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@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@nehadk It ain't

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@kcarruthers Yes you may

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@1petermartin always look on the bright side...

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

National poll vs sample survey: how to know what we really think on marriage equality https://t.co/JbJGK5qTjw via @ConversationEDU

@axmcc Alex McClintock @axmcc

The people who think participation trophies ruined millennials are upset millennials are pulling down their civil war participation trophies

@shalailah Shalailah Medhora @shalailah

Attn @danilic - lots more info for overseas voters who are interested in the same-sex marriage postal survey: https://t.co/Ecjfz01Ilw

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@workmanalice iZombie, Please Like Me, Laid, Glow, Master of none, Round the twist, Rick & Morty, Bojack Horseman,… https://t.co/iGIarnbqYE

@lukehgomes Luke Henriques-Gomes @lukehgomes

As we know, there are now questions surrounding Nat Senator Barry O'Sullivan's eligibility. This is how the PM resp… https://t.co/QKYq89Jb7o

@channeltennews TEN Eyewitness News @channeltennews

Senator Barry O’Sullivan bunkers down, unwilling to answer allegations he’s profiting from Federal Government contr… https://t.co/TAYLR2DH01

@jennynoise Jenny Noyes @jennynoise

'We want to be heard': NT Sistergirls say marriage equality plebiscite ignores them: https://t.co/4Mk3U9Wuk5 via @DailyLifeAU

@iiTalW Tal Waterhouse @iiTalW

This Friday, there's no duelling over whether we should have a sick one with everyone's favourite Aussie icons. https://t.co/V7DNoz6V7d

This Friday, there's no duelling over wh...

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@Lauren__Dailey Hell yeah!

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@schetzer Did I say I was complaining? ;)

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@scottrowntree That is some serious burger craving or you're not that found of your child

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@scottrowntree That's very healthy

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@GordyPls https://t.co/0MOBzDIs5o

@GordyPls  https://t.co/0MOBzDIs5o

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@marcuskelson None

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@coopesdetat @Taco_Lad @smh The debate will be respectful

@heyracheddie Rachel Eddie @heyracheddie

absolutely laughable AEC won't accept photo cards to change address. WHY.

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@LisaJBryant Nothing at all

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@GeoffField Great minds eat and drink alike

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@ainsindahouse This is a good idea

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@expectproblems Please visit sometime! I have a sofa bed

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@yodaberg Haha a little bit of both

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

All I have in my house is basically wine and cheese.

@GovGoogles Aus Gov Just Googled @GovGoogles

why do i feel sexually attracted to big long hard bridges

@nakarithorpe Nakari Thorpe @nakarithorpe

Same-sex marriage postal vote: Remote Indigenous towns will get phone or online option @JamesEltonPym | SBS News https://t.co/epuAiYRNI6

@ccroucher9 Charles Croucher @ccroucher9

Foreign Minister says 8 Australians affected by Barcelona attack - including one that remains unaccounted for @9NewsAUS

@srpeatling Stephanie Peatling @srpeatling

.@michellegrattan has no time for the general hand wringing abt the SSM postal vote disenfranchising young people. https://t.co/pabLJSqVSU

.@michellegrattan has no time for the ge...

@michellegrattan Michelle Grattan @michellegrattan

VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on the government's dual citizenship issues https://t.co/oMJuOwFGSm via @ConversationEDU

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