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Hakuna Matata yo' ass. An Aussi[E] on the hunt for the free (best) things in life ^~^ @T2Norway ♥(ノ´∀`)

Sydney, New South Wales

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@cityofmelbourne City of Melbourne @cityofmelbourne

Please avoid the corner of Collins & Spencer streets. We’re currently trying to remove a snake who seems to be a li… https://t.co/T8KVeI7ZyI

@tofusama Selina U・x・U @MELB @tofusama

Lrt: The Three Caballeros was and still is my favourite Disney film. Always able to go back and watch it with awe.

@mitty7chi 🍀mitty🦆 @mitty7chi

i still like this..this was fun to do... https://t.co/Fp5Gt5Fuyo

i still like this..this was fun to do......

@HERTWEETX sɪs ᴏғ ᴛᴡɪᴛᴛᴇʀ @HERTWEETX

honestly s/o to all the ppl who are trying hard to be more positive and make meaningful changes in their lives and… https://t.co/A2tqE2SV2x

@2Shanees Shane R @2Shanees

Yo people without glasses really just out here seeing for free.

@tofusama Selina U・x・U @MELB @tofusama

@ejnoodles YAAAAAS

@tofusama Selina U・x・U @MELB @tofusama

111 days until you're here, @t2norway .We'll be able to lay next to each other whenever we'd… https://t.co/2QPd5b8Mun

@tofusama Selina U・x・U @MELB @tofusama

Bye (@ T2 Domestic Terminal - @sydneyairport in Mascot, NSW) https://t.co/8uih0SpLqc https://t.co/MS0gHuXNRl

Bye (@ T2 Domestic Terminal - @sydneyair...

@itzzkait Kait 🌱 @itzzkait

things to normalize: -gay parents -female masturbation -they/them pronouns -breast feeding -guys showing emotion -p… https://t.co/VdyXAKf6BC

@tinyobscurae tinyobscurae @tinyobscurae

why don’t you make like a tree and slowly grow while helping others around you grow too

@tofusama Selina U・x・U @MELB @tofusama

@nighttempo @T2norway 👌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😭😭 the goods!

@ammodendri killian @ammodendri

damn that's scary. stay safe everybody https://t.co/MEh6D9sPDp

damn that's scary. stay safe everybody h...

@Brninlikevernon vσn@ART RAFFLE🌙 @Brninlikevernon

If you know your friends behavior is toxic, don't encourage them. Don't baby them. Stop telling those close to you… https://t.co/aI2WgkA1kf

@ejnoodles useless bi @ejnoodles

my current aesthetic is miyazaki characters hard at work in their personal workspaces https://t.co/cFRmBKGkXH

my current aesthetic is miyazaki charact...

@destructeds @destructeds

"internet friendships are not real" rt if this is a lie and you've made amazing friends on the internet

@aukives 阿消 @aukives

Doggo loves you. https://t.co/wRpYQlTm63

Doggo loves you. https://t.co/wRpYQlTm63

@vynaelx idiot sandwich @vynaelx

i'm having an aneurysm https://t.co/oACzk30rJu

i'm having an aneurysm https://t.co/oACz...

@cupcakelogic Anelien @cupcakelogic

dog has something to say https://t.co/oR4NVlgYu8

dog has something to say https://t.co/oR...

@cupcakelogic Anelien @cupcakelogic

hey i almost slipped in the shower from laughter because of this https://t.co/9GZhppwSZ8

hey i almost slipped in the shower from...

@floro_sprout floro @commissions open 🏁 @floro_sprout

[RTs ❤️‍] made some sleepy link stickers!! get em @ https://t.co/o6KBPQXcN1! ▲ https://t.co/54c3mlmj6S

[RTs ❤️‍] made some sleepy link stickers...

@meiv1x 4kids futaba @ post-katsu depression :( @meiv1x

"who are you?" "I'm you but depressed" https://t.co/ykUNwIbGov

'who are you?'
'I'm you but depressed' h...

@hypoe poxei @hypoe

happy Year of the Dog! https://t.co/hziWP5JyAz

happy Year of the Dog! https://t.co/hziW...

@erinruberry Erin Ruberry @erinruberry

This is now a full-time Mister Rogers fan account. https://t.co/sW1hwUrJRZ

This is now a full-time Mister Rogers fa...

@erinruberry Erin Ruberry @erinruberry

Every day is a new opportunity to be kinder, more generous, more caring. If you messed up yesterday, that’s okay.… https://t.co/MauD8McoEl

@erinruberry Erin Ruberry @erinruberry

I think about this segment from Mister Rogers’ final show all the time. What a message. What a legacy. https://t.co/X6SyM8AevY

I think about this segment from Mister R...

@porterrobinson porter robinson @porterrobinson

i'm really dying to tour virtual self in the UK and all of europe ahh

@roastedstix bryan v🍤 @roastedstix

Pool https://t.co/I4mkQPdxFR

Pool https://t.co/I4mkQPdxFR

@aestheticsweeb anime aesthetics @aestheticsweeb



@inunekokawaE はなやま @inunekokawaE

お世話になった人達にエドウィンの子供達抱っこして欲しい。グレイシアさんとエリシアちゃんのとこに訪問してる図も描きたかったけど力つきた アルは頑に「叔父さん」って呼ばせなさそう(イメージ) https://t.co/VOUtKw15c8


@pugsnotmen eli🌱@comms/exam @pugsnotmen


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