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Psalm 121 is my watchword. I have Godfidence. Architect|Entrepreneur|Publicist|Digital Marketer. Let's play, Learn & be at Peace.

Lagos, Nigeria

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@TheKunle AdeKunle @TheKunle

Loool https://t.co/7u0bcxGors

@tamzyray Tamara @tamzyray

😭😂😂 https://t.co/TbvK0WLJIP

@JerrieRotimi J.R @JerrieRotimi

– Facts only. https://t.co/mk7G2iOtuZ

@Ebilade__ ebi @Ebilade__

facts https://t.co/aAHBfOSfE1

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

This one's duplex is ready in heaven. https://t.co/BrK3stIXeX

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

@Violetfab @Clan_Clueless So sorry dear, may her soul rest in peace and may God be with you.

@stephanieokoye_ steff @stephanieokoye_

lmaaasotrueoooooooooooo https://t.co/qUkPQqfg2U

@seniorman_lee internally displaced corper @seniorman_lee

Selfishness...🔊 please, that the problem with Nigerians https://t.co/OdSLGdwhhe

@mdceo_bj IG~mdceo_bj @mdceo_bj

sugar daddy that those not have connection is that one sugar daddy😏😔🙄😳 https://t.co/PENmkmoWA5

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

@Blakboy4life Sure

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/tzctwZ37HT

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

We can if i have a job and the guys I'm using are not available or I have many jobs that requires your services. https://t.co/cFT5MmdR2i

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

Lol amen https://t.co/5lwbct3Rbn

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

oshey https://t.co/xL7zmWXIqn

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

@kutymania Wema

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

They said here is gbagi https://t.co/QvkfsI2nk2

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

Unbelievable goodies is here, from 21st to 25th of March when You Order The @Matrix_Preowned iPhones you get 10k Wo… https://t.co/mf81QGlB2W

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

This will Wow you. @matrix_preowned is affording you the opportunity to pre-order any of iPhone 6, 6+ 6s+ 6s 7, 7+… https://t.co/s22lqjfhvG

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

Don't wanna miss this Opportunity! Preorder iPhones from @Matrix_Preowned and get N10,000 worth of accessories.… https://t.co/TTG7IBXl49

@Testedceriouz O S E @Testedceriouz

Loooool i swear https://t.co/dykktt01Ii

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

If your sugar daddy isn't preparing for Dangote daughter's wedding this weekend, you need a new sugar daddy.

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

Over N10,000 worth of free accessories from @Matrix_Preowned available at partner stores such as Yudala, MTN, Harmo… https://t.co/mAKil7qQMA

@Hola_Sky ‘Laolu @Hola_Sky

Hi Bro. I’m into Driveways and Access Roads Maintenance and Installation using Hot Mix Asphalt. We can look out for… https://t.co/pXMiQG1wCt

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

Come to ibadan. https://t.co/rhySou1d5d

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

@taiogunlesi A place at Ibadan I guess.

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

@ola_goriola Ohh thanks omo ibadan.

@AVONHMO Avon Healthcare @AVONHMO

Are you fast enough to solve this puzzle and win tickets for you and your bae, crew or family? Let's find out! Note… https://t.co/MqqNkgMCqo

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

Ladies and Gentlemen, Over N10,000 worth of free accessories courtesy of @Matrix_Preowned. This is defintely the be… https://t.co/ik4s70eOky

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

Lol just saying Mine, Buhari is No No, not APC tho https://t.co/0zdXRAxtiW

@uncle_ajala JAGABAN @uncle_ajala

Just finished eaten 4 pounded yam, two of my artisans had 3 fufu each, with 2 meats each, I couldn't even finished… https://t.co/NVMSJc9vj5

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