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@MAGARoseTaylor MAGA🌹Rose @MAGARoseTaylor

‘What happens when people who are supposed to cure the conflict of interest have even greater conflicts of interest… https://t.co/E6ZH72ktL2

@pinkk9lover wendy tepp @pinkk9lover

@MAGARoseTaylor @TGowdySC Time for an un-bias team ! The #Democrats are in heaven with the e-mails that have surfac… https://t.co/AVJ1gpdKEb

@winegirl73 Barb💋LockednLoaded @winegirl73

You mean Obama’s Mom 🤷‍♀️ https://t.co/NXBfzF1ir1

@JackPosobiec Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec

The FCC has just begun its vote to end the Obamanet regulations known as Net Neutrality

@TomFitton Tom Fitton @TomFitton

The Obama FCC’s attempted takeover of the Internet under the fake guise of net neutrality must be stopped and not a… https://t.co/dVgpuOmjL4

@the626killa nephtali Guzman @the626killa

@JaydaBF @Crazyparklady1 God. Bless. Her.

@ExDemLatina Ex-Dem🇺🇸Latina @ExDemLatina

@JaydaBF This is crazy!!

@JaydaBF Jayda Fransen @JaydaBF

RIGHT NOW! Jayda Fransen gives an update from outside Belfast court! You won't believe this.... https://t.co/nUPvKaXyTX

RIGHT NOW! Jayda Fransen gives an update...

@davidmweissman David Weissman @davidmweissman

You are no longer President, therefore you no longer have to kiss our asses because your hatred for Israel shows. https://t.co/UaKuNEW1vE


THANK YOU: Please take a minute to thank Sean Hannity at Fox News for having the courage to expose the truth about… https://t.co/1IiHEVoMFH

@jojoh888 🇺🇸Jojoh888🇺🇸🌹 @jojoh888

Start your morning with a smile 😄 Happy Thursday everyone #ThursdayThoughts #Veterans https://t.co/njapUSFf6l

@Lrihendry Lori Hendry @Lrihendry

Peter Strzok said he could ‘smell Trump voters in Walmart.’ Guess he never heard every dog smells their own ass.

@vannsmole 🍃 V 🍃 @vannsmole

In other words: Ripping a viable babies life via crushing dismemberment of its skull from a woman’s uterus, is "de… https://t.co/8M8dUCazwX

@creepingsharia Creeping Sharia @creepingsharia

Bronx, NY: Muslim awaiting ISIS trial got ‘terrorist propaganda’ in jail from Chelsea bomber https://t.co/74yvnHdrBE https://t.co/nofEmb9RUq

Bronx, NY: Muslim awaiting ISIS trial go...

@Imlacerci Elena @Imlacerci

@jkramon1313 @DanaEFrederick3 @GmanFan45 @viking_tiger @PrisonPlanet https://t.co/kEgWdJbTu2

@jkramon1313 @DanaEFrederick3 @GmanFan45...

@Imlacerci Elena @Imlacerci

@viking_tiger @PrisonPlanet https://t.co/zinatCscCs

@viking_tiger @PrisonPlanet  https://t.c...

@PrisonPlanet Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet

Montreal's first Muslim “no-go” zone: Mosques demand female-free construction site — and get it https://t.co/fOMtWFUZmq

@hotfunkytown Funkytown @hotfunkytown

Notice how women never accuse a democrat of sexual misconduct weeks before an election? And Gloria Allred has NEVE… https://t.co/LwesejB4pL

@gal_deplorable DeplorableMidwestGal🇺🇸 @gal_deplorable

These people are sick... #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #QAnon https://t.co/IsLaBFqFZ1

These people are sick...

@PressSec Sarah Sanders @PressSec

It’s pie time! With or without bourbon @AprilDRyan? #piegate https://t.co/2xw58FDFg6

It’s pie time! With or without bourbon @...

@MAGARoseTaylor MAGA🌹Rose @MAGARoseTaylor

Absolutely correct @POTUS 🎯 We stand with you through the ups and down, the hate and the persecution, the good tim… https://t.co/nO7qDO6twE

@vannsmole 🍃 V 🍃 @vannsmole

NOT AGAIN! Doctor Who Exposed Clinton Foundation Corruption Found Dead Of 'Suicide' Dr. Lorich appears to have pa… https://t.co/s3wpThg0TB

@TheMarkPantano Mark Pantano @TheMarkPantano

Women never lie about sexual assault, except when they do. #ThursdayThoughts #MeToo

@IncognitoPatrio 💥Lady De'Plorable💥 @IncognitoPatrio

Dear @SenFeinstein IF these ppl "are in fear of deportation" THEN they are NOT #Californians they are… https://t.co/oMoYBACyqJ

@bsgirl2u 👠MAGA_UTAH 💚💐 @bsgirl2u

🤜🙄🤛 Ms Leeds story Debunked over a year ago & now this? Family Members of Trump Accuser Operated an Illegal Sex Rin… https://t.co/dYnUasnBsh

@DineshDSouza Dinesh D'Souza @DineshDSouza

There may be legitimate answers to these questions but we aren’t hearing any https://t.co/WQ8d0fgx2e

@darby_bartley free bird⛄🎁🎄🕎⛪🌟 @darby_bartley

@winegirl73 @2APatriot2100 https://t.co/opgDW2j9ba

@winegirl73 @2APatriot2100  https://t.co...

@winegirl73 Barb💋LockednLoaded @winegirl73

🕵️‍♀️ #ThursdayThoughts Stop 🛑 this madness #NetNeutality is just the Obama liberal big Govt takeover 🚧 Dump it 🙌… https://t.co/NIdNzDx788

@ARmastrangelo Alana Mastrangelo @ARmastrangelo

#NetNeutality is new (implemented during the Obama admin) & the internet was working just fine before that. Govern… https://t.co/QlNXwdO4Xg

@_Makada_ Makada 🇺🇸 @_Makada_

According to liberals, before Net Neutrality in 2015 the internet never worked and ISPs charged us to use the sites… https://t.co/SsIWbtcbxU

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