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UN Women is the UN entity for #genderequality & women's empowerment. Executive Director: @phumzileunwomen.


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@un_women UN Women @un_women

The violence against Marielle Franco grew step by step, with increasing harassment of women like her, which ended i… https://t.co/KpVNeQtduU

@UN_CSW United Nations CSW @UN_CSW

As week 1 of #CSW62 finishes up, we're feeling very inspired by all the incredible activism happening all over the… https://t.co/vlyUBzg2NY

@un_women UN Women @un_women

I have a man, 🙋‍♂️ I have a woman… 🙋‍♀️ Gender Equal Peaceful World! 🕊️ @pikotaro_ppap adds his voice for a… https://t.co/uqLxDwDKtx

@phumzileunwomen Phumzile Mlambo @phumzileunwomen

Girls safe space taking engaging on strategies to achieve in real participation not token involvement. https://t.co/gb3jN7at7x

Girls safe space taking engaging on stra...

@un_women UN Women @un_women

"My life and career was in hands of people intent on destruction, people who judged & vilified me in ways they neve… https://t.co/PR0BERSrG4

@UNYouthEnvoy UN Youth Envoy @UNYouthEnvoy

Our panelists bring solutions to the table on 🔑 issues: ❤️Health 🌱Climate Change 🏞Land Rights & Environment 📙Educ… https://t.co/hVgTyq9xKC

@un_women UN Women @un_women

"We are the largest generation that the 🌍 has ever seen. We are 1.8 billion strong." - @jayathmadw 💪 The… https://t.co/ZCw30ik6GE

@UN_CSW United Nations CSW @UN_CSW

“We need to recognize the epic dehumanization of people with disability are living with on this planet.” – Edward N… https://t.co/fG8nIeb1P2

@JahaENDFGM Jaha Mapenzi Dukureh @JahaENDFGM

@jayathmadw and I finally met and it’s amazing. So much positivity at #Youthdialogue #CSW62. https://t.co/CPfAoh6SGK

@jayathmadw and I finally met and it’s a...

@UN_CSW United Nations CSW @UN_CSW

“We cannot do anything without supporting each other. Once we see a sister or brother who wants to engage in politi… https://t.co/7wlwEA5idb

@un_women UN Women @un_women

Your voice matters! Our ED @phumzileunwomen encourages young participants at #CSWYouthDialogue to get involved in… https://t.co/S1pVccEZjT

@SayftyCom Sayfty.com @SayftyCom

“All of our movements need to address disability justice.” -Edward Ndopu #CSW62 #CSWYouthDialogue #VOTW https://t.co/cJbBZSBoyK

“All of our movements need to address di...

@wagggs_world WAGGGS @wagggs_world

"These girls and young women are not in danger of being left behind, they ARE left behind" - @LopaUN , Direction of… https://t.co/QXLgVgCBhK

@un_women UN Women @un_women

Our Regional Goodwill Ambassador for Africa, @JahaENDFGM is at the #CSWYouthdialogue with other youth leaders & act… https://t.co/92jRSWLidz

@UNYouthEnvoy UN Youth Envoy @UNYouthEnvoy

And here I am🙋🏽‍♀️, joining 300+ young people from all over the 🌍 @ #CSWYouthDialogue We are discussing how to ach… https://t.co/9YJg3HgSW6

@un_women UN Women @un_women

Weaving palm tree🌴 leaves Promoting dialogue Facilitating social cohesion Rabab Sleiman teaches skills to young Le… https://t.co/TmnP1GHBCJ

@un_women UN Women @un_women

We bring to life stories of rural women from around the 🌍, from Haiti & Canada to Iraq & Senegal to the pacific isl… https://t.co/qQhiNz149W

@un_women UN Women @un_women

This group of inspiring #ruralwomen are leading the way in sustainable farming, producing and selling their own goo… https://t.co/GAfRYpTJoe

@un_women UN Women @un_women

We are all in this movement together for a common goal: gender equality! https://t.co/IHnPIwZhv7 #CSW62 https://t.co/od6hHWek2x

We are all in this movement together for...

@UNPeacekeeping UN Peacekeeping @UNPeacekeeping

In #Darfur, 231 female #Police Advisers from 20+ countries serve at @UNAMIDnews. They work w/ counterparts from the… https://t.co/UP6onY6Hbj

@unwomeneca UN Women Europe &CIS @unwomeneca

Here's a snapshot of how we celebrated women’s achievements, activism and potential during International #WomensDay… https://t.co/p2HeWdzvdk


A daylong event at #CSW62 set out to better understand how three areas critical to women living with HIV—cervical c… https://t.co/N3P5aNMDeH

@un_women UN Women @un_women

Together with @UNICEF & @Refugees, we're calling for increased efforts to eradicate gender inequality in nationalit… https://t.co/usSTaUMXRd

@ItalyUN_NY Italy UN New York @ItalyUN_NY

At #CSW62 side event we recommitted our efforts to #EndFGM #ENDChildMarriage : accelerated & concerted intervention… https://t.co/p5bkvL1Frk

@un_women UN Women @un_women

As the first week of #CSW62 wraps up, take a look at some memorable moments in our 📷 album: https://t.co/2Ed3lx44N7 https://t.co/CKySUGBuSR

As the first week of #CSW62 wraps up, ta...


Women are not #EQUALSinTech. The face of the offline, unconnected population is a rural, illiterate & elderly wom… https://t.co/srSbMLovZw

@unwomenpacific UN Women Pacific @unwomenpacific

Strong and resilient #ruralwomen of ‘Eua #Tonga shared stories from #TCGita during focus group discussions this wee… https://t.co/M3CDgnpUl4


Girls have the right to live free of abuse, harm and violence! We’re immensely grateful for @europeaid support to… https://t.co/46pNmKdaIm

@un_women UN Women @un_women

Here's a #CSW62 highlight from the 1st week: Climate-smart agriculture is paving the way for women’s empowerment i… https://t.co/BrZbxXXBi9

@Denmark_UN Denmark in UN NY🇩🇰 @Denmark_UN

We are proud to announce that #DKaid in 2018 will contribute DKK 63 mio. to @UNWomen’s efforts to promote gender eq… https://t.co/Tz1AEguc0m

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