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I might be a bit passive aggressive BUT I’m cute so that’s all that really matters

Hollywood, FL

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@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

My income tax came and sis 👀👀 I’m about to buy new A lot of new clothes

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

What do u worship https://t.co/e8VfJJK9BI

What do u worship https://t.co/e8VfJJK9B...

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

I’m a frog 🐸 that’s how ugly I am

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

Wow this generation is so powerful

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

Sis are you dumb https://t.co/qFS6Na7Y8q

@itshaileyreese Hailey Reese @itshaileyreese

Let that sink in... https://t.co/osR5Qef9bg

Let that sink in... https://t.co/osR5Qef...

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

What the fuck is this shit https://t.co/xVYRzprmKH

@ZingbotJR 🌨b @ZingbotJR

I lowkey wanna watch Big brother india now sksgsk these fights are great dkdhdk #CBBUS https://t.co/aWQVj9yn4d

I lowkey wanna watch Big brother india n...

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

I WANT https://t.co/XzAH13q5bl

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

Looks like I’m gonna revamp my portfolio 👀

@schoolwalkoutUS National School Walkout @schoolwalkoutUS

So, what's our plan? On Friday, April 20th, the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting we propose a National Hi… https://t.co/sA7Xp6nppn

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

None of my friends are out here tryna support my aspirations but I’m so quick to be supportive and give my love hmm

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

My dream tour would be lana del Rey the neighborhood lorde Zella day and Bastille

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

GOD HAVE MERCY ON MY SOUL!!!!!! https://t.co/yk4T4a1guU

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

It’s like I’m required to find a new direction considering where I’m at in my life Like I’m almost where I want t… https://t.co/RRJxyiiP05

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

I need attention

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

Proud to say that this was my high school every single one of these kids have more strength than those who run for… https://t.co/LUMA6iPwCx

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

Everytime I think about those kids who died I just want to cry

@David_C_Steele David Steele @David_C_Steele

Your president just blamed the victims https://t.co/O5hZxsbvFW

@KejonJ 💸kmoney😉 @KejonJ

If you a virgin retweet this

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

Fucking tired of this shit https://t.co/WFyC7zPZ4X

@dunwaIl ikra @dunwaIl

they're ethereal beings from a higher plane it's the only explanation for this https://t.co/FogbKJrdQY

they're ethereal beings from a higher pl...

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

Why do y’all sleep on keke 😩😩 https://t.co/xbm6rndR5F

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

Lock him up in a dark fucking room for the rest of his life fucking pathetic ass excuse for life... I’d say give hi… https://t.co/pFtgfKMnJp

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

I don’t see the correlation? Where’s the problem? https://t.co/E01Kv4t439


MISS CUPCAKKE IS ON THIS TRACK ᴴᴬⱽᴱ ʸᴼᵁ ᴴᴱᴬᴿᴰ ᴴᴱᴿ﹖ ̖͉͇̥͓̰̼͖̎̉̍͛̎͠ᴴ̽̂̅̃͠ᴬ̛̻̠̹͂̃̀̏̐͊͞ⱽ́͛̊͋̀̓ᴱ̶̡̢͖̙̝̠̫͕̮͆̓̿̿̽͒̈́́͊͡… https://t.co/4lT2KL2Hkc

@ACGonzales7 Aaron Gonzales @ACGonzales7

RIP Chris Hixon. I left Douglas to take a job at a rival school. I came back to watch a lacrosse game to find Chris… https://t.co/h6T3yOd2GW

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

I can’t believe this 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 it doesn’t feel real... https://t.co/tOuUTCkhAB

@vcrboy wilner ✨ @vcrboy

here’s some old pics for those single men out there hi https://t.co/XncHA83U2Q

here’s some old pics for those single me...

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