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  • Tenaya (sp?) in @Hertz Gold Plus Rewards customer service dept. deserves recognition. She corrected the company’s mistake after more than a day of ineffectual and incoherent responses from other phone and social media reps. She was professional and courteous. Thank you!
  • And after a morning of being passed from @hertz agent to @hertz agent and listening to an hour of horrible hold music - the last @hertz agent just hung up on me. #infuriating. I understand that mistakes happen - but just be competent enough to fix it.
  • @hertz what the hell? I have been transferred six times on a customer service call - trying to figure out how my rental using rewards points still costs $512. What’s the number for the department that solves problems?
  • How many movies is Steve Carell in this year? Dang!
  • @GmaPamela Mine is 'I Cant Teach My Old Heart New Tricks'

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