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The official twitter of the #1 Morning Show in Boston TOUCHER & RICH. Run by Rich Shertenlieb, maybe a hacker.

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Hour 4 on @Toucherandrich: Looking over the #Patriots' schedule, The Stack, and the crossover with @scottzolak https://t.co/X4ReDAX24P

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Hour 2 on @Toucherandrich: Introducing the Sports Hub Store, and @AlbertBreer joins the show to talk #Patriots ahea… https://t.co/m2JsFBwW82

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Hour 1 on @Toucherandrich: Recapping the #NHLBruins' win and remembering Gil Santos https://t.co/W6N3sSwLgU

@toucherandrich Toucher and Rich @toucherandrich

Man I needed this news https://t.co/yK0ZGzTmJp


Cancer survivor fights rain, hypothermia, to finish Boston Marathon after midnight https://t.co/LPjkZZCZ1t

@Jduham Josh @Jduham

@Toucherandrich looks like Johnny Gomes was having a little fun before the Red Sox game last night https://t.co/ivPesIof7M

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Remembering #GilSantos with @Toucherandrich’s tribute montage. https://t.co/Lfzj9HKl78

@toucherandrich Toucher and Rich @toucherandrich

@NickNickylem You might want to read this statement from Nielsen, the ratings company. https://t.co/VLn5ag2WpE

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#ProvidenceCounts @Toucherandrich https://t.co/N1eOLMNPAL


@Toucherandrich https...

@toucherandrich Toucher and Rich @toucherandrich

@TS_SueK @pattispacone1 And we love you!!!!

@toucherandrich Toucher and Rich @toucherandrich

Thank you for making Toucher & Rich #1 in Boston once again for Winter (Jan, Feb, March) 2018! Steak and eggs! #1 M… https://t.co/P9Kg8ojhgO

@NTUPresident Adam Marcoux @NTUPresident

@Toucherandrich epic montage Rich...epic! Brings me right back to those games... RIP Gil

@toucherandrich Toucher and Rich @toucherandrich

JONATHAN KRAFT remembers Gil Santos NOW on Toucher & Rich.

@jomo_666 Joey Mottola @jomo_666

@Toucherandrich we need a single weekly segment about @JBird382 and his nemesis! #evildick

@the1whoknock5 the business @the1whoknock5

@JBird382 vs evil dick... @Toucherandrich https://t.co/4tLawnzHIX

@JBird382 vs evil dick... @Toucherandric...

@mattgillmeister Matt Gillmeister @mattgillmeister

@Toucherandrich Bird is an under-rated treasure. Dying right now. #buffet dish

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Today on @Toucherandrich, we learned that @JBird382 has an "arch-nemesis” #Everett

@hotcarlandstuff Hot Carl @hotcarlandstuff

.@Toucherandrich this is important! https://t.co/tt8aH4mDg8

.@Toucherandrich this is important! http...

@toucherandrich Toucher and Rich @toucherandrich

JOE HAGGERTY joins us to talk last night's huge Bruins win NOW. https://t.co/ZojTEwZC1J

JOE HAGGERTY joins us to talk last night...

@toucherandrich Toucher and Rich @toucherandrich

Here's the article we were referencing this morning. Nuts. https://t.co/RnTzpHw12E

@RyanBenharris Ryan Benharris @RyanBenharris

@Toucherandrich @985TheSportsHub My eyes are watering at your Gil Santos tribute. It’s obvious we had the greatest… https://t.co/FGBFoTg8vc

@agentsmith012 Andrew @agentsmith012

@Toucherandrich This Gil Santos montage is outstanding. So many unforgettable calls.

@toucherandrich Toucher and Rich @toucherandrich

We pay tribute to the late great GIL SANTOS next on Toucher & Rich. https://t.co/t8u0MLgRnv

We pay tribute to the late great GIL SAN...

@toucherandrich Toucher and Rich @toucherandrich

BRUINS TICKETS NEXT on Toucher & Rich!

@toucherandrich Toucher and Rich @toucherandrich

Be listening for BRUINS TICKETS at 7:50AM on Toucher & Rich! https://t.co/SdID09D1QQ

Be listening for BRUINS TICKETS at 7:50A...

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Coming up at 7:50, @Toucherandrich have your shot at @NHLBruins tickets for Game 5! https://t.co/LMz3S15W9y… https://t.co/trDdNz0cnX

@ShutUpKorch shutupkorch又 @ShutUpKorch

@Toucherandrich we need a shirt that just says “Mr. Lemonade”

@_DennisFM Dennis @_DennisFM

@Toucherandrich @KenGriffeyRules we need some RKK quote shirts. And maybe a "how's the roast beef?" Shirt

@Leenunes007 Lee Nunes @Leenunes007

@Toucherandrich How about a Wallach head shirt colorized like the Obama "Hope" poster, but it says "Head" instead? I'd buy that.

@KellyBurnsToth Kelly Toth @KellyBurnsToth

A fave at our house: “Go back to Canadia” @Toucherandrich

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