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Sister. Friend. Daughter. Teacher. Travelling the world with my lover. Huge TV Watcher. #JC4PM


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PRO TIP: UK Tweeters can make up for missing out on the #Eclipse in the US by manually blocking @TheSun themselves.

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@BangOlufsen That is the email address I originally used

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Lie Lie Land. https://t.co/gemXMO1DRb

Lie Lie Land. https://t.co/gemXMO1DRb

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@BangOlufsen Here on twitter and email (to which I received an unhelpful response)

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WHO DID THIS? I AM DEAD. https://t.co/GyMBnNnl7O

WHO DID THIS? I AM DEAD. https://t.co/Gy...

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He is like a three eyed raven https://t.co/S15GqMEBLw

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

In the process of reporting @BangOlufsen to @EASA for misrepresenting a product, essentially #falseadvertising. Shocking.

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@BangOlufsen 8 days and still no response..is that because you're snowed under with complaints of #falseadvertising?

@matthaig1 Matt Haig @matthaig1

What has more sides than a decagon? Donald Trump's view of racism.

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@jk_rowling These guys... seriously https://t.co/w3nMJN2GIP

@jk_rowling These guys... seriously http...

@MattOswaltVA Matt Oswalt @MattOswaltVA

Trumps thoughts on: Obama - disaster Paris - shithole White House - dump Boy Scouts - liars Neo-Nazi rally - many sides to issue

@matthaig1 Matt Haig @matthaig1

Dear Twitter, One of your users is threatening the world with nuclear weapons. Am sure that is against your terms. https://t.co/uABpkkALsl

@JimMFelton James Felton @JimMFelton

Can't believe WW3 is going to be started by a man who thinks there are no spaces after a comma and two after a full… https://t.co/TftVJCmHnn

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

bought TWO £130 speakers from @BangOlufsen under the false promise of being able to pair using wireless stereo. Now i'm told they won't pair

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@BangOlufsen am I missing something? #unhappycustomer #falseadvertising https://t.co/xMUhHeDOkf

@BangOlufsen am I missing something? #un...

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@BangOlufsen I mean..what else could this mean? Does your statement not make it crystal clear that I should be able… https://t.co/EkJ1F3ZygQ

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

Contrary to what @BangOlufsen claim, you cannot pair identical products..outright lie..maybe even false advertising? https://t.co/ktLU5ji3iN

Contrary to what @BangOlufsen claim, you...

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@Royal_Gentlemen @SimonWickers To be fair in NZ the maximum limit is 100km/h which is roughly 60mph and they have much wider roads

@IndyVoices Independent Voices @IndyVoices

John McCain took time out of cancer treatment to vote against poor Americans accessing healthcare https://t.co/SBQmHRUrR4

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@Royal_Gentlemen It's to protect all the invisible workmen #notbuyingit #a1roadworks

@SykesCharlie Charlie Sykes @SykesCharlie

You might want to read this ..... https://t.co/WlyspymT9r

You might want to read this ..... https:...

@kira_lerner Kira Lerner @kira_lerner

Huckabee Sanders is reading a praising letter from a 9-year-old to Trump. This. is. not. normal

@Hazeltobrien Hazel O' Brien @Hazeltobrien

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop calls doctor 'strangely confident' in debunking the utter shite they come out with. Doctor r… https://t.co/1UUA1qJPyM

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

One more reason to love Twitter: #mutedwords #takingcontrol https://t.co/OqGue2nziR

One more reason to love Twitter:

@jordansdiamonds Jordan @jordansdiamonds

@POTUS “not a war hero....I like people that weren't captured." https://t.co/zyzy9TeUhh

@POTUS “not a war hero....I like people...

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@sxpmaths I've sent you a dm..hope it's helpful

@travellingyas Yassi @travellingyas

@sxpmaths What's your method of transport?

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Pls can everyone RT far and wide https://t.co/DdsRr7M6tp

Pls can everyone RT far and wide https:/...

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Pretty much https://t.co/oLIlw7HuIn

Pretty much https://t.co/oLIlw7HuIn

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The Mail: ugh, foreign nurses Also The Mail: why can't these lovely white foreign nurses come to work here immedia… https://t.co/qbwigX4z0n

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