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Living off the grid with many animals, like a black leather & lace clad Snow White. Awake at strange hours ⭐🌙⭐

Cabin in the Woods, VT

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@PeachesAndHam liz ham @PeachesAndHam

Please help I just had to pay $280 for medications and we didn't have $280 extra I'm really fucking scared https://t.co/cqFyGaWeX0

@anylaurie16 Laurie Kilmartin @anylaurie16

I’d also like to report that I lived in California during the Manson murders and was not killed. https://t.co/e336lWtcl6

@JazzTrombonist Paul The Trombonist @JazzTrombonist

I accidentally texted my wife with voice recognition...while playing the trombone https://t.co/tWCPSXbbrO

I accidentally texted my wife with voice...

@wensdaiaddamns AmberR🌙se Griffis🎶 @wensdaiaddamns

RIP Ramen, the double rex patchwork #Rat 💗💗💗 #rats #pets #RIP https://t.co/kVP6w9gkt7

RIP Ramen, the double rex patchwork #Rat...

@wensdaiaddamns AmberR🌙se Griffis🎶 @wensdaiaddamns

@ChrisRRegan Roadtripping anywhere near New England? Lots of hitchhikers here.

@wensdaiaddamns AmberR🌙se Griffis🎶 @wensdaiaddamns

@moshekasher This is so sweet of you! Due to generosity, we have a turkey this year, donated by a family who won 1… https://t.co/NXVAOOkqgs

@moshekasher Moshe Kasher @moshekasher

Alright I'm doing it again-- If u or yr family can't afford a turkey this year I'll buy you one and bring it to you… https://t.co/DlrM2Kz960

@sohmer sohmer @sohmer

New rule: If you get shitcanned because you’re a sexual predator, your job MUST be filled by a woman.

@wensdaiaddamns AmberR🌙se Griffis🎶 @wensdaiaddamns

@AlJean @DarkChili37 @eldeemo @TheSimpsons So... What you're saying is - someone in your life is getting this set for Christmas 😂

@wensdaiaddamns AmberR🌙se Griffis🎶 @wensdaiaddamns

@AlJean @TheSimpsons YES!! Thank you for continuing to make the DVD sets. I want to complete my collection but in a… https://t.co/oheMPWWjfu

@RepresentPledge Miss Representation @RepresentPledge

FYI: This is what rape culture looks like 👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿 https://t.co/qYxJRkZ9No via @Refinery29

@TinaMorphis tina morphis @TinaMorphis

I want every American to know this number, 98. 98 seconds, every 98 seconds a person is raped or sexually assaulte… https://t.co/z8DPGTLDd2

@wensdaiaddamns AmberR🌙se Griffis🎶 @wensdaiaddamns

Stop using "children" as your reason to be against something if you aren't against the harming of living children t… https://t.co/FAoeri3zO1

@netflix Netflix US @netflix

Netflix supports strong #NetNeutrality. We oppose the FCC's proposal to roll back these core protections.

@MattOswaltVA Matt Oswalt @MattOswaltVA

in all fairness to Trump's defense of Roy Moore, it's not like he was banned from that mall for something TRULY unf… https://t.co/eomyB6JhSg


The FCC is planning to introduce a plan that completely repeals #NetNeutrality this week. Here's what you need to k… https://t.co/GVmnshKFyg

@BillDixonish Bill Dixon @BillDixonish

Basic Internet Package $79 Add Facebook for $8.99 Add Twitter for $8.99 Add Instagram for $8.99 Ello included for F… https://t.co/0TJjjJ6Dk9

@Cleopatra40 Pam @Cleopatra40

#TheResistance https://t.co/AG4rFMK2yQ

@DanielNewman Daniel Newmaη @DanielNewman

RETWEET! TEENAGERS! KIDS! #SEX #STD diseases #STIs are EVERYWHERE in your schools & pregnancy! Don't like condoms?… https://t.co/tiESaByWxN

@profcarroll David Carroll🦅 @profcarroll

Can I interest you in our new tiered plan? $29 for basic access with email +$4.99 for Netflix +$1.99 for Spotify +$… https://t.co/X4B89fE1q8

@gregpinelo Greg Pinelo @gregpinelo

Sexual harassment is a huge problem in every industry dominated by men at senior levels. So sexual harassment is a… https://t.co/qzQvJgNXIv

@ByRosenberg Mike Rosenberg @ByRosenberg

Salary needed to afford the median house, by metro area, after 20% down payment San Jose: $216k San Francisco: $171… https://t.co/eImoQoT4KL

@wensdaiaddamns AmberR🌙se Griffis🎶 @wensdaiaddamns

@TitsMcScandal @KivaBay I prefer nice funeral directors- they pull every possible string to make it easier for the… https://t.co/C2PI1A3wWZ

@wensdaiaddamns AmberR🌙se Griffis🎶 @wensdaiaddamns

@TitsMcScandal @KivaBay If the person came from an examiner they may add it to chart.If the funeral home picks up t… https://t.co/cP6JvAuCjj

@wensdaiaddamns AmberR🌙se Griffis🎶 @wensdaiaddamns

@TitsMcScandal @KivaBay &believe me, I am upset about it.It also has to do w/ the person percentage of body fat whi… https://t.co/3AKhxhOq3E

@wensdaiaddamns AmberR🌙se Griffis🎶 @wensdaiaddamns

@TitsMcScandal @KivaBay Like I said, some do (some crematories operate unlicensed bc it's cheaper to pay a fine tha… https://t.co/qD8iQxVQZN

@wensdaiaddamns AmberR🌙se Griffis🎶 @wensdaiaddamns

@KivaBay Holy shit! That is awful!!

@BettyBowers Mrs. Betty Bowers @BettyBowers

JEANINE PIRRO: “Tired of Hillary acting above the law!” CAUGHT: Driving 119 MPH. TONY PERKINS: “Gay marriage is im… https://t.co/3Yue923UsP

@TinaMorphis tina morphis @TinaMorphis

decided to and end the backlog, found 2,616 matches on the DNA database identifying 811 potential serial rapist, wh… https://t.co/WPvfFHFo7L

@TinaMorphis tina morphis @TinaMorphis

There are currently hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits sitting on shelevs in police and Sheriffs Dept's in… https://t.co/YRUxoM3IGj

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