@Deirdre Trotman🔱 #120db 4 German women

Deirdre Trotman🔱 #120db 4 German women

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Ex-UKIP - delighted to have joined @AMDWaters Party #ForBritainMovement🔱 #FinancedByMembers ! 👍🌈❤️🇬🇧 Animal lover especially dogs

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@EnglishTommy1 Tommy English كافر @EnglishTommy1

Fed up of Islamization? Join @NoShariaUK in Bristol on March 3rd 2018. Together, we will win this war!… https://t.co/qrDTNzk3fF

@Graham_British Graham_British 🔱 @Graham_British

🇬🇧@ForBritainParty 🔱 Ali Dawah has done us a big favour today👏 What we all knew was the truth about Islam has now… https://t.co/v5NdluA0hU

@Sarnjc1 ForBritain/London Branch @Sarnjc1

To all my followers & supporters Pls RT THIS ALL DAY. @KTHopkins @TRobinsonNewEra @AmyMek @AMDWaters @PamelaGeller… https://t.co/c1NlKNyWYI

@ForBritainParty For Britain 🔱 @ForBritainParty

The party’s campaign pledges include leaving the European Union “without further delay”, reducing immigration, “end… https://t.co/k7iCCMsESt

@ForBritainParty For Britain 🔱 @ForBritainParty

Quote: '''We’re concerned that without stronger national action to keep dangerous products out of our homes, the si… https://t.co/mKnvWgSPue

@trotman_deirdre Deirdre Trotman🔱 #120db 4 German women @trotman_deirdre

Dave Bamford - Governor of Brixton Prison: Reinstate Pastor Paul Song as a Chaplain at Brixton Prison, and allow hi… https://t.co/o9t37y9bQG

@ForBritainParty For Britain 🔱 @ForBritainParty

Pastor Paul Song was a volunteer chaplain at HMP Brixton for nearly twenty years. But after a Muslim Chaplain took… https://t.co/8nnDyQuzHp

@JanMUnderwood Janet Underwood 🔱 @JanMUnderwood

Brilliant Britain- let’s keep it that way! @AMDWaters @ForBritainParty @Sarnjc1 https://t.co/jnPXKYNPHu

Brilliant Britain- let’s keep it that wa...

@mark5506 🇬🇧Mark🇬🇧 @mark5506

@TRobinsonNewEra I like him. He talks a lot of sense well done @GerardBattenMEP 👏🏽👏🏽you and @AMDWaters would make a… https://t.co/MK0frahkTT

@CllrBSilvester Cllr.Brian Silvester @CllrBSilvester

Some in @UKIP rejected @AMDWaters as Leader cos of her views on Islam. #UKIP now have an interim leader whose views… https://t.co/jSPRGZ6zp5

@mdpepperart margaretpepper @mdpepperart

@AMDWaters No point in mincing words. Britain is under cultural attack here & now. She is just the messenger!! https://t.co/idnk9zJEsX

@AMDWaters No point in mincing words. Br...

@supermalcy 247 @supermalcy

Far to late UKIP forward Gerard Batten as interim leader who at least has some balls to speak up about Islam. Gera… https://t.co/cn0ptFZO8n

@MyFreedomNews Censored News UK🇬🇧 @MyFreedomNews

@John6636724620 @AMDWaters @ShaziaHobbs Thanks for being amongst the 5% https://t.co/TBYQgCm2zf

@John6636724620 @AMDWaters @ShaziaHobbs...

@CllrBSilvester Cllr.Brian Silvester @CllrBSilvester

That is an absolute certainty. What will @GerardBattenMEP do? As interim leader he is not in a position to change… https://t.co/ji7WpJsLVW

@AlertEnemy221b Sherlock Holmes @AlertEnemy221b

@AMDWaters You've warned us repeatedly for years and years, and time after time. The things you've said will happen… https://t.co/gVcly6DpGs

@RL50031 🔱RL53a ForBritain🔱 @RL50031

@Arron_banks How have you got the nerve to say this when UKIP ousted the best possible solution to this issue&calle… https://t.co/q9TIDYTqix

@leedsforbritain Leeds For Britain 🔱 @leedsforbritain

Sky News says there's a 'stench of death' from the UKIP EGM. And this is the leader they could have had : https://t.co/eypvDPqmCE

@Anish_Patel3107 Anish Patel 🇬🇧 🔱 @Anish_Patel3107

Why don’t you just admit that you are too scared to talk about Islam @Arron_banks ? Which in the long run is a MUCH… https://t.co/wgrZKGy5s8

@Girlofthe70S Girlofthe70's🇬🇧 @Girlofthe70S

@AMDWaters https://t.co/mr1V0Lr2xB - look at this video people and tell me we haven’t problems here 🙄... Anne Marie… https://t.co/iraoLslcm0

@KTHopkins Katie Hopkins @KTHopkins

Do take a moment to reflect on the highly divisive campaign by @Arron_banks et al to have this utter moron elected… https://t.co/wtxQxI5MCp

@AMDWaters Anne Marie Waters @AMDWaters

I've just finished my book. That's it. Gone to the editor. 'Beyond Terror - Islam's Slow Erosion of Western… https://t.co/293tINNIx9

@Julesywooooolsy #releasethememo @Julesywooooolsy

@Graham_British @DitzyDeedy @MelindaDonova16 Islam will never be compatible with the west. The west have a right to… https://t.co/gz7qG5l7mv

@trotman_deirdre Deirdre Trotman🔱 #120db 4 German women @trotman_deirdre

Infidel Women: Spoils of War: https://t.co/I7vZRj45L9

@AltNewsMedia AltNewsMedia @AltNewsMedia

We can only marvel at the unashamed hypocrisy of politicians & media that were *outraged* at Trump's locker room ta… https://t.co/bPtHbH3MYb

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