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I came here to play hash tag games & kick Trumpster Diver ass and I'm almost out hash tag games.

Clearwater Beach, FL

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@TeaPainUSA Tea Pain @TeaPainUSA

Nothin’ cheers Conservatives up like takin’ away a workin’ man’s pension. Almost as good as splittin’ up a Mexican… https://t.co/K3qtyyhRYz

@DaShanneStokes Dr. DaShanne Stokes @DaShanneStokes

"Preferred facts" and "alternative facts" are also called self delusions and lies.

@krassenstein Brian Krassenstein🐬 @krassenstein

60 Minutes will officially Air Stormy Daniels Interview on March 25. It will blow your mind I am told. Make sure… https://t.co/g4YSHdvLew

@EricKleefeld Eric Kleefeld @EricKleefeld

Which also means the leaks might even still be false. https://t.co/MOd0ozka5d

@usblm Black Lives Matter @usblm

Just a reminder: Colin Kaepernick still doesn't have a job, because in this country fighting for justice will make… https://t.co/Q01ycQCyql

@usblm Black Lives Matter @usblm

Atlanta put schools on lockdown to prevent student walkouts, so students at Booker T. Washington High School took a… https://t.co/iSnfPH27Vq

@Emma4Change Emma González @Emma4Change

I’m gonna listen to this every morning. Take this moment of inspiration and be the change you wish to see 💕❤️💕 https://t.co/GapYJ4TA2I

@fawfulfan Matthew Chapman @fawfulfan

Oh look everyone, a double murderer is lecturing a peaceful civil rights activist about bad judgment. https://t.co/F6OhFd9JDw

@SenWarren Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren

I’ve written to @MickMulvaneyOMB 9 times in the past 3 months with 125 questions about his shady actions at the… https://t.co/MdiBMhUuVo

@IronStache Randy Bryce @IronStache

Today we released our Environmental Plan, to fund a new Green Deal, fight climate change, and end fossil fuel subsi… https://t.co/vLmjHh4O2z

@whitera66it824 Alice @whitera66it824

@AbbyFahmi @mrialena @ClifCs6 @jo_herman16 @Nayboar This is why we liberals lose.

@whitera66it824 Alice @whitera66it824

@skjohnsonUT @hducci @BeebzSancheez @JulianOropesa @jo_herman16 @ryancal23795 Says the guy posting insults on the Internet.

@jo_herman16 jo @jo_herman16

I protested peacefully this morning and got suspended. A man threatened a kid with a knife at a PTA meeting and got… https://t.co/ZpnoleCkPm

@JohnFugelsang John Fugelsang @JohnFugelsang

I refuse to joke about Vanessa Trump bc it's NEVER funny when a couple files for an uncontested quick divorce, one… https://t.co/ZI9oKSoBCO

@scrueggs sᴄʀᴜ̈ᴇɢɢs @scrueggs

The official state flower of Florida is a urine soaked cigarette butt.

@KayKosmos Kay 🌎 @KayKosmos

Humanity: Canadian Doctors Signed a Petition Protesting their Own Pay Raises, Asking that the Money be Reallocated… https://t.co/fsz6hbb5Ge

@whitera66it824 Alice @whitera66it824

@ardwen2 @IronStache @EconomicPolicy Now that we've gotten rid of that pesky Hypocratic oath. We're really going to… https://t.co/YCpWZlmolh

@cowboytexas cowboytexas🇺🇸🌊 @cowboytexas

@SpeakerRyan Congress Tells Court That Congress Can’t Be Investigated for Insider Trading https://t.co/M5fglZC1ZX by @lhfang

@ForeverLogical Forever Logical 🌊🇺🇸🌊 @ForeverLogical

@SpeakerRyan @POTUS @GOP Everything you are FOR - SCREWS us. EVERYTHING.

@Castantine Timothy Castantine🕴 @Castantine

@SpeakerRyan https://t.co/RT6YNG5ESf

@SpeakerRyan  https://t.co/RT6YNG5ESf

@Whichsideareuon what's next @Whichsideareuon

@kcj27 @canyyoulove @SpeakerRyan They harbor a state of the art new bullion depository.

@whitera66it824 Alice @whitera66it824

@kcj27 @canyyoulove @SpeakerRyan Let's not pretend she knows what fiduciary means.

@maryah21211 Maryah @maryah21211

@DarthPeestains @SpeakerRyan No he also works mainly for the Koch's... #kochwhore

@whitera66it824 Alice @whitera66it824

@SpeakerRyan I don't think I've ever seen such a slimy grease ball.

@AlexLealWrites A Constantly Comments @AlexLealWrites

@SpeakerRyan Every time you tweet something like this, I send $20 to @IronStache - and I am not the only one. Get ready for retirement.

@EdKrassen Ed Krassenstein 💎 @EdKrassen

BREAKING: Stormy Daniels' attorney, Michael Avenatti confirms to Jake Tapper of CNN that some of the alleged incid… https://t.co/w5TikYtq7e

@PattyArquette Patricia Arquette @PattyArquette

Heard there were a bunch of badass kids in Alabama who's school wouldn't let them walk out. So instead they #TookTheKnee

@JuddLegum Judd Legum @JuddLegum

My guess is that Trump will not love the new New Yorker cover https://t.co/Mnd2BLc4jz

My guess is that Trump will not love the...

@LibLadyLiberty Your 🇺🇸🗽 Mom @LibLadyLiberty

Since @realDonaldTrump wants to go after drug dealers and give them the death penalty... does that mean these… https://t.co/ftgrLXno57

@whitera66it824 Alice @whitera66it824

@irishrygirl A man told me the other day, One woman's oppression is anothers liberation.

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