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Researcher & podcast producer of Politics with @michellegrattan for @ConversationEDU | Signal/WhastApp me on +61403065269 |

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

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@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@CharlesFPurcell @noplain Yep

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@stefinitely85 Oh 2007

@NatalieKotsios Natalie Kotsios @NatalieKotsios

Have been told Ag Minister David Littleproud will NOT be putting his hand up for Nationals leadership #auspol #aghchatoz

@michellegrattan Michelle Grattan @michellegrattan

Barnaby Joyce succumbs to pressure and will go to backbench https://t.co/FCC0bf60MR via @ConversationEDU

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@Ewa1979 Good luck! You’re great!

@noplain Jane Howard @noplain

This podcast is very cute but also I learnt that the City of Sydney has more dog residents than the City of Adelaid… https://t.co/2jeqmLQAoE

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@beverleywang @ABCRNTheHub I don’t have any serious sanitary recommendations sorry

@James_Jeffrey James Jeffrey @James_Jeffrey

@andrew_porter On reflection I'll be sticking with this one https://t.co/23TrXVMsoM

@andrew_porter On reflection I'll be sti...

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@beverleywang @ABCRNTheHub For serious recommendations ping @laureningram

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@beverleywang @ABCRNTheHub Nswf Snape & the Teletubbies. Also Lance Bass & the Weasley twins.

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@lizduckchong Bio I keep it pretty light, funny but also honest. I don’t list where I work but I do list the type o… https://t.co/R1dVKxH4Q6

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@lizduckchong Weirdly men don’t usually respond to opening lines but for women I’ve usually said hi & used somethin… https://t.co/60cnViHHKt

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@lizduckchong Left swipe on fish, fedoras, gym photos, sedated big cats, southern cross tatts & dogs that look forc… https://t.co/6zJACM0YU3

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@catherinebouris Bye bye Barney

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@cheryl_kernot I know.... I swam the day before the latest water test. But didn’t put my head under

@JennaPrice Jenna Price @JennaPrice

Am I Not Pushy Enough? A political Handmaid’s tale https://t.co/MbMGbWQ2tg

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@JennaPrice I know that prospective tenants offering more happens quite a bit but have never heard of real estate a… https://t.co/Ki2lD2FUn5

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@heldavidson From the Acting PM/finance minister https://t.co/rPMytu4ILa

@heldavidson From the Acting PM/finance...

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@heldavidson Australian General Government Sector Monthly Financial Statements for January 2018. https://t.co/R9WJ4dA99p

@heldavidson Australian General Governme...

@MattDoran91 Matthew Doran @MattDoran91

And from Matt Canavan... @politicsabc https://t.co/hatifm6MVt

And from Matt Canavan... @politicsabc ht...

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@ctaylathomp Sure am! It’s queer Christmas! And yes I’ll be at that party

@joshgnosis Josh Taylor @joshgnosis

Ruddock review accused of bias towards religious organisations. https://t.co/TJBx8RopjJ https://t.co/j4XJYaMo0t

Ruddock review accused of bias towards r...

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@ctaylathomp Yes!!

@Utopiana Celeste Liddle @Utopiana

And, keen to maintain the moral high ground they’ve consistently held, Pistol and Boo welcome Barnaby into the doghouse #auspol

@lukehgomes Luke Henriques-Gomes @lukehgomes

Deputy Nats leader Bridget McKenzie thanks Joyce for his service. "His decision to stand aside is the right decisio… https://t.co/69u8trU2Fk

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@ctaylathomp When do I get to see you

@workmanalice Alice Workman @workmanalice

Barnaby gone. https://t.co/klqVyVBrDF

@OverlandJournal Overland Journal @OverlandJournal

Some exciting poetry news this Friday afternoon! Congratulations to the winning, shortlisted and commended poets! https://t.co/8pvVb22Uvh

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@ctaylathomp Oooh

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

As the discussions turn to who’ll step up as Nationals leader on Monday, have a crack at seeing if you know the tea… https://t.co/6e8MJFbTp8

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