@In Omnia Fidelis #FBPE #StopBrexit 🇪🇺

In Omnia Fidelis #FBPE #StopBrexit 🇪🇺

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Pro Europe, so angry with the damage Brexit is causing

England, United Kingdom

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@PeterGrantMP Peter Grant MP @PeterGrantMP

Hard Brexit is not inevitable. The reason the UK govt are pushing for it is that it would ruin their careers to adm… https://t.co/kEOkHeqFMu

@Adrian_Quark Adrian Mason #FBPE, ProEU @Adrian_Quark

How much longer do we have to put up with this joke? #StopBrexit #FBPE #StopBrexit2018 #Remain #RemainerNow #WATON https://t.co/bPLVovcjyE

@RebetikoWalrus The Walrus #FBPE @RebetikoWalrus

At a stroke, the Netherlands destroys the ONLY real reason the rich wanted to force #Brexit on us. Many thanks, fri… https://t.co/BysQMascTH

@nickreeves9876 Nick Reeves - #FBPE @nickreeves9876

@montie Treachery could be curbed by stopping foreign money coming through tax havens to fund #Brexit peddling thin… https://t.co/HJ4gV86rAg

@spaceangel1964 SpaceAngelforEU #FBPE #WATON @spaceangel1964

I want to #StopBrexit ___________________________________________________________________________________ If ever… https://t.co/Z81dLt70Bx

@nickreeves9876 Nick Reeves - #FBPE @nickreeves9876

The traitors are those working for #Brexit peddling think-tanks funded by foreign money through tax havens.… https://t.co/IOFEob4S9L

@guyverhofstadt Guy Verhofstadt @guyverhofstadt

Farage's confusion is contagious: Gove doesnt seem to remember that action on plastic bags stems from EU regulation… https://t.co/f7M5IbHTA6

@WillBlackWriter Will Black @WillBlackWriter

Donald Tusk says the UK still has time to change its mind on Brexit. Cue rabid outrage by people who spent years… https://t.co/qzdysCVcs1

@StevePeers Steve Peers @StevePeers

Johnson is one of the most grossly dishonest and incompetent figures in British political history Again: the figu… https://t.co/c6lnxH0Koh

@PaulOnBooks Paul @PaulOnBooks

This afternoon: Carillion staff, please keep working, says government. This evening, Carillion staff could have w… https://t.co/bpwHmvofF1

@SadiqKhan Sadiq Khan @SadiqKhan

The Government hasn’t released impact assessments for Brexit – so I have. Govt must secure a deal that protects job… https://t.co/onIYUX3YRD

@MFIJake Jake James #FBPE @MFIJake

Nominate Chuka Umunna as leader of a coherent, clear, co-ordinated and totally honest campaign aided by the likes o… https://t.co/R3513cq36G

@DancingTheMind Dr Lauren Gavaghan #NHSLove @DancingTheMind

Original cost of hosptl PFI projects ~ £11.6 billion. Repayments on hosptls already built ~ *£80 billion* Pleas… https://t.co/CF0DQAVANu

@jacquep Pascal Jacquemain #FBPE @jacquep

As Boris Johnson said, shortly after Leave wins, no-one would want to admit they voted for Remain. Why? Because of… https://t.co/2LT843i7SP

@steveb4u Stephen B #FBPE @steveb4u

Defenders of Labour's brexit stance say fighting brexit would lose votes. What happened to standing for truth, prot… https://t.co/VoJF62RljQ

@frankmueller101 Prof Frank Mueller #FBPE #ABTV #WATON @frankmueller101

https://t.co/d7FSsHCPa9 "As the gov't does not have a mandate for its version of Brexit, the 1945 Salisbury conven… https://t.co/CeYWJxsP2n

@Feorlean Michael Russell @Feorlean

Key moment for Tory MPs from Scotland - their vote must follow their voice. They have to join with all other... https://t.co/PhDVQT1O82

@nickreeves9876 Nick Reeves - #FBPE @nickreeves9876

An advisory referendum can't instruct anyone. 37% of a rigged electorate isn't the people or even a majority. Parli… https://t.co/x5vxNUoL66

@campbellclaret Alastair Campbell @campbellclaret

would you please stop trying to inject facts and reason into the Brexit debate? Our government has decided these me… https://t.co/a6tZotYZys

@Open_Britain Open Britain @Open_Britain

WATCH: EU leaders, including @eucopresident today, that the 'door remains always open' for Britain. Brexit is not i… https://t.co/6TXiav6g9G

@acgrayling A C Grayling #FBPE #ABTV#WATON @acgrayling

The two most powerful EU officials just said Brexit can still be stopped https://t.co/IzazUkmaSw

@MichelleDewbs Michelle Dewberry @MichelleDewbs

If we had a second #EURef how would you vote?

@cguthier Christian Guthier is a very stable genius @cguthier

Ouch! " Most Favoured Nation means that the repercussions of this would be very severe, as we would have to eradica… https://t.co/F7euIcHVYP

@SarahLudford Sarah Ludford #FBPE @SarahLudford

Carillion boss who bailed out of sinking ship got £1.5m pay & perks in 2016 - & £700k salary for 12 mths after depa… https://t.co/UjRoZkCzTC

@daily_politics BBC Daily Politics and Sunday Politics @daily_politics

Donald Tusk saying “the door was still open for the UK stay in the EU if British voters decided to change their min… https://t.co/oMQoGvpQ50

@aidanjmcg Aidan McG - #FBPE @aidanjmcg

Jo Coburn just basically asked Anna Soubry if she was a traitor live on air on #bbcdp Absolutely pathetic journali… https://t.co/u4bUwwGPVV

@vicktor1111 In Omnia Fidelis #FBPE #StopBrexit 🇪🇺 @vicktor1111

Lets go for it, I really dont understand why we are leaving - do you? What are the benefits and the costs from doin… https://t.co/Re2uGLswOf

@GrantWhiteTZ Grant White #FBPE @GrantWhiteTZ

Oh good. With the idea of a second referendum on the horizon, Boris Johnson and his cronies like Nadine Dorries are… https://t.co/vA6QiSlHAl

@Rethinkbrexit Anti #Brexit Tory @Rethinkbrexit

Keep this story going, Britain can change its mind! #brexit https://t.co/QMGDRcEqja #WATON #FBPE #finalsay

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