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@MarkMcGowanMP Mark McGowan @MarkMcGowanMP

After careful consideration and extensive negotiations with the Commonwealth, today I am proud to announce that WA… https://t.co/XJIVPP9gV8

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@James_Jeffrey @james_jeffery i am tired and cranky sorry.

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@james_jeffery this is by @James_Jeffrey

@workmanalice Alice Workman @workmanalice

Penny Wong's statement on Sam Dastyari's resignation. https://t.co/txDpO7QlAq

Penny Wong's statement on Sam Dastyari's...

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@James_Jeffrey @james_jeffery just brilliant

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@James_Jeffrey @james_jeffery nice throwback

@James_Jeffrey James Jeffrey @James_Jeffrey

@verbaliza @james_jeffery Links back to this Sketch from last year https://t.co/gv7PXazS4p

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@JeremyTravers when i am in sydney next

@emmaels Emma Elsworthy @emmaels

@verbaliza There’s a snack pack festival on in Melbourne this weekend! https://t.co/d0qTitkKPK

@verbaliza There’s a snack pack festival...

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@JoshButler where are you

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@james_jeffery Generally great piece. Especially this brutal last setence https://t.co/xfWzU23Yg0

@james_jeffery Generally great piece. Es...

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@reubenacciano Is that a recommendation?

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

relevant https://t.co/zzdRc69sEJ

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

Me irl https://t.co/cpRUU2DG9N

Me irl https://t.co/cpRUU2DG9N

@neilwrites Neil Varcoe @neilwrites

.@abcaustralia is hiring 18 staff for a new digital journalism project. Check out the details for all roles here:… https://t.co/xrSMA0ecHH

@farhip Paul Farhi @farhip

Today in sexual harassment/misconduct news: --Ryan Lizza fired by New Yorker mag. --Mario Batali on leave.… https://t.co/Zji8nSnLbP

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

Good headline areas by @james_jeffery https://t.co/uGxw6b1DCo

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@James_Jeffrey this looks nice

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@Qantas would love to see some in your condiment selection. Other than that I am a happy customer

@Henry_Belot Henry Belot @Henry_Belot

Shorten continuing to accused the Turnbull Government of "constant rampant Chinaphobia" @politicsabc

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

What Dastyari story will we have to file at an airport tomorrow?

@CallamPickering Callam Pickering @CallamPickering

According to the ABS, dwelling prices in Australia rose 8.3% over the past year, led by Melbourne and Sydney. Price… https://t.co/lHI37jlI16

@Rashidajourno Rashida Yosufzai @Rashidajourno

"This is a tough decision. But it is the right decision. He exhibited poor judgement" Shorten on Dastyari https://t.co/L7HwbbezR3

'This is a tough decision. But it is the...

@AmyRemeikis Amy Remeikis @AmyRemeikis

Please tell me there isn’t a #PutYourSnackpacksOut ....yup. There it is #auspol

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

@KateStan @therevmountain @kikkiK @BBCBusiness are they paying penalty rates yet?

@reubenacciano Freddie Myrrhcury @reubenacciano

@bederunner Halal Sacked Pack.

@albericie Emma Alberici @albericie

When same sex couples move in together, housework is evenly shared. Why is it so different for heterosexual couples… https://t.co/C7ENHnvaj1

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

Relevant https://t.co/uwznYMXnNX

@verbaliza Eliza Berlage @verbaliza

me to #auspol https://t.co/nrhloKkom4

me to #auspol https://t.co/nrhloKkom4

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