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@verbaliza Here Lies A Berlage @verbaliza

@MoAD_Canberra @UniCanberra @BroadAgenda5050 .@Indigocathy speaking about the female dominated battle in her electo… https://t.co/gUEXEsrM2U

@verbaliza Here Lies A Berlage @verbaliza

@MoAD_Canberra @UniCanberra @BroadAgenda5050 On "good people not getting into politics" Luke Gosling says the incre… https://t.co/usbcBKEyV1

@rharris334 Rob Harris @rharris334

I hope the Anzac Alliance will survive Bill Shorten’s spelling the new PM’s surname wrong. https://t.co/xGU3E19zcp

I hope the Anzac Alliance will survive B...

@verbaliza Here Lies A Berlage @verbaliza

@MoAD_Canberra @UniCanberra @BroadAgenda5050 .@Indigocathy says media need to realize the difference of trust betwe… https://t.co/X1EvKSBdQZ

@shauncrowe Shaun Crowe @shauncrowe

Young Winston Peters about to steal your girl / parliamentary majority. https://t.co/FrqL6Wb9Bx

Young Winston Peters about to steal your...

@verbaliza Here Lies A Berlage @verbaliza

@MoAD_Canberra @UniCanberra @BroadAgenda5050 @michellegrattan 86% of all legislation passes through parliament with… https://t.co/p8CQubMzGH

@AdeleLausberg Adele Lausberg @AdeleLausberg

@michellegrattan says professionalisation of politicians contributed to dissatisfaction with representatives @UCIGPA @BroadAgenda5050

@verbaliza Here Lies A Berlage @verbaliza

@MoAD_Canberra @UniCanberra @BroadAgenda5050 .@michellegrattan says most people think there's too much media & the… https://t.co/OvgCl5WNXN

@verbaliza Here Lies A Berlage @verbaliza

@MoAD_Canberra @UniCanberra @BroadAgenda5050 Minor parties arise from discontent: @michellegrattan. "we have these… https://t.co/0J1cZkWg0U

@verbaliza Here Lies A Berlage @verbaliza

@MoAD_Canberra @UniCanberra @BroadAgenda5050 How do we establish trust when politics has fundamentally changed?… https://t.co/nuNb4HWAYk

@verbaliza Here Lies A Berlage @verbaliza

@CampbellRhodes You're welcome! What is the name of the person who was just speaking ?

@verbaliza Here Lies A Berlage @verbaliza

@MoAD_Canberra @UniCanberra @BroadAgenda5050 Cathy McGowan @Indigocathy says the threat of the balance of power mad… https://t.co/1924eghK6a

@verbaliza Here Lies A Berlage @verbaliza

@NoGoodStoryEnds @MoAD_Canberra @UniCanberra @BroadAgenda5050 @SenatorWong Mine would be clarity in communications,… https://t.co/xcQtXqs72M

@verbaliza Here Lies A Berlage @verbaliza

@MoAD_Canberra @UniCanberra @BroadAgenda5050 Mark Evans from @UniCanberra talking about the research work from "Pow… https://t.co/1DHeImbn23

@verbaliza Here Lies A Berlage @verbaliza

@MoAD_Canberra @UniCanberra @BroadAgenda5050 Is there a such thing as an #IdealPolitician? @ me with your own sugge… https://t.co/BpCGjK97KQ

@verbaliza Here Lies A Berlage @verbaliza

@MoAD_Canberra @UniCanberra @BroadAgenda5050 Fast research facts from Mark Evans: Trust in politics increases with… https://t.co/q2QkjPwZyl

@verbaliza Here Lies A Berlage @verbaliza

Stellar panel for a discussion on "Populism, trust and the ideal politician." at @MoAD_Canberra hosted by… https://t.co/XyAiGWsUzY

@verbaliza Here Lies A Berlage @verbaliza

@GrogsGamut I have a conspiracy theory about how Gen X are pitting Boomers and millennials against each other but t… https://t.co/9sWet5g4P7

@verbaliza Here Lies A Berlage @verbaliza

Weeks left & millions of votes to return @michellegrattan asks @Tiernanbrady & @corybernardi about the postal survey https://t.co/2i8RhXoKdn

@verbaliza Here Lies A Berlage @verbaliza

@kloussikian @oz_f baby oz

@ccroucher9 Charles Croucher @ccroucher9

We met with Jacinda Ardern on Election Day - she was in tracky-dacks and a flanno and painting her fence. She’s now… https://t.co/KUy23K16HC

@JulesHolman Julia Holman @JulesHolman

Well, this is awkward #nzpol #auspol https://t.co/AL5oP8XVJ6

@comradewest ngatai @comradewest

I miss New Zealand news so much fucking Melbourne news is bleak af https://t.co/zE1aFVNWPD

I miss New Zealand news so much fucking...

@workmanalice Alice Workman @workmanalice

BREAKING: JACINDAMANIA IS REAL. @jacindaardern will be next prime minister of New Zealand after reaching deal with… https://t.co/uA5Ry06pyF

@jmodoh James O'Doherty @jmodoh

#BREAKING: New Zealand will have a Labour-NZ First coalition government, Winston Peters announces. @SkyNewsAust #Nzpol

@michellegrattan Michelle Grattan @michellegrattan

this man makes Oakeshott look decisive https://t.co/DH9HeydhKi

@jmodoh James O'Doherty @jmodoh

#BREAKING: confirmation we will get an announcement shortly. #nzpol @SkyNewsAust https://t.co/l3fIPTvkGw

#BREAKING: confirmation we will get an a...

@queerbourhood Queerbourhood @queerbourhood

Positive rainbow talk on the streets of Erskineville https://t.co/g5xmSzzDn1

Positive rainbow talk on the streets of...

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