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@ToddHalterman @TravisRuger The MIC love people like you who enable their greed while stealing from you. You are th… https://t.co/Tg3mwkMx61

@briane2874 Progressive Lump @briane2874

@hate2register @TravisRuger @ToddHalterman https://t.co/lE9XOwQSj5

@hate2register @TravisRuger @ToddHalterm...

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Teachers all across the country are organizing with a new urgency after the West Virginia strike. But relative to a… https://t.co/dhs76jPaAq

@EmilyForCO Emily Sirota @EmilyForCO

This is lamentable -- and it needs to change. Colorado is a wealthy state compared to many others, but we shortchan… https://t.co/pPy6jZhlYB

@EmilyForCO Emily Sirota @EmilyForCO

I'm working hard to reach out to delegates for the 3/24 Denver assembly! Spent last nite with my kids & volunteers… https://t.co/KNwuoKOdme

@EmilyForCO Emily Sirota @EmilyForCO

Here’s a good example of how corporate money floods into politics and blocks progressive public policy. I don’t tak… https://t.co/HX1yAaDvfG

@EmilyForCO Emily Sirota @EmilyForCO

Wow -- the incumbent I’m running against is now so afraid we are going to win, he's stepping down from his committe… https://t.co/M8iqv0rCE1

@EmilyForCO Emily Sirota @EmilyForCO

I don’t take corporate PAC money, but there are 2,500 people following this Twitter account. If every one of you wh… https://t.co/QoLqwe7T5y

@davidsirota David Sirota @davidsirota

THREAD: The 5-person team of @IBTimes reporters I led produced some truly terrific journalism in 2017 that I’d like… https://t.co/AmgmjwBeC5

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@ToddHalterman @TravisRuger The best part is (??) even while we're helping to save their children.... and I mean t… https://t.co/R2vHzrlYSj

@hate2register Chris is Alive. @hate2register

@ToddHalterman @TravisRuger You mean all those horrible people that we're doing drone strikes on? All those horribl… https://t.co/w6ai6BbPcV

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Yes, people like Bernie Sanders are the *compromise*. Yes, he was great at expanding the leftist movement and makin… https://t.co/f3CCAHkUL3

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This. https://t.co/L5tafWIArE

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@davidsirota David Sirota @davidsirota

The rule required Wall St executives to prioritize their clients’ best interests when investing their clients’ savi… https://t.co/aZa5eyNqJs

@travisruger Travis Ruger @travisruger

@gottafria @SwaderPolly Yep, I’m hoping it’s changing though. 2016 woke lots of people up.

@gottafria nadia al alousy @gottafria

@TravisRuger @SwaderPolly But the world only knows about the tow parties who take it all

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Gina Haspel oversaw interrogation tactics so brutal that CIA personnel at one black site openly wept and requested… https://t.co/Uj76i4zSjD

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@TravisRuger Thank you my Independent Self was feeling underrepresented.

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@MollyAMcGrath @TravisRuger Tennessee has Smokey! https://t.co/hdrdCuT2mc

@MollyAMcGrath @TravisRuger Tennessee ha...

@travisruger Travis Ruger @travisruger

@gottafria @SwaderPolly Yep, there’s lots of us upset with that. Think our best chance to stop it is with a third… https://t.co/ohdLIbFO3d

@gottafria nadia al alousy @gottafria

@TravisRuger @SwaderPolly Only wars and weapons .. weapons and wars

@XonEarth X on Earth @XonEarth

@ToddHalterman @TravisRuger No, just more educated. It is insane to bomb. Incinerating the Japanese with 2 atomic b… https://t.co/VKA6A5o2t2

@ZimiHendricks Patriot @ZimiHendricks

@TravisRuger Do you sing any other songs?

@travisruger Travis Ruger @travisruger

@MarkSimoneNY https://t.co/XLgJEdxOE5

@MarkSimoneNY  https://t.co/XLgJEdxOE5

@MollyAMcGrath Molly McGrath @MollyAMcGrath

Really want UMBC to win because 1. Madness 2. I’m really enjoying all of these dog gifs #retrievers

@rubieeliz rubie edmondson @rubieeliz

When a 16 seed appears in the second round #Retrievers https://t.co/fsnc4LOouK

When a 16 seed appears in the second rou...

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