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A twinkling paean to the quiet joys of escapist daydreams-PRS Absolutely stunning-Rough Trade Assured songriting & production-BBC Scotland New single out now!

London, England

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TODAY's @EmuBands Artist of the Week in @TheScotsman @scotonsunday = @gcSTRATA they've featured on @BBCRadioScot Ja… https://t.co/WTPxVfSKIb

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Are you a musician/ do you work in music? @HelpMusiciansUK has launched more locations + expanded eligibility crite… https://t.co/pF0HsGv1FM

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Before 1pm @JimGellatly's got tunes from @LUCIAmusicx @TowersofLondon @BlueRoseCode @DONBROCO @dancingontables plus… https://t.co/JO9NLKj7iJ

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Book your tickets NOW. This will be a mega powerful amazing evening!!!! https://t.co/YhB2Gm99JC

@M_magazinePRS M Magazine @M_magazinePRS

Catch up on all the week's highlights from M here ft @FourLttrWord @IamTomWalker @hotdreamsband @ViveLaRoseBand… https://t.co/YiJPC0nEVN

@vivelaroseband DavidLuximon-Herbert @vivelaroseband

Luxyherbs on the road...does anybody want to sell us a houseboat in Bristol??x deerlux #bristol… https://t.co/598HjucZRx

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@vivelaroseband DavidLuximon-Herbert @vivelaroseband

@M_magazinePRS @FourLttrWord @IamTomWalker @hotdreamsband @HuskyLoops Thank you again for all the support and re-posting!x

@M_magazinePRS M Magazine @M_magazinePRS

Catch up on all the week's highlights from M here ft @FourLttrWord @IamTomWalker @hotdreamsband @ViveLaRoseBand… https://t.co/LA4yfVlTmH

@baronvonharris Max Harris Project @baronvonharris

...really looking forward to hanging with @Cherissedrums @CatherineAD @simplemindscom @RoundhouseLDN tonight...😀😜👨🏻✨🎹

@KellieRedmond Kellie Redmond 🦋 @KellieRedmond

HAPPY #WorldRadioDay! Blessed to have worked w/ so many lovely radio folk incl. @DJTrevorNelson @laurenlaverne… https://t.co/rpdj96B58q

@vivelaroseband DavidLuximon-Herbert @vivelaroseband

@ChrisHawkinsUK Fandabbydosey!

@ChrisHawkinsUK Chris Hawkins @ChrisHawkinsUK

F R I D A Y https://t.co/tYm3D1uDFM

F         R         I         D...

@timminchin Tim Minchin @timminchin

Watching seemingly reasonably intelligent pro-gun Americans just twist themselves in knots to deny the correlation… https://t.co/aSoUtlPvhU

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Are you an emerging act wondering how on earth to get yourself on a #festival bill? Wonder no longer, with our hand… https://t.co/JJhd1Q5d30

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"Charming and compelling..." @ViveLaRoseBand track 'Rio Grande' featured on @WYMAblog! https://t.co/sDwOUmTp3D https://t.co/4vNKz7mVta

'Charming and compelling...'


@abof Badge of Friendship @abof

.@ViveLaRoseBand featured in @LambWandering! https://t.co/KMLLOUs2YE https://t.co/JCkXpBUVSf

.@ViveLaRoseBand featured in @LambWander...

@TerryEdwardsEsq Terry Edwards @TerryEdwardsEsq

Ooh #saxporn #connsaxophone #underslung @syos_music #orangemonkey pjharveyofficial @ London,… https://t.co/P3LtZKHknG

@clash_music CLASH @clash_music

PREMIERE: @MonoClubMusic's new single 'Best Laid Plans' matches late 60s harmonies to wonderfully idiosyncratic son… https://t.co/eqnkIEhRNg

@IrvineWelsh Irvine Welsh @IrvineWelsh

Fuck off with your heartbreak and prayers you tiresome gun lobby asslicker and do shit about this carnage https://t.co/Q2rF8JtatG

@baronvonharris Max Harris Project @baronvonharris

...impromptu solo rehearsal for @wwwwwelfare in preparation for next Thursday 22 w/@MonoClubMusic #WaterRats… https://t.co/qXm4su69EO

@vivelaroseband DavidLuximon-Herbert @vivelaroseband

@WYMAblog Amazing, thank you very much!! Appreciate the support!!xx

@WYMAblog WYMA Blog @WYMAblog

https://t.co/v2E0XT88z8 enjoy the warm and captivating "Rio Grande" by Edinburgh's @ViveLaRoseBand . New LP later this year.

@vivelaroseband DavidLuximon-Herbert @vivelaroseband

@M_magazinePRS Thank you for the retweet!!x

@M_magazinePRS M Magazine @M_magazinePRS

Bringing you... @ViveLaRoseBand's ace new video to Rio Grande! Get your fill of twinkly acoustic goodness here >>… https://t.co/Oyv9cpU0ph

@warrenellis13 Warren Ellis @warrenellis13

@maryannehobbs If you get a chance please play Flight from the City by @JohannJohannss at some point in the day. Su… https://t.co/OPPgKtAPuv

@maryannehobbs maryanne hobbs @maryannehobbs

**happy birthday** @warrenellis13 i don't know how to begin to thank you for all the magic you bring into my life.… https://t.co/yc98fUTRIW

@she_makes_music She Makes Music @she_makes_music

Featured on our pop playlist this week is: @Chrystal01204 @moregiraffesplz @hoodlemmusic @skylarfri @heyitsau_ra… https://t.co/tjehuQNqEH

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"...a gifted troubadour..." @ViveLaRoseBand's video for 'Rio Grande' premieres on @M_magazinePRS!… https://t.co/zSEshfbrA9

@vivelaroseband DavidLuximon-Herbert @vivelaroseband

We have a new video for "Rio Grande", very kindly premiered by @M_magazinePRS yesterday, which you can check out be… https://t.co/GWmUaYLSNe

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