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@tlhogi_143 ♡Tlhogi.com™♥ @tlhogi_143

Ao bathong!! There's #Relate without mam' Angie on @SABC2??? 😳😩 NO!!!! https://t.co/zt8tfhILd1

Ao bathong!! There's #Relate without mam...

@MrMenziN Menzi 👓 Ngcobo @MrMenziN

In today’s great news! 🎉 You could also receive your great news by simply downloading FREE CV & Cover Letter templ… https://t.co/2VFS8hDjlm

@ali_naka African @ali_naka

Zimbabwe’s 10 Universities will have to find chancellors when Mugabe goes, because he is currently the chancellor of ALL 10 of them 🚶🏽🚶🏽

@Nthabbie Ntabiseng Ⓜ️otsei @Nthabbie

I do not care who you are or where your political interests lie but likening a black man as a baboon will NEVER EVE… https://t.co/HKrVQzejB3

@tumisole Tumi Sole @tumisole

Ya neh! Khulubuse going through the most in a sports car! 📹@mzwakhengwee https://t.co/SSasMzTV5E

Ya neh! 

Khulubuse going through the mo...

@MrAbelSmith Abel Smith @MrAbelSmith

Gotta love this, Students of the University of #Zimbabwe are demonstrating & calling for the revoking of… https://t.co/OpRINz62zR

@tlhogi_143 ♡Tlhogi.com™♥ @tlhogi_143

Food for thought...🔔🔔 https://t.co/ZuXoJmFNtz

@sindivanzyl Sindisiwe van Zyl @sindivanzyl

A mommy just sent me a pic of her newborn who has hiccups. She's worried. She has stuck a small piece of white pape… https://t.co/DJeux1qn0X

@Phuti411 Pootie tang @Phuti411

@tlhogi_143 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣nope my dear, it never came

@la_dorc Dorcas @la_dorc

@tlhogi_143 It never happened.

@Mo_Thebu Thebu Seabi @Mo_Thebu

Haaibo where's the resignation?

@tlhogi_143 ♡Tlhogi.com™♥ @tlhogi_143

Bathong!!! He is done? Did I miss the "I quit" part???#RobertMugabe #Zimbabwe https://t.co/UDq3Vggi0X

Bathong!!! He is done? Did I miss the 'I...

@tlhogi_143 ♡Tlhogi.com™♥ @tlhogi_143

I thought Benni McCarthy would rock up on stage...😁#TKZee #IdolsSA https://t.co/YPNP5ltGUD

I thought Benni McCarthy would rock up o...


BREAKING NEWS: Robert Mugabe has been recalled as the leader of Zanu-PF in #Zimbabwe, according to Reuters. Emmerso… https://t.co/ZPgJKX6MHv

@CandieModiselle Candice Modiselle @CandieModiselle

Your friend's hosting an event? Buy a ticket. Dropping an EP? Buy the music. We can't keep expecting freebies from… https://t.co/ZBb88J5Iwj

@TheKitchenista Angela Davis @TheKitchenista

Toddler insults are just...whew. She hurts my feelings low key. 😂 Today's tantrum ended with "AND I DON'T LIKE YOUR BRAIDS!"

@BSO Robert Littal @BSO

Details on Jennifer Hudson Cheating on Fiancee of 10 Years David Otunga With Gospel Producer Mali Music & Then Kick… https://t.co/UkJtekdYSf

@ChelleChipato #MyNewZimbabwe @ChelleChipato

Through all this let us not forget that Mugabe had consistently been listed as one of the richest leaders in the wo… https://t.co/NNY1nCz9Fp

@AdvBarryRoux Man's Not Barry Roux @AdvBarryRoux

WARNING: These photos might affect sensitive people. Viewers' restriction is advised. Domestic Worker left wounded… https://t.co/O8viyz2ONn

@kirkfranklin Kirk Franklin @kirkfranklin

God, I never want to be so strong, that I miss the blessing in brokenness.

@Boity Boity Thulo @Boity

Y’all need to stop being apologetic about the kind of money you REALLY want and the kind of life you REALLY want to live. 🤷🏾‍♀️🕺🏾😁😊

@Boity Boity Thulo @Boity

I was having a convo with a good friend today about how we were taught to shy away from the concept of wanting a sh… https://t.co/odmRnNJPyH

@sindivanzyl Sindisiwe van Zyl @sindivanzyl

17 November 2017. I have risked it all for you with this thread. I shall never ever tweet about this cake again. I… https://t.co/zwwY3fiDQk

@sindivanzyl Sindisiwe van Zyl @sindivanzyl

I'm going to do a thread about this cake. If after this thread, you still continue to eat this cake at least you're… https://t.co/Om8GRFli0w

@TrevorNcube Trevor Ncube @TrevorNcube

I am reliably informed that a deal is being finalized. It appears Mugabe’s demands for safe passage for his family… https://t.co/lQ05Miv8T1

@CurateBW CurateBW| Admin @CurateBW

Breaking principles and values all because of unemployment 😢 T H R E A D

@tlhogi_143 ♡Tlhogi.com™♥ @tlhogi_143

So Bongi went from hot pot straight into the fire??? #RhythmCity https://t.co/fVZ7VuocPp

So Bongi went from hot pot straight into...

@Eusebius Eusebius McKaiser @Eusebius

This is the school pit toilet in which little Michael Komape drowned in feaces . And the state's lawyer has the GAL… https://t.co/jdZijC2zwa

@sithabileNG Ms S..umaJali @sithabileNG

@tlhogi_143 lets hope shem this is sad yazi

@JustZamore Zamore @JustZamore

This will sound cold but I am glad the child is not Mkhize's. The child doesn't have to endure such cruelty and hur… https://t.co/GFpXQDPrny

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