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@timinaija Timinaija @timinaija

@FPL_Nation I think i did well

@timinaija Timinaija @timinaija

#MUNSTK #fpl I really need De gea and Jones' Clean sheets

@timinaija Timinaija @timinaija

@FPL_Nation @OfficialFPL I captained pogba

@FPL_Nation FPL Nation @FPL_Nation

Retweeted Fantasy Premier League (@OfficialFPL): Goal - LUKAKU Assist - MARTIAL Man Utd 3-0 Stoke (72 mins) #MUNSTK #FPL

@therealkuka Mukuka Chanda @therealkuka

🙌🙌🙌 Fellaini is back!!! #MUNSTK

@BBCMOTD Match of the Day @BBCMOTD

Paul Pogba has been directly involved in 14 goals in his last 14 Premier League games (4 goals, 10 assists)… https://t.co/MeIDY2USfq

@timinaija Timinaija @timinaija

#MUNSTK can't wait for Pogba and Sanchez to start assisting Lukaku #AlexisSanchez

@timi_smith Insurable Interest. @timi_smith

The way pogba will be linking up with Alexis.... Let's just wait


fuck the people that have ever doubted you

@iAlphaOfficial ultimate Alpha @iAlphaOfficial

Parents can only give good advice or put their kids on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's charact… https://t.co/kaxfG3xhbJ

@timinaija Timinaija @timinaija

How will I not be tired of Nigeria when our supposed Leaders of tomorrow are tweeting about Sex dolls

@_NastyC Nasty_C @_NastyC

It's not luck, it's GOD. 🙏☝

@timinaija Timinaija @timinaija

@TosinM_ Oh,u have lingard😂

@Magaji110 TheSocialArchitect @Magaji110

Instead of wasting 1M on don baby why don't you use it to pay me for a beautiful house design. Secure your future.… https://t.co/imNtOl0cip

@timinaija Timinaija @timinaija


@andy85wsm Let's Talk #FPL @andy85wsm

Mata offside goal Would have been.....Lingard assist 😂

@timinaija Timinaija @timinaija

@TosinM_ Thanks brother,Watching the match live here

@timinaija Timinaija @timinaija

@CalvinF2205 @andy85wsm Yeah

@CalvinF2205 ..... @CalvinF2205

@andy85wsm Lingards been really poor tonight

@andy85wsm Let's Talk #FPL @andy85wsm

Mata inches away from making it 3! Would have been a Lingard assist

@WoleOdeleye The Pe@cock @WoleOdeleye

It won't stop me from trying to pipe someone's daughter sha. Let's not mix things up

@_Brayz Okavango @_Brayz

"Sex doll" https://t.co/TgrWtqT8uJ

@MaxyFire Max's not Hot 🔥 @MaxyFire

When you take your sex doll on a date to a restaurant and the bill is only N150 because you're the only one that ate https://t.co/916VxgAz59

When you take your sex doll on a date to...


It's quite ironic and sad that in your efforts to seem "woke", you are actually sleeping. https://t.co/bgJbSALrlF

@MadAss_Stephen Stephen_Runick @MadAss_Stephen

I went to the toilet and I was having problems with one big shit that refused to come out. After all the struggles… https://t.co/gbDEl8kSMw

@LadyMorayo Mo’ @LadyMorayo

I’m about to use up all my mb watching kennyblacq’s YouTube videos...see ya✌️

@WoleOdeleye The Pe@cock @WoleOdeleye

Buhari looks like an annoyed husband that has been called for family meeting https://t.co/Us6Xaaw2x8

@yhello007 OLA @yhello007

When your life seems lost, that’s where God is found...

@ham_blessed Just say Ham Blessed @ham_blessed

@timinaija @masterkraft_ yes it seems Man city pulled out.

@Iam_Abdulaxis Based on Logistics @Iam_Abdulaxis

Imagine watching #CHAN2018 and ignoring Manchester United. Such betrayal. #FanLiveNG

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