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@TruthMaga @POTUS #TuesdayThoughts Nothing Can Stop Trump https://t.co/qo2chC8u8o

@TruthMaga @POTUS #TuesdayThoughts

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#WednesdayWisdom Thanks To My 25K Followers Who 🥊made me that much stronger 🥊made me work a little bit harder 🥊mad… https://t.co/YQQAGUjcWI

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@PaulLee85 @rp4freedom1st https://t.co/3fJPgxmAeT

@PaulLee85 @rp4freedom1st  https://t.co/...

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@IntrepidUSA2018 @DrSueDVM @rp4freedom1st Exactly; by the time they realize what they’ve done, it’ll be too late to undo it.

@DavidDMiller5 Smedley Butler. “ War is A racket “ @DavidDMiller5

@Trumperland @On_The_Hook @rp4freedom1st Yes modern day communist! Read rules for radicals

@PaulLee85 Paul Lee @PaulLee85

@Trumperland @rp4freedom1st Schools are indoctrination camps now. We let the left take control of all social avenue… https://t.co/7gaI0bWnF6

@keramirez Kathy Ramirez @keramirez

@Trumperland @rp4freedom1st #NationalSchoolWalkout https://t.co/0mDCI4HODD

@Trumperland @rp4freedom1st #NationalSch...

@Dollfinish Deplorable Cathy A @Dollfinish

@Trumperland @rp4freedom1st https://t.co/qDLIWp3hX0

@Trumperland @rp4freedom1st  https://t.c...

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@rp4freedom1st School protests are part of a Marxist “long range plan” orchestrated by elite government establishme… https://t.co/LA5JqEXJW3

@rp4freedom1st RP4America1st @rp4freedom1st

Let’s get something straight liberals... Calling a protest stupid isn’t denying them free speech. Saying they shoul… https://t.co/y1CMZlaIYy

@TruthMaga 🐉🔥HΔRLΣ¥🔥🐉 @TruthMaga

😡😡 What a Set up ....Double Standard is a understatement. I Call What is Going on with Flynn Railroaded a Set Up… https://t.co/i25eN3jEr3

@TruthMaga 🐉🔥HΔRLΣ¥🔥🐉 @TruthMaga

When @POTUS Won . 1.WE Won 🇺🇸 2.Our Country Won 🇺🇸 3.We are WINNING🇺🇸 Our Support needs to be Unwavering for th… https://t.co/QkCw2OrT0e

@SweepsFox Sweeps Fox @SweepsFox

This is CLEAR EVIDENCE-of how FAR our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM-has FAILED this Country-these KIDS-being Used By Anti Amer… https://t.co/Z4lf2IRLae

@nzo11 V-zo @nzo11

Good Morning Fellow Patriots ! Wanting to help you start out your day with a smile THE ANSWER IS: #YouDid WHEN… https://t.co/tKNdsDs37Z

@KatTheHammer1 Kat #ISTANDWITHGENFLYNN @KatTheHammer1

.@HillaryClinton we conservative women make our own decisions! Here a few strong conservative women that crush your… https://t.co/PpC9znL6Fa

@dbongino Dan Bongino @dbongino

Someone with a larger following than me needs to organize a week long “walk out” on twitter in protest of their ide… https://t.co/IVYABQlf5K

@dretiquette 🇺🇸DR. ETIQUETTE🤦‍♂️ @dretiquette

🎶YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT🎶 #MAGA 🇺🇸 #LessonsILearnedFromMusic https://t.co/vkIj3pJfX2


@LloydMack16 Lloyd Mack🇺🇸 @LloydMack16

Perfect, make it so @POTUS. Trump is considering replacing Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin with U.S. Arm… https://t.co/g7jBstWtbp

@rp4freedom1st RP4America1st @rp4freedom1st

#ToysRUs The Kmart of toy stores. The Sears of toy stores. The Blockbuster of toy stores. The Sega of toy stores.… https://t.co/ezcMcyPQ8V

@Autrice gab.ai/Sherry @Autrice

“U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May pictured as a teen with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Incredible coincidence,… https://t.co/e8xz1wBwtM

@USNavy U.S. Navy @USNavy

Take a look at what we've been doing around the world in today's #USNavy photo flash update: #USSTheodoreRoosevelt… https://t.co/P3HOUiQWpM

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