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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is dedicated to the conservation, protection and enhancement of fish, wildlife and plants, and their habitats.

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Did you know - Bombay Hook #WildRefuge in #Delaware is a nationally recognized birding spot and tidal marsh @USFWS https://t.co/YRUVLTAyfs

Did you know - Bombay Hook #WildRefuge i...

@usfws US Fish and Wildlife @usfws

@JaneFritzJane @journeynorthorg This post isn't a comment on their numbers- they are just still in the midst of the… https://t.co/EPyBXHMXEV

@usfws US Fish and Wildlife @usfws

Put together for speed and survival, rare Sonoran pronghorn are rebounding: https://t.co/lhPdl6gsc2 https://t.co/2xPJrhASar

Put together for speed and survival, rar...

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MDIFW and @USFWS are currently seeking information regarding the shooting of a juvenile bald eagle https://t.co/soXWR4mxld

@USFWSRefuges USFWS Refuge System @USFWSRefuges

Happy Reptile Awareness Day! Here’s USFWS staff showing love for this alligator snapping turtle @ FL’s Lower Suwann… https://t.co/Rh27jfhUY5

@usfws US Fish and Wildlife @usfws

@RIBirdHunter Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

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Smuggled tiger cubs recovered by @USFWS agents in Southern California during Operation Jungle Book are enjoying the… https://t.co/Q6plyWVfOG

@usfws US Fish and Wildlife @usfws

A cutthroat trout swims in a river in @YellowstoneNPS. Here are tips to go #fishing on public lands and waters:… https://t.co/IW1SUROnLX

@usfws US Fish and Wildlife @usfws

@OfficeDana @journeynorthorg That's a beautiful queen butterfly! Nice find!

@usfws US Fish and Wildlife @usfws

Charges were recently filed against 16 defendants in connection with Operation Jungle Book: https://t.co/yJDYbqMCRf… https://t.co/dNxIGH5iMJ

@usfws US Fish and Wildlife @usfws

Back from the Brink: A Fox on the Verge of Extinction Makes its Comeback: https://t.co/A3pKvVHkeS https://t.co/OyhToW33Mh

Back from the Brink: A Fox on the Verge...

@usfws US Fish and Wildlife @usfws

@FriendsofPool2 Yes. There are usually late sightings of single butterflies, but this year the late observations ar… https://t.co/0CuLR7xT39

@usfws US Fish and Wildlife @usfws

Though peak #monarch migration has now entered Texas, observers in the north continued to report strong migration:… https://t.co/yATj1064JG

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Check out our tips for your next fishing trip on public lands & waters https://t.co/6hSsYW014G 🐟🎣 https://t.co/JGfuMDtFJT

Check out our tips for your next fishing...

@USFWSPacSWest FWS PacificSouthwest @USFWSPacSWest

Learn how the island #fox was brought back from near extinction on a trip to @CHISNPS w/ @USFWS biologists & @KCET→… https://t.co/cn9axP668S

@journeynorthorg Journey North @journeynorthorg

Warm fall causing late #monarch #migration. Will they arrive late in MX? Report #monarchbutterfly sightings and RT… https://t.co/FZBru7quCb

@USFWSNortheast USFWS Northeast @USFWSNortheast

We all have our own stories. This one is of a gardener turned sportswoman as she took aim at her first deer… https://t.co/KLSbHBYgxv

@usfws US Fish and Wildlife @usfws

@HispanicAccess @maitearcedc @NFWFnews We feel so lucky to have wonderful partners like you all!

@usfws US Fish and Wildlife @usfws

Puerto Rican parrots rode out #HurricaneMaria in their aviary in El Junque National Forest: https://t.co/90bzCC0BJM https://t.co/dSmcC6uH5Y

Puerto Rican parrots rode out #Hurricane...

@usfws US Fish and Wildlife @usfws

@MissJaneJetson We're so glad! And we are too!

@usfws US Fish and Wildlife @usfws

Scientists Document 'Opportunistic' Alligators Eating Sharks: https://t.co/0l6HCFhG1A via @Gizmodo Photo:… https://t.co/etHSjjL7q2

@USFWSFisheries USFWS Fisheries @USFWSFisheries

Your bait’s handbook for revenge! Proper bait disposal=protecting your fave #fishing spots. @Take_Me_Fishing Ashou… https://t.co/I8X9a2o0j6

@usfws US Fish and Wildlife @usfws

Sparky the bison, moved slower after being struck by lightning.⚡️This made him a bit of a loner. Not anymore...😍… https://t.co/w1DjxArbi1

@USFWSSoutheast US Fish and Wildlife @USFWSSoutheast

A #Florida nature and wildlife #photographer gives insight into life behind the lens. https://t.co/RIY44bQCRL Photo… https://t.co/VNcpyx7PmT

@USFWSNortheast USFWS Northeast @USFWSNortheast

33 states and 5 Canadian provinces have reported the presence of #whitenosesyndrome or the fungus that causes it si… https://t.co/e332ikmIKx

@usfws US Fish and Wildlife @usfws

Largemouth bass caught during a therapeutic #fishing event in Colorado. More on the Arsenal Anglers program:… https://t.co/pbqWKc65Lq

@usfws US Fish and Wildlife @usfws

@forstargazers good. :)

@usfws US Fish and Wildlife @usfws

20 waterfowling destinations on #publiclands that are worth a visit: https://t.co/JJkDmbi4SM https://t.co/CHA1aUVMhX

20 waterfowling destinations on #publicl...

@usfws US Fish and Wildlife @usfws

Burrowing owl surfaces after the fire at San Pablo Bay National #WildlifeRefuge in California:… https://t.co/LqQvy3yIWI

@USFWSHistory USFWS History @USFWSHistory

Monday Motivation: Happy Fall "Every leaf speaks bliss to me, Fluttering from the Autumn tree." -Emily Bronte (181… https://t.co/xnC5kOFQKF

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