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Public services are better run for people not profit. Campaigning for public ownership, against privatisation.


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@bringbackBR bringbackbritishrail @bringbackBR

Help us bring down privatised rail! https://t.co/N3NUtNK5w9 https://t.co/2uTRrpbPbg

@we_ownit We Own It @we_ownit

'Public services are, in a way, an essential fabric of society and I think we need to recognise they can't just be… https://t.co/A9zOBvkHXk

@we_ownit We Own It @we_ownit

This @guardianopinion editorial from January asks where to draw the line between public and private provision of se… https://t.co/SQfupU1RFD

@we_ownit We Own It @we_ownit

@GreBusiness Thank you for sharing this with us! Great video :)

@GreenPartyAJ Andrew Johns for High Street ward, E17 @GreenPartyAJ

I have pledged to support @We_OwnIt's campaign to END local privatisation. Vote for me to stop outsourcing disaster… https://t.co/46svPm7Xne

@we_ownit We Own It @we_ownit

Privatisation = no accountability. https://t.co/V0CYlSQvSm

@chakrabortty Aditya Chakrabortty @chakrabortty

Apart from anything else, remember that one Tory London borough is almost wholly run by Capita: Barnet https://t.co/YNO6NQAsPg

@we_ownit We Own It @we_ownit

First #Carillion, now #Capita is wobbling too. It's time to #ENDLocalPrivatisation before the next outsourcing disa… https://t.co/q3VQUSU8mk

@we_ownit We Own It @we_ownit

First #Carillion - is #Capita next? This is why it is so important to #EndLocalPrivatisation before it is too lat… https://t.co/5C0IkTmiuP

@we_ownit We Own It @we_ownit

Ask your councillors and candidates to sign the pledge to #ENDLocalPrivatisation before the next disaster for local… https://t.co/kztz6MPNwy

@we_ownit We Own It @we_ownit

Let's #ENDLocalPrivatisation before the next outsourcing disaster. #Capita #Carillion Ask your local councillor to… https://t.co/Vwu8jAJwQn

@we_ownit We Own It @we_ownit

“This is spivvery for which you and I pay billions extra just to get minimal services” @chakrabortty on our codepen… https://t.co/ZnAeoAbcDm

@McIvorEmily Emily McIvor @McIvorEmily

I would prefer return to public ownership - public services are better run for people not profit. @We_OwnIt… https://t.co/jKZHLdzYQj

@KateAronoff Kate Aronoff @KateAronoff

Really important piece from Thea Riofrancos and @ProvDSA comrades on why socialists should contest over the energy… https://t.co/SC64tRgttW

@we_ownit We Own It @we_ownit

Fantastic article by @chakrabortty on the scam of local privatisation, #Capita and local government. If you want to… https://t.co/7rUMNWKp4D

@chakrabortty Aditya Chakrabortty @chakrabortty

"The British state is now locked in a sick codependency with outsourcing companies whose very business model drives… https://t.co/x7nfiCZGPY

@jon_trickett Jon Trickett @jon_trickett

The Govt has put dogma before the common interest on outsourcing. After #Carillion and now #Capita we've had enough… https://t.co/VxfbPOEvET

@we_ownit We Own It @we_ownit

“Labour will bring key utilities back into public ownership, including rail companies as their franchises expire, e… https://t.co/6QVMfGcpVN

@we_ownit We Own It @we_ownit

Capita is in financial trouble - before the next outsourcing company collapses, ask your council candidates if they… https://t.co/HDkJw3Kx4N

@we_ownit We Own It @we_ownit

Today in Westminster MPs will debate @jamiesnapeuk's petition to stop NHS privatisation - will your MP be there?… https://t.co/pO7xiimMYp

@we_ownit We Own It @we_ownit

South West Water pays out more to its owners and financiers than it spends on investment in water and sewerage,… https://t.co/NI1Pf6JB8R

@we_ownit We Own It @we_ownit

#StayAwayStagecoach #MakeEastCoastPublic https://t.co/jRzLqX7mgG

@we_ownit We Own It @we_ownit

Watch out Chris Grayling @transportgovuk! @bringbackBR has launched a legal challenge around the East Coast fiasco.… https://t.co/ZWznyrd7hN

@TitaniumTester The YorkiBar Kid @TitaniumTester

@jeremycorbyn @We_OwnIt #BransonBailout #StayAwayStagecoach Chris Grayling as transport secretary is about as usefu… https://t.co/j0doEPppVk

@we_ownit We Own It @we_ownit

Hundreds of councillors and candidates have already signed our pledge to #EndLocalPrivatisation. Have yours?… https://t.co/jWTBNwz8fj

@LindaKelly9 Linda Kelly @LindaKelly9

I’m sick of the lie that private is best. All the evidence is to the contrary. #StayAwayStagecoach https://t.co/o3Ank9xMu7

I’m sick of the lie that private is best...

@CrowdJustice CrowdJustice @CrowdJustice

"We cannot allow this wastage of taxpayer's money and poor management to continue" powerful words from a backer of… https://t.co/kcom35L0ds

@Battlemuch4WW Steve Battlemuch @Battlemuch4WW

I’m not up for Re-Election this year but happy to sign it in advance for next year (subject to be selected again) &… https://t.co/XnAh7P6gIV

@we_ownit We Own It @we_ownit

New @TUCnews report says that shareholder dividends at the UK's biggest contracting firms rose 67% between 2010 and… https://t.co/ULifk9fyKi

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