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Calling all Virginia Realtors! Let’s Help McCabe Sell His House to Pay for His Legal Bills! Swamp Creature helped… https://t.co/IYDlWsMiEI


Watch⬇️ MSM has become Propaganda News : Trying to Control , Distort , Manipulate the real news -to fit their Agend… https://t.co/89AG0gD2Cn


Corruption. Rigged Elections. Biased Media . FBI CIA against Trump. #FAKEdossier Spying .. And they still Lost ! RT… https://t.co/LG6I0ypBe9

@adjunctprofessr JoJo @adjunctprofessr

🚨Congressional investigators say only 3,162 of the more than 1.2 million documents retained by the DOJ Inspector Ge… https://t.co/BY5afBjSWy

@DrLee4America MD 4 NRA & Freedom 🇺🇸 @DrLee4America

"The big picture,” #McCabe said “is a tale of what can happen when law enforcement is politicized, public servants… https://t.co/ZS4hflzSTR

@RealMAGASteve MAGAPatriot🇺🇸Steve @RealMAGASteve

🚨Non-Political Tweet of the Day🚨 Watch & Listen to the hilarious play-by-play in this surveillance video of a thie… https://t.co/hOqGMfQVlL

@Carolin17951107 ❤In The End We Win❤ @Carolin17951107

https://t.co/WA2RxwgnNs Did California become a country of its own or what? California is making a mockery out of o… https://t.co/cOCbKVHF9n

@adjunctprofessr JoJo @adjunctprofessr

🚨First guns confiscated under Florida law! While committed under the FL’s Baker Act, the man's access to guns & amm… https://t.co/YD4nGTiSWO

@RealMAGASteve MAGAPatriot🇺🇸Steve @RealMAGASteve

Ex-FBI Asst. Dir. Says Upcoming IG Report “PURE TNT” As IG investigated FBI’s top brass surrounding the 2016 elec… https://t.co/sD8P5bKSSd

@W_C_Patriot ᗰĪ55Y ŔᗩƐ @W_C_Patriot

Now, I firmly know that my first principle on the right to life is that it is entirely inviolable because it is not… https://t.co/y9nZOLicdt

@TresDeplorable TresDeplorable @TresDeplorable

Hillary helps two men from falling during India trip. #CNNFakeNews #ThursdayThoughts totally unstable… https://t.co/XGkXS8ozwM

@TresDeplorable TresDeplorable @TresDeplorable

Good morning my loves ! Hope everyone has a fantastic day ! #TuesdayThoughts #LowIQ #FakeHeritage #NoCollusion… https://t.co/DZ9m4K1H4p

@TresDeplorable TresDeplorable @TresDeplorable

“California Democrats have moved so far left on immigration They’re halfway to Hawaii .” RT if U Agree… https://t.co/RXoVSRBMnx

@TresDeplorable TresDeplorable @TresDeplorable

Even NKorea’s Dictator is willing to cut a deal with Pres. Trump ! These 2 Obstructionists are not willing to do… https://t.co/f30zasK0YF

@TresDeplorable TresDeplorable @TresDeplorable

Watch⬇️ how Black ‘activists’ respond to Professor who objected No Whites on Campus Day💥They responded with protes… https://t.co/evGWMGfJJW

@John_KissMyBot John~ 💋Kiss My Bot @John_KissMyBot

What a difference two days makes 👉 Attorney General Jeff Sessions Fired FBI’s Corrupt Andrew McCabe Two Days Before… https://t.co/RmtkP2WoBb

@SiddonsDan Dan Siddons @SiddonsDan

“Breaking! McCabe Altered FBI Reports To Frame Trump. [@FBI] director Chris Wray maybe next to be fired. We will fi… https://t.co/TiCdQtbTaH

@Pink_About_it PinkAboutIt 🇺🇸 @Pink_About_it

Comey tweeting about honor is like Hillary tweeting about Marriage advice. 🙈🙈🙈 Comeys book will belong next to "wh… https://t.co/uYlbu0aHlM

@kwilli1046 Kevin W @kwilli1046

When Will AG Session Arrest James Comey? Last Year, #Comey Told the Senate Intelligence Committee That He Leaked… https://t.co/6APyU8DfrG

@StandingDarrell Darrell Standing @StandingDarrell

🇺🇸John Brennan you’re next ~ allah won’t help you ~ liar liar 🤥 pants on fire 🔥~ if you listen to my video there’s… https://t.co/95vyuNu7td


RT if you agree it’s a culture problem! Parents have to teach kids to feel empathy compassion serve others other th… https://t.co/qp4aQPXZxH

@PatriotArmy50 Pissed Off Patriot @PatriotArmy50

What do all of these “Black Caucus” House members have in common??..... They ALL support the racist & anti-Semite,… https://t.co/OJIjfLE3mD

@bgood12345 dolce @bgood12345

🚨JOHN SOLOMON 🐀Comey Put Off Action After FBI Whistleblower Exposed Broken Warrantless Spy Program🚨Bottom line croo… https://t.co/2Kcw5iZVyX

@TheTrumpLady WINNING IN AMERICA! @TheTrumpLady

FORCING Students To Participate In #StudentWalkout Is POLITICAL INDOCTRINATION PLAIN & SIMPLE! Stop Using Our Kid… https://t.co/Wxx5ba2pn8

@davis1988will William Davis @davis1988will

@KamVTV Keep America Great!! #KAG #KeepAmericaGreat https://t.co/bzM7Mi5ojV

@KamVTV Keep America Great!! 
#KAG #Keep...

@RealMAGASteve MAGAPatriot🇺🇸Steve @RealMAGASteve

Judicial Watch caught FBI #2 Andrew McCabe red-handed in conflict of interest scandal involving Clinton crony $ for… https://t.co/q4JEi2dCaD

@RealEagleWings EAGLE WINGS @RealEagleWings

.@JesseBWatters: "I found some interesting polling... 74% of Californians oppose sanctuary cities. 65% of Hispanics… https://t.co/Rwt68HcGaJ

@KNP2BP ⚜️⚜️⚜Kathleen⚜️⚜️⚜ @KNP2BP

#Crumbs to #Elitist #Globalist #Politicians only but everything to people like my bank employee relatives who ALL r… https://t.co/PL5SN4sMms

@adjunctprofessr JoJo @adjunctprofessr

💣The leaks are real; the news is fake. Seeding false information into the blood stream of a closed unit w/i the org… https://t.co/WUx6QV5Lkv

@RodStryker Maverick @RodStryker

Crooked Hillary is a walking, talking disaster.😲 She has the audacity to publicly trash half the American populati… https://t.co/mQ4XHvWBGG

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