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TV Presenter -Crafty Beggars, Create & Craft TV USA & UK. Married to @realGaryWebster. Vegan, atheist & animal rights campaigner. Patron of some fab charities!

West London

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@keefymc Keef: Delilahs Grandpa 😍 @keefymc

@turnerwebster Spot on Wendy 👍 Pathetic leaders with literally no idea

@DontPetCubs Plz Don't Pet Cubs @DontPetCubs


@turnerwebster Wendy Turner Webster @turnerwebster

Pity this boy and his parents who are at the mercy of spineless fools. Home Office denies medical cannabis pleas… https://t.co/QnKQPsZbpd

@RealGaryWebster Gary Webster @RealGaryWebster

@ParkTheatre @DickieStirling @APrincessUndone Yes can't wait it will certainly be worth seeing. Heard a lot about t… https://t.co/Cl7fS5XlCz

@BeverlyMacca1 Beverly Macca CBA @BeverlyMacca1

Would you like to be part of the new series of @CraftyBeggarsTV with @turnerwebster and @JuliePeasgood? Are you a c… https://t.co/oDH2O1rxB4

@CTwitchens Christopher Twitchens @CTwitchens

@NBCNews Only in USA: the guns used in mass shootings are a constitutional right BUT Healthcare for the survivors… https://t.co/n00EW3KvTM

@turnerwebster Wendy Turner Webster @turnerwebster

This is for all my CRAFTY TWITTER PALS.... XXX https://t.co/eedhwD0WvZ

@BeverlyMacca1 Beverly Macca CBA @BeverlyMacca1

The roller coaster continues. So much going on behind the scenes. Thanks again for all the lovely wishes and suppor… https://t.co/xs82o5iLCu

@crab_welfare CrustaceanCompassion @crab_welfare

We've handed in the petition to @DefraGovUK ! Please tweet @michaelgove asking him to #ShowLobstersSomeLove on Vale… https://t.co/bA8mnvTF0N

@Paws2RescueUK Paws2RescueUK @Paws2RescueUK

Spent time with the beautiful orphans in Bucharest, making Valentine hearts with @CraftyBeggarsTV https://t.co/03sXlWCfQ4

Spent time with the beautiful orphans in...

@JuliePeasgood JuliePeasgood @JuliePeasgood

I have never ever met such a bunch of lovely, talented, gentle, thoughtful and well-mannered kids - thank you… https://t.co/Dp6jY6rJpe

@veganwomble Vegan Womble @veganwomble

What a cutie! https://t.co/xp21dgtEYR

@turnerwebster Wendy Turner Webster @turnerwebster

A little terrier pup in Romania being cared for by @Paws2RescueUK and looking for a new home! @JuliePeasgood… https://t.co/zuwlQAs4SD

@RealGaryWebster Gary Webster @RealGaryWebster

Contemptable @Oxfam bosses are issuing statements about staff & prostitutes as they think that is more palatable th… https://t.co/zFZBbjBt5x

@RealGaryWebster Gary Webster @RealGaryWebster

The worst thing @Oxfam twitter profile">@oxfamgb @Oxfam apart from the abuse itself was to see the CEO tonight @Channel4News swerving quest… https://t.co/Pe37H0sPnV

@Cartede Debbie Carter @Cartede

please retweet such worthwhile cause... https://t.co/UYaD5Ia4N7

@Cartede Debbie Carter @Cartede

keep up the good work ! https://t.co/4xYDO2bZ5a

@turnerwebster Wendy Turner Webster @turnerwebster

A lovely @Paws2RescueUK cat in Romania. #GreenEyes https://t.co/HmIODhmpXX

A lovely @Paws2RescueUK cat in Romania....

@BeverlyMacca1 Beverly Macca CBA @BeverlyMacca1

3pm today on Sky 539 Freeview 93 Virgin 269 and Freesat 164. I'll be crafting and drinking cocktails in… https://t.co/y1iDE8pDDh

@CraftyBeggarsTV Crafty Beggars TV @CraftyBeggarsTV

Blimey Bev - what factor suncream are you using pet?!?! Xxxx Can’t wait to see you and to meet Nathan! Xxx… https://t.co/IxEJ2kA4qH

@hells_bells2207 Helen Lymbery Ⓥ 🌱 @hells_bells2207

@herbivore_club That is so sad, tears rolling down my cheeks, for both mother chasing for her calf & the calf looki… https://t.co/xGUzjwWo3H

@hells_bells2207 Helen Lymbery Ⓥ 🌱 @hells_bells2207

Pls RT my Tw below, TY in advance. @turnerwebster @kateford76 @willtravers @AnnekaSvenska @VeggievisionTV… https://t.co/gAlFR5CjRp

@hells_bells2207 Helen Lymbery Ⓥ 🌱 @hells_bells2207

@herbivore_club I had to turn it off as the farmer says what he's about to do. I'm so incredibly sad to think how d… https://t.co/1BoP6IzOw8

@turnerwebster Wendy Turner Webster @turnerwebster

@Paws2RescueUK Doing great work in Romania saving dogs from certain death. All beautiful and needing homes! https://t.co/JJYNmNNKxK

@Paws2RescueUK Doing great work in Roman...

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