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The Victoria and Albert Museum is the world's leading museum of art, design and performance.

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Traditionalist, provocateur, utterly contemporary: find out why Vivienne Westwood is still one of British fashion’s… https://t.co/vzhQ1dqv3x

@v_and_a V&A @v_and_a

Happy #EarthDay2018! Today is all about understanding how we can reduce plastic pollution. You'd never guess, but t… https://t.co/OXeiVzMhMh

@v_and_a V&A @v_and_a

Did you know that leotards are named after the first star of the flying trapeze, Jules Leotard? Celebrate… https://t.co/FVT7neDGPw

@v_and_a V&A @v_and_a

The sexual imagery and drug references in the issue Schoolkids OZ led to the longest trial under the 1959 Obscene P… https://t.co/Q7K2rc1h3Y

@emullenartist Emma Mullen @emullenartist

Had a sneak preview of the fantastic exhibit at @V_and_A #fashionedfromnature very insightful both historically an… https://t.co/ACNL98FtJX

@reelofthe51st Heather Penny @reelofthe51st

@V_and_A #London #memberspreview of #FashionedFromNature A beautiful, thought-provoking & bittersweet new… https://t.co/gUKQ8vsuL6

@v_and_a V&A @v_and_a

Buoy, it's hot out there! Dress like you’ve stepped out of the pages of Vogue with our light and breezy, vintage-i… https://t.co/Wm3E1EHwNA

@v_and_a V&A @v_and_a

“I've always depended on the kindness of strangers” - Blanche Dubois A Streetcar Named Desire featured Vivien Leig… https://t.co/HV728itmXv

@v_and_a V&A @v_and_a

@diana_w88 Hi Diana! Congratulations, you won a couple of tickets to see The Bookshop Band tomorrow, Saturday 21 Ap… https://t.co/7IrJIjArmD

@v_and_a V&A @v_and_a

@Barrosalvalade Hi Isabel! Congratulations, you won a couple of tickets to see The Bookshop Band tomorrow, Saturday… https://t.co/cBUeyuYU4i

@v_and_a V&A @v_and_a

@paolaenergya That was a fast reaction! 👍

@ClerkenwellG Clerkenwell Green @ClerkenwellG

The new exhibition @V_and_A #FashionedFromNature showcases examples that combine both beautiful design and ethical… https://t.co/mcqAU4HZSx

@v_and_a V&A @v_and_a

★★★★★ 'It’s about the future of fashion – and the planet’ @TimeOutArt #FashionedfromNature opens this Saturday 21 A… https://t.co/8oBLD5YAzg

@colorifix Colorifix @colorifix

The @BBCNews interviews @StellaMcCartney at the @V_and_A #fashionedfromnature exhibition in front of @colorifix bio… https://t.co/YxHIwEpDmg

@wgsn WGSN @wgsn

WGSN Associate Editor Alice Gividen previewed the V&A's #FashionedFromNature exhibition - here's what we can learn.… https://t.co/RE3QLi7XNs

@costume_society Costume Society UK @costume_society

The V&A's Edwina Ehrman speaks to Vogue about 'Fashioned from Nature'. Opening tomorrow! #fashionedfromnature… https://t.co/a58Tk2dpwb

@OrangeFiber Orange Fiber @OrangeFiber

.@BusquetsCarmen1: London's New Nature-Friendly Fashion Exhibition https://t.co/lcwfESkEjT #fashionedfromnature https://t.co/rK1Z9QFPxP

.@BusquetsCarmen1: London's New Nature-F...

@EarthandtheMuse The Earth & The Muse @EarthandtheMuse

Looking forward to visiting #FashionedfromNature at the @V_and_A launching this weekend https://t.co/gaWa0p7UYW

@TaffettaCrafts TaffettaCrafts @TaffettaCrafts

Starts tomorrow: Fashioned from Nature: The first UK exhibition to explore the complex relationship between fashion… https://t.co/nUiqEgqN8K

@v_and_a V&A @v_and_a

The #VAPerformanceFestival starts today! 🎊 What events will you join? https://t.co/xXAkS9r24S https://t.co/cNXigmrdcM

The #VAPerformanceFestival starts today!...

@v_and_a V&A @v_and_a

Which circus performers see the best at night? The Acro-Bats 🦇 The #VAPerformance opens tomorrow, join us!… https://t.co/rUFk6xotAA

@v_and_a V&A @v_and_a

@Lionel_Layton Well, that's a new reason to visit us, isn't it? 🌞

@GStarRAW G-Star RAW @GStarRAW

Our most sustainable jeans ever is part of the @V_and_A #FashionedfromNature exhibition. #RAWfortheplanet… https://t.co/9VqYsOWAW0

@jaimelondonboy Jai'me Jan @jaimelondonboy

Blown away by many of the showstopping dresses and accessories - particularly the head pieces at the press preview… https://t.co/uGylgVRVWO

@bel_jacobs Bel Jacobs @bel_jacobs

Brilliant #tshirt by @PeopleTree (says it all) for @V_and_A #shop and #FashionedFromNature, fab new exhibition expl… https://t.co/nUNokcSEow

@v_and_a V&A @v_and_a

How are you enjoying the #WarmestDayOfTheYear? 🍦 in our garden? https://t.co/MStuMeuC5U

How are you enjoying the #WarmestDayOfTh...

@v_and_a V&A @v_and_a

★★★★ ‘This exhibition makes no apologies for its determination to incite change’ (ES) Opens this Saturday, 21 April… https://t.co/0Nekk9n2pc

@v_and_a V&A @v_and_a

By 2020, the global #menswear industry is expected to be worth £375 billion. Join our upcoming weekend course and d… https://t.co/ocmRjRjBrB

@AmberButchart Amber Butchart @AmberButchart

I adored #FashionedfromNature @V_and_A. Some of my highlights here from C17th, 18th, 19th and 20th. Embroidery ftw… https://t.co/VWFnUHWZ6e

@StellaMcCartney Stella McCartney @StellaMcCartney

Tonight, at the @V_and_A in London, Stella unveiled two new pieces created in collaboration with @BoltThreads and… https://t.co/Tr4XonIhGw

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