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Sister. Friend. Daughter. Teacher. Travelling the world with my lover. Huge TV Watcher. #JC4PM


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@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@Netflights explain why the airline have no reference for a booking I made with you a week ago? Invoice & itinerary won't load either

@arifishbein Ari Fishbein @arifishbein

I've never seen a one sentence headline contradict itself https://t.co/7azJBGXeOR

I've never seen a one sentence headline...

@OwenJones84 Owen Jones @OwenJones84

And lo! The Tories did conjure up the magic money tree to shower gifts on their homophobic, anti-choice, climate change denying friends

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

I agree Seb took his road rage a little too far this time, but can we question how Lewis falls out with *all* his rivals? #AzarbaijanGP

@banksiemagic Sean Banks @banksiemagic

No matter what sport you follow or which team you support, that #AllBlacks #Haka will make your spine tingle… https://t.co/4WjklJIZPH

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@craigdyoung &Sunday is "Oneday".Saturday is just "Day" as it's the first day of the week in Iran, all other days a… https://t.co/P9FU4IWsfo

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@craigdyoung Yeah!!

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

Kim Jong Un may meet his match in Donald Trump..in that they're both mentally unstable, deluded and off their fucking rockers #NorthKorea

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@craigdyoung Funny reading this. In Farsi days of the week are actually referred to in numbers, so Monday&Wednesday… https://t.co/vdG2xf3woU

@jk_rowling J.K. Rowling @jk_rowling

Let's talk about how the #FinsburyPark terrorist was radicalised. https://t.co/Lx1woEaLKL

Let's talk about how the #FinsburyPark t...

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

I'm patiently awaiting the apologies of all non muslim people for the #FinsburyPark incident just as they expect from muslims after anything

@garylmarks Gary Marks @garylmarks

@mrjamesob Islamist murderers and Islamaphobe murderers - two cheeks of the same arse.

@cmclymer Charles Clymer🏳️‍🌈 @cmclymer

This is a terrorist attack. The perpetrator is a white terrorist. We need to say these things out loud as much as possible. #FinsburyPark

@lion_faisal Great Quotes @lion_faisal

So the idiot driver of the #FinsburyPark van was not shot on sight and will have a mental health assessment? Why tr… https://t.co/WGO4zOLS3d

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

Police have yet to confirm this as a terror attack,because then general public would realise white people can be terrorist too #FinsburyPark

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@sxpmaths &you can be in credit. Load it with £500 so when the charges come out I'm not in the red.used it for 10 m… https://t.co/RkVD7mW684

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@sxpmaths I've been used the Halifax credit card while travelling abroad. No charge for cash withdrawal or purchases.

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@MightyCampers Can you follow me so I can DM you?

@robdelaney rob delaney @robdelaney

72 Tory MPs *WHO ARE LANDLORDS* voted against making rented homes "fit for human habitation" last year. https://t.co/EExun6s0al

@OwenJones84 Owen Jones @OwenJones84

All this 'don't politicise' #GrenfellTower poison. Are the survivors doing televised interviews about the authorities' role politicising it?

@T_om_s t_om_s @T_om_s

Don't politicise: Housing Poverty Preventable deaths Do politicise: Anthem singing Tie wearing Number remembering

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@MightyCampers I emailed your Price Match team on the 23rd May and then again around 5 days ago, no response to either email. Unacceptable.

@Byrne108 rose byrne @Byrne108

Willing to jeopardise peace in Northern Ireland to cling on to power for a few more weeks. #WorstPrimeMinisterInHistory

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@Royal_Gentlemen I think the flying pig was a different colour that time!

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@Royal_Gentlemen Err..that's coz ye are!

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@RathMJ Still funny!

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@Royal_Gentlemen People can believe in flying blue pigs for all I care, as long as they don't force it on other people. That's the problem.

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

May-dup government..you can't make it up! #getit? #GE2017 #TheresaMay #ToryDUPCoalition

@davidallengreen David Allen Green @davidallengreen

This is an outstanding thread. https://t.co/3cKGVFpgBS

@mcphilbz Annie Philbin @mcphilbz

This is my country and I, like so many others, did not vote for homophobic, anti-abortion zealots to prop up the government. #DUPcoalition

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