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I'm old and I don't care. I'm not perfect. I'm Pro Human Race and I believe in God. But I HATE Donald Trump 😝 (No lists or trolls) #TheResistance

Myrtle Beach, SC

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Bankrupted by giving birth: having premature twins cost me everything | By Jen Sinconis https://t.co/2WLscwWqnV

@EdKrassen Ed Krassenstein @EdKrassen

Question for Christians Do you support men who: 1) Have extramarital affairs 2) Treat humans from certain places le… https://t.co/cDwozRLFBY

@maddow Rachel Maddow MSNBC @maddow

Trump sets a record... https://t.co/hPX06chTwa https://t.co/syP7ekChNz

Trump sets a record...


@boyndog A L Katz @boyndog

It's not so much that things are 'happening' now - it's more like we're LEARNING that things have been happening al… https://t.co/y9eRrStu9u

@Acosta Jim Acosta @Acosta

When I tried to follow up on this in the Oval Office, Trump told me to get "out." We then went to the Roosevelt Roo… https://t.co/taZ1EyOJVC

@girlsreallyrule Girls Really Rule. @girlsreallyrule

I finally agree with you on something. https://t.co/0gVg9c45ip

@kylegriffin1 Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1

Cory Booker to Nielsen: "Your silence and your amnesia is complicity." (via CBS) https://t.co/dWnaMt6gCa

Cory Booker to Nielsen: 'Your silence an...

@SenBooker Sen. Cory Booker @SenBooker

Astonishing. The head of the department overseeing immigration enforcement has admitted, under oath, that she has n… https://t.co/tUeoIXhrcy

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@kylegriffin1 So eating jars of Starbursts, McDs, KFC, ice cream and cake lead to an excellent health report from t… https://t.co/C8LVYLUNLa

@wendymarcinkie1 Wendy Marcinkiewicz @wendymarcinkie1

@tommyxtopher @Shareblue But he's not a racist.

@tommyxtopher Tommy Christopher @tommyxtopher

Trump kicks reporter out of Oval Office for asking if he only wants to let white people in https://t.co/p7JFtJDgqf… https://t.co/gCq4bwgeox

@RedTRaccoon Red T Raccoon @RedTRaccoon

I would like to remind DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen that lying under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee is a… https://t.co/hEMneHMZ27

@ALT_uscis ALT- Immigration 🛂 @ALT_uscis

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said TODAY: “No one has lost their #DACA status,” SHE IS WRONG, UNINFORMED AND OR L… https://t.co/q3JKzyCCRs

@wendymarcinkie1 Wendy Marcinkiewicz @wendymarcinkie1

@thedoggeneral1 Just beautiful.

@SusanNow3 Susan❄️Resister❄️ @SusanNow3

Trumps first year in office: * 111 Vacation days * 89 Golfing Trips * $90,000,000 of Taxpayers money wasted. F*cking Unbelievable

@TheTweetwit The Tweetwit @TheTweetwit

#WhenTheAliensCome they will think it is very odd that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is digging… https://t.co/I6kMLOLTlX

@wendymarcinkie1 Wendy Marcinkiewicz @wendymarcinkie1

@PettyRepellent Holy crap...retire already man!

@PettyRepellent Blacks’Magic @PettyRepellent

Did Orin Hatch just take of pretend glasses? #WhenTheAliensCome please take him. https://t.co/8bwYefrTIb

Did Orin Hatch just take of pretend glas...

@wendymarcinkie1 Wendy Marcinkiewicz @wendymarcinkie1


@wendymarcinkie1 Wendy Marcinkiewicz @wendymarcinkie1

@DalyPolitics Oh boy!🙌

@DalyPolitics WinterIsComing🔥 @DalyPolitics

Report: Steve Bannon subpoenaed by special counsel - CBS News https://t.co/0AtjbF2LIa

@davidaxelrod David Axelrod @davidaxelrod

A strong economy yet the worst first-year polling numbers in history. This should be a clear warning sign to the… https://t.co/SDqjdGHRgl

@wendymarcinkie1 Wendy Marcinkiewicz @wendymarcinkie1

@Acosta https://t.co/jqtR9rBvVh

@BHamilton001 William Hamilton @BHamilton001

@Acosta I'm guessing WH staff was especially worried about embarassing questions in light of @maddow's expose' last… https://t.co/axdgOsnSZ8

@wendymarcinkie1 Wendy Marcinkiewicz @wendymarcinkie1

@Acosta He takes his cues from the likes of Erdogan...his buddy! https://t.co/jqtR9rBvVh

@Acosta Jim Acosta @Acosta

As I attempted to ask questions in Roosevelt Room of Trump, WH press aides shouted in my face to drown out my quest… https://t.co/8Q31yVjKab

@Acosta Jim Acosta @Acosta

What occurred reminded me of something I would see in a different country. Certainly not at the WH. Certainly not i… https://t.co/SjVbZfmK5J

@mog7546 Michael 7546 @mog7546

Eric could hugely profit from a real estate deal from Dad he got during the campaign #Trump gave his son Eric a ma… https://t.co/ZRVRkrgkB0

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