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I came here to play hash tag games & kick Trumpster Diver ass and I'm almost out hash tag games.

Clearwater Beach, FL

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@whitera66it824 Alice @whitera66it824

@grailsnail @MattJoP @iris_gonzales @MCunninghamAJC @blandphilosophy @gabrielsherman @Bencjacobs Notice he said the… https://t.co/TCMlkqhjKi

@Ocasio2018 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @Ocasio2018

“Snowflake?” Aren’t you a sitting Senator? Also, Comcast paid you $36k to write this tweet. Campaign contributions… https://t.co/wR4Qf6jql5

@RoseAnnDeMoro RoseAnn DeMoro @RoseAnnDeMoro

.@JeffBezos accumulated his wealth on the backs of underpaid and overworked employees. Meanwhile, cities and stat… https://t.co/VUCAOEC076

@whitera66it824 Alice @whitera66it824

@MattJoP @grailsnail @iris_gonzales @MCunninghamAJC @blandphilosophy @gabrielsherman @Bencjacobs No please explain.… https://t.co/0WotuwB5jv

@whitera66it824 Alice @whitera66it824

@MattJoP @grailsnail @iris_gonzales @MCunninghamAJC @blandphilosophy @gabrielsherman @Bencjacobs What motivation do… https://t.co/nz7T54gcnZ

@FateJacketX Fate Jacket X @FateJacketX

A League Of THERE Own #MoviesThatAreStupid

@whitera66it824 Alice @whitera66it824

@marcorubio @SenBillNelson I hope you both support this!!!! https://t.co/7W7Bbf2Ai4

@OurRevolution Our Revolution @OurRevolution

@FCC The @FCC just voted to kill #NetNeutrality, but there's still time for Congress to act. Call your Representative at 202-759-7766!

@MrEmilyHeller Emily Heller @MrEmilyHeller

Play my @hallmarkchannel Christmas Movie Drinking Game™ and you will die of alcohol poisoning! https://t.co/4xX2uDYY5z

Play my @hallmarkchannel Christmas Movie...

@Scott_Wiener Scott Wiener @Scott_Wiener

FCC just repealed net neutrality. When CA Legislature reconvenes in January, I‘ll introduce a bill to adopt net neu… https://t.co/98maoTtLkd

@KeshaTedder Kerry The Last Jedder @KeshaTedder

#SantasAutobiographyTitle Me, my elf and I

@EmmaleaT EmmaleaT🍒 @EmmaleaT

#MyBattleCryWouldBe "ONWARD BUTTERCUP" https://t.co/wI3L1BK8iF



@whitera66it824 Alice @whitera66it824

@grailsnail @iris_gonzales @MCunninghamAJC @blandphilosophy @gabrielsherman @Bencjacobs Used to be quarterly. Now it's daily.

@EdKrassen Ed Krassenstein @EdKrassen

Dear Republicans who use the internet, I know you really care about #NetNeutrality Thankfully there is a solution! VOTE DEMOCRAT!

@SocialPowerOne1 #TheResistance @SocialPowerOne1

“No Jones? No Vote.” Americans flood Senate halls to stop GOP from ramming tax bill https://t.co/wWc3dBJLp0

@Jalapeno_Biznis Mandy💋 @Jalapeno_Biznis

Having the annual abortion, following the pancake breakfast #AtheistXmasTraditions

@Politics_PR R. Saddler 📎🗽 @Politics_PR

This is Rep Mike Coffman. He is the first Republican member of Congress to officially call on the FCC to cancel the… https://t.co/Rb5uCwNsNd

@whitera66it824 Alice @whitera66it824

#AtheistXmasTraditions Start the morning off with an orgy. Then move on to performing partial birth abortions on te… https://t.co/b0zo7dVJWP

@lilyandra Just Lily @lilyandra

Rearranging church's nativity scenes #AtheistXmasTraditions https://t.co/WEzdu1X4jT

Rearranging church's nativity scenes...

@BVilivusonline Adam B.omb @BVilivusonline

Recruiting soldiers at Starbucks for the war #AtheistXmasTraditions

@BenjiButcher BenjiButcher @BenjiButcher

#AtheistXmasTraditions going to the Lamplighter on Xmas morning for scrambled eggs and sausages https://t.co/AcPbZD0Xd9

#AtheistXmasTraditions going to the Lamp...

@whitera66it824 Alice @whitera66it824

#AtheistXmasTraditions Putting the Darwin fish on top of the tree.

@Imagidamnation Juss @Imagidamnation

#AtheistXmasTraditions Shouting fake news in the audience at the church’s annual nativity scene.

@whitera66it824 Alice @whitera66it824

@willwilkinson Jenna Jameson's How To Love Like A Porn Star.

@whitera66it824 Alice @whitera66it824

@RVAwonk @Heather_11_16 Thoughts and prayers

@StephenAtHome Stephen Colbert @StephenAtHome

CNN: Roy Moore lost. MSNBC: Doug Jones will be the next senator from Alabama. FOX: IS MUELLER SECRETLY HILLARY IN A… https://t.co/rrhkQkd89Y

@whitera66it824 Alice @whitera66it824

@NFLMcHollington @StaciaRR @realDonaldTrump I feel sorry for all your date rape victims.

@SenWarren Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren

The @USTreasury's one-page “analysis” of the GOP’s multi-trillion dollar tax giveaway is a complete sham. I want an… https://t.co/k0voqPcGU1

@funder Scott Dworkin @funder

Remember that time the Republican Party endorsed & financially backed pedophile Roy Moore? I probably will tweet th… https://t.co/sHm4NsxU3k

@whitera66it824 Alice @whitera66it824

@Friday13 @NonWhiteHat You do realize the irony here right?

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