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@chikondichowona Thanks 😊💙

@tlhogi_143 ♡Tlhogi.com™♥ @tlhogi_143

Wow! Andile's sister...❤😭😭. I love this. #TheRiver1Magic I'm realizing now that I don't even know her name🙈 https://t.co/DPvpt096OK

Wow! Andile's sister...❤😭😭. I love this....

@tlhogi_143 ♡Tlhogi.com™♥ @tlhogi_143

Look at God...🤗 #SkeemSaam #Leshole https://t.co/wztbsITQzV

Look at God...🤗 #SkeemSaam #Leshole http...

@Thamsan91191116 Thamsanqa @Thamsan91191116

@MbalulaFikile 🙈🙈🙆‍♀️👌☝️🤷‍♀️ https://t.co/cji3vJQwtP

@MbalulaFikile 🙈🙈🙆‍♀️👌☝️🤷‍♀️ https://t.c...

@NomzamoMbatha Nomzamo Mbatha @NomzamoMbatha

1. I want to fly down 4 make up artists and open a Glam room at a Res (UCT). Free make up for ladies who are gradu… https://t.co/bFOJMdVCnA

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Based on how things happened in the past with TM I wonder if a year down the line we'll miss him as well...🤔😒… https://t.co/bHEc5c2Lqn

@tlhogi_143 ♡Tlhogi.com™♥ @tlhogi_143

You are late with the present but I guess it's a case of 'better late than never?'...#ZumaExit #zumapresser 😥 https://t.co/gWA0uKlLkh

You are late with the present but I gues...

@ali_naka African @ali_naka

Rest In Peace #MorganTsvangirai https://t.co/VnxnlfHPmo

Rest In Peace #MorganTsvangirai https://...

@NdumiMkhwebane Nondumiso Mkhwebane @NdumiMkhwebane

So this taxi driver at wanderers taxi rank just opened my shirt to peep at my boobs. When i expressed my disapprova… https://t.co/zdgr1R8D6Y

@TimesLIVE Times LIVE @TimesLIVE

EXCLUSIVE | DA's Van Damme quits as party spokesperson https://t.co/9ROnHllYb6 https://t.co/4bfFqrPhCg

EXCLUSIVE | DA's Van Damme quits as part...

@tlhogi_143 ♡Tlhogi.com™♥ @tlhogi_143

@DrRamoba What...?🙈 https://t.co/HflEbXnQPT

@DrRamoba What...?🙈 https://t.co/HflEbXn...

@tlhogi_143 ♡Tlhogi.com™♥ @tlhogi_143

Zuma's resignation on THIS day would be the only present some of us get...come on baba come through for us 😐😥😭… https://t.co/sCZprEJNW9

@Anele Anele Mdoda @Anele

Guys. South Africans are the funniest people in the world https://t.co/PSFoNVGgsL

Guys. South Africans are the funniest pe...

@tlhogi_143 ♡Tlhogi.com™♥ @tlhogi_143

3rd week in and I'm unable to keep it in...so #TheRiver1Magic is 25 minutes long INCLUDING long ad breaks?!😭💔, "day… https://t.co/dxLDN3NKHR

@tlhogi_143 ♡Tlhogi.com™♥ @tlhogi_143

Koko Mantšha being all lonely and everyone too busy for her? I hope she's not near-death!!! 🤔🤦‍♀️ #SkeemSaam https://t.co/EWn7JJndMK

Koko Mantšha being all lonely and everyo...

@City_Press City Press Online @City_Press

#Marikana massacre: Three police officers who were at the Lonmin mine on the day of the tragedy have broken their s… https://t.co/AgfbEW4oCP

@mbuyazilwazi Lwazi B Mbuyazi @mbuyazilwazi

Please RT so we can stop the RACISM & POLICE BRUTALITY against OUR BLACK NATION in SA @EFFSouthAfrica… https://t.co/AtZ3HX5xR3

@AdvBarryRoux Man's Not Barry Roux @AdvBarryRoux

According to Chicco Twala Our Police Minister Fikile Mbalula is useless 😂 while Man's not Barry Roux is a coward 😂… https://t.co/4odVNM7dqt

@portiagumedesa Portia Gumede @portiagumedesa

I want to be outside the house today but I also want to be inside...best I run out and pull a Longwe on myself.

@portiagumedesa Portia Gumede @portiagumedesa

If robbers take your phone and you run outside the house to the cops who also takes your phone. Who has the phone? https://t.co/rIFILiyi7e

If robbers take your phone and you run o...

@tlhogi_143 ♡Tlhogi.com™♥ @tlhogi_143

@portiagumedesa Robbo-cop???🤔🤦‍♀️ https://t.co/oyoLlomzML

@portiagumedesa Robbo-cop???🤔🤦‍♀️ https:...

@mlota_azola Azola Mlota @mlota_azola

Google Just Turned 18 This Year. Imagine What We've Been Asking That Poor Child..😂😂🏃

@tlhogi_143 ♡Tlhogi.com™♥ @tlhogi_143

@dmlondy43 Say What??? https://t.co/ZFWe8gDrVW

@dmlondy43 Say What??? https://t.co/ZFWe...

@ramichuene Rami Chuene 1st Lady @ramichuene

Unbelievable #NkosinathiNkomo https://t.co/nwdTkGqdNQ

@tlhogi_143 ♡Tlhogi.com™♥ @tlhogi_143

Mara why??? 💔💔😭😭#SkeemSaam #Lešole https://t.co/UAdUfy4JyJ

Mara why??? 💔💔😭😭#SkeemSaam #Lešole https...

@moflavadj Moeti Tsiki @moflavadj

Incase you missed it,our chat with Chicco Twala regarding the allegations around Senzo Meyiwa’s killing… https://t.co/8zS1AyX0AU

@AdvBarryRoux Man's Not Barry Roux @AdvBarryRoux

This is the former head of the Gauteng Hawks, General Shadrack Sibiya whom Chicco Twala sent a text message asking… https://t.co/LuMbs3VMir

@Ndivhu_M_ Ndivhu M Photography🇿🇦 @Ndivhu_M_

Entlek Who Told Black People To Drive Zig Zag At Weddings? 😂😂😂 https://t.co/z4RLQChNHP

Entlek Who Told Black People To Drive Zi...

@PhilMphela Phil Mphela @PhilMphela

Just got threatened by Puo Pha Production co-owner Lodi Matsetela over the #Tjovitjo stories I did. She says ppl… https://t.co/hTKhntFTVZ

@nelisaOnline nelisa baby @nelisaOnline

I’m at Dischem and this old white lady just said she’s not going to use the same mirror as me, I must make fast and… https://t.co/kRzB8fetjf

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