonda Jim Foronda, VO Talkie Person @JimForonda



@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

@Brelston @LeCineNerd Haha yeah it definitely wasn't an insult!

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

@LeCineNerd @Brelston No? Hmm. The s5 episode of Twilight zone "old man in the cave" is what lead me there

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

@LeCineNerd do you think @Brelston looks like a young James Coburn?

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

@CAntista @Wikiparaz @daverudden @Pseudobread the old server (combine) is alive once again! Check your user tabs to… https://t.co/roZlz7h8nQ

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

@Brelston Shit man that's awesome af

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

@mistymadonna No but im pretty sure my grandpa got kicked out of south Dakota around the same time

@wtfyougarbage chris parker @wtfyougarbage

Hey @leviweaver , happy birthday 🎂

@queersocialism #OperationPUSH @queersocialism

b/c mike pence, paul ryan, orin hatch, rex tillerson, steve mnuchin, james mattis, jeff sessions, ryan zinke, sonny… https://t.co/lgg893DxCl

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