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UN Women is the UN entity for #genderequality & women's empowerment. Executive Director: @phumzileunwomen.


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@un_women UN Women @un_women

“We know that when women and girls participate in political processes, conflict resolution and mediation, their con… https://t.co/QyMtKJMo5A

@un_women UN Women @un_women

Black #GoldenGlobes dresses that were signs of protest against sexual harassment & assault are going up for auction… https://t.co/MU2EFF83yD

@ngowgwps NGOWG on WPS @ngowgwps

"Who is invited to take part in the negotiations and who is leading mediations?" CSO representative @hajershareif b… https://t.co/a6CVAieKs2

@FAOnews FAO Newsroom @FAOnews

#IndigenousPeoples often grow native species of crops that are better adapted to local contexts and are more resist… https://t.co/YdLFgWaCKb

@un_women UN Women @un_women

Access to safe water, improved sanitation & hygiene are preconditions for achieving gender equality & other… https://t.co/UBqdOmtbpG


In her briefing to @UN Security Council, Hajer Sharief called for election laws to ensure women and youth a fair ch… https://t.co/htvrgnHfd6

@unwomennepal UN Women Nepal @unwomennepal

Launch of the #SahiHo #advocacycampaign for #GenderEquality & Women's Empowerment, a communications campaign aimed… https://t.co/q6Nm7zkihu

@ilo ILO @ilo

Never again: garment factories in Bangladesh improve safety and minimize the risk of another tragedy like the one t… https://t.co/wLK1djngo3

@antonioguterres António Guterres @antonioguterres

From conflicts to climate change to mass migration, women's empowerment will make the difference.… https://t.co/IZtXHCF57N

@UNDP UN Development @UNDP

Humans worldwide produce 3.5 million tons of garbage a day. Meet the women recycling #plastic to #BeatPollution in… https://t.co/eHzilLr5cU

@FAOnews FAO Newsroom @FAOnews

“I was about to migrate to find a job and have an income. I changed my mind and joined this initiative to work and… https://t.co/ojtAaoqaSu


Nura, 7, from Ainabo in Somalia, loves to learn. “I like a lot of subjects, especially Arabic. I want to be a write… https://t.co/kOFYQPYYXf

@un_women UN Women @un_women

For the 1st time in history, we have full parity in the top leadership of the United Nations." -- SG… https://t.co/xbU8rySphL

@un_women UN Women @un_women

Relationship abuse comes in many forms, take a stand with us by learning the signs! https://t.co/9Aa591QU0y

Relationship abuse comes in many forms,...

@un_women UN Women @un_women

Policies #ForMigration should recognize the contributions of migrant women & address their roles, needs & vulnerabi… https://t.co/xjWKDlYA3T

@un_women UN Women @un_women

Violence against women must be eradicated in order to achieve the #GlobalGoals. Stand up, speak up & @SayNO_UNiTE! https://t.co/1220w7KQWb

Violence against women must be eradicate...

@un_women UN Women @un_women

"I started this work because I wanted my children to live a better life, to overcome my own pain, and be useful for… https://t.co/gy58aO49Xv

@un_women UN Women @un_women

New report finds that gender discrimination is especially common in STEM jobs: https://t.co/cROV45sQaZ via @sciam… https://t.co/S0b35lUIow

@un_women UN Women @un_women

Katy Jurado, born #OnThisDay, was a groundbreaking Mexican actress who never sacrificed her identity & broke stereo… https://t.co/xdZ24VHaD0

@un_women UN Women @un_women

#Womenrefugees contribute greatly to our societies. Listen to their stories: https://t.co/wPEoEbUZOR #WithRefugees https://t.co/YkGpGk5eLz

#Womenrefugees contribute greatly to our...


“When I take part in the activities here, I forget my worries,” says Musito (17), one of 2,000 Congolese #refugees… https://t.co/vA8wIAwdVq

@unwomeneca UN Women Europe &CIS @unwomeneca

Stand up, speak out and act to end violence against women. Silence and inaction will let violence continue.… https://t.co/KST4KxNx0R

@unwomenasia UN Women AsiaPacific @unwomenasia

Meet Nani, an owner of a lamp business in a farming community of Central Java, Indonesia who learnt how to expand b… https://t.co/1w4fZGORGg

@unwomenindia UN Women India @unwomenindia

Globally, only an estimated 1% of public procurement contracts go to women-owned enterprises. Together, let's promo… https://t.co/WohNwsaKZT


#Depression after childbirth is common. Seeking help is good for you and your baby. The first step is talking… https://t.co/ZFNFrQHus6

@UAEMissionToUN UAE Mission to UN @UAEMissionToUN

“My journey with @UN_Women does not end here. I will continue to advance #GenderEquality and #WomensEmpowerment wit… https://t.co/qBH73IhLxw

@ilo ILO @ilo

Pakistani women tell their stories of empowerment through #decentwork. Take a look at their inspiring stories:… https://t.co/6856UzJD6Q

@paulocoelho Paulo Coelho @paulocoelho

We are from Congo. We don't have lawyers, Twitter, worldwide condemnation of the aggressor, newspaper headlines. Bu… https://t.co/YgCe6B3vEZ


We should unite to eliminate harmful practices such as female genital mutilation, child marriage and violence again… https://t.co/tySNmHzys1

@UNmigration IOM - UN Migration @UNmigration

“My husband was abducted. We have not heard from him since." Displaced in the DR #Congo, Nsimire’s story is heart-… https://t.co/o9nEHbIAX2

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