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Psalm 121 is my watchword. I have Godfidence. Architect ☆ Entrepreneur ☆ Social Media Strategist ☆ Publicist. Let's have fun and learn here.

Lagos, Nigeria

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@3gerardpique Gerard Piqué @3gerardpique

GOAT https://t.co/ZofztSy7Kr

GOAT https://t.co/ZofztSy7Kr

@ighalojude Jude @ighalojude

Launch date is 16th of December 2017 you are all invited 🙏🏾 https://t.co/yzISuwuZsV

Launch date is 16th of December 2017 you...

@BosSsLadyY Ameerah Kabir @BosSsLadyY

My aunt Bilkisu Nasidi is currently in ICU Unit of Fed Staff Hosp Jabi, Abuja. After series of operations she is in… https://t.co/thIvxMGqnk

@Sylvester_0 Oboh sylvester @Sylvester_0

😸😹 https://t.co/T3n7Mnp0JY

@uncle_ajala AJALA @uncle_ajala

Mr SAN, when Obanikoro that was accused of stealing money meant for IDP's defected to APC, you didn't utter a word,… https://t.co/JoBsZDxlWM

@LadiSpeaks Israel Ogunseye @LadiSpeaks

My friend in the office has two months to live if he doesn't do a Kidney transplant with 8.5 million Naira. Please… https://t.co/toXo5eUcwY

@uncle_ajala AJALA @uncle_ajala

My thoughts are with all those affected by the deadly terrorist attack in Egypt today, may God put an end to terro… https://t.co/DNHZeceydD

@uncle_ajala AJALA @uncle_ajala

@gooniyke_4life Don't mind me

@uncle_ajala AJALA @uncle_ajala

@archbishop44 No vex

@uncle_ajala AJALA @uncle_ajala

@beyoutiful_miaa Lol

@uncle_ajala AJALA @uncle_ajala

Lol I know https://t.co/DmzWImcYN1

@talkin2tt Silent Billionaire @talkin2tt

Igbo https://t.co/FnJvlVr1fZ

@datGuyKOFO Kay Baba @datGuyKOFO

Fam! You can still win 200k together with your Taxify Driver. Take a selfie with your driver, upload on Instagram w… https://t.co/h4wHQ509Al


This easy to use multi function printer has proven reliability to help increase your productivity. Purchase at 14%… https://t.co/4et3ZagsU1


Grab this deal today and save ₦6,000. Hurry Up! Limited Stock Available. Buy online https://t.co/Q6YgiFEswf, In-sto… https://t.co/KkguDn2jGi

@uncle_ajala AJALA @uncle_ajala

Purchase the HP OJ 100 Mobile Printer at 14% OFF Today and get FREE HP A4 Paper One Ream. Buy online… https://t.co/9v7IYzTC3M

@Boss_TOye Mr. Oyedeji @Boss_TOye

😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/WLgPMqG3sZ


Ahap!! 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇 https://t.co/w2GURW0PJY

@uncle_ajala AJALA @uncle_ajala

@madamTHEmadam Happy birthday to your mum, God bless and keep her

@goodolbethel ℒourd ℬethel™ @goodolbethel

📝📝📝 https://t.co/MWyUqLAKAT

@funmeekeh Fúnmīké @funmeekeh

I already marked some I hope to never to cross paths with on any level. https://t.co/nADQP62Jz5

@uncle_ajala AJALA @uncle_ajala

Ever had that one friend whose vibe and flavour was weird but they were still super popular? #FlavourChronicles https://t.co/ruTy0SBBoH

Ever had that one friend whose vibe and...

@uncle_ajala AJALA @uncle_ajala

That moment when you can finally buy clothes for yourself and the can add your personal swag and flavour.… https://t.co/EoVrMON5CP

@OlayinkaSuraj #ZANGITE @OlayinkaSuraj

I am an undergraduate of Lagos State University and i am in need of a job. You can DM me if any is available, Thank you.

@uncle_ajala AJALA @uncle_ajala

Ladies and Gentlemen, Strawberry or Chocolate? Which is your Dad? #FlavourChronicles https://t.co/tOaAx0VIaM

Ladies and Gentlemen, Strawberry or Choc...

@WarepamorSammy SAMMY WAREPAMOR 🇳🇬 @WarepamorSammy

Ijaw https://t.co/71V7Ya9OKn

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