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Your ENTIRE thesis on 3 Slides in 3 Minutes. Cutting edge science in bitesize chunks. National Final 7th Nov 2016. All welcome and yes, you should come too.

Dublin, Ireland

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@thesisin3 Thesis in 3 @thesisin3

Tell it Straight Competition is about to begin @DublinCityUni Opening address by President Brian MacCraith remindin… https://t.co/zRpOCBfR5r

@thesisin3 Thesis in 3 @thesisin3

@scienceirel Cough.... cough! https://t.co/jyEMnPP3vh

@scienceirel Cough.... cough! https://t....

@thesisin3 Thesis in 3 @thesisin3

Fantastic to hear @DenisNaughten saying you need to explain your research in 3 minutes! Minister - we'd love to te… https://t.co/Yjejlocnnw

@thesisin3 Thesis in 3 @thesisin3

Great opportunity to share your research @DublinCityUni with the Tell It Straight Communication Competition, deadli… https://t.co/Fe0tJxE9IN

@MaREIcentre MaREI @MaREIcentre

Congratulations @EamonnMul 👏from Energy Policy& Modelling Group @eriucc led by @BOGallachoir @UCCResearch Winner of… https://t.co/rHiLwsOsq8


Let's do this! #energytin3 @thesisin3 @ESB_intl https://t.co/pkuzH6QL2T

Let's do this! #energytin3 @thesisin3 @E...

@thesisin3 Thesis in 3 @thesisin3

The fantastic Valentin opening #tin3 in @ESB_intl Best of luck to all. The team here have done an amazing job!… https://t.co/EwS6yZI2pv


Ismail Ibrahim wants to create inertia #energytin3 @thesisin3 @ESB_intl https://t.co/29WFryaNdp

Ismail Ibrahim wants to create inertia #...

@ScienceMarchIE March For Science IE @ScienceMarchIE

We're proud that Ireland contributed 1,000 marchers to this amazing movement. 1,000,000 marchers worldwide.… https://t.co/ddyOUCUcEn

@phildublin82 Phil Smyth @phildublin82

Today's the day. We present the evidence. You make up your own mind. Here's mine @ScienceMarchIE @CoolPlanetExp https://t.co/BsmvUlNOjX

@thesisin3 Thesis in 3 @thesisin3

What an afternoon of great thesis presentations at #TellItStraight in @DublinCityUni Congratulations to all the win… https://t.co/6JuvrICmmd

@DCU_Research DCU Research Support @DCU_Research

Packed room for our young @DCUGradStudies researchers competing in communicating their #research. #tellitstraight https://t.co/cHx6aUVRgP

Packed room for our young @DCUGradStudie...

@ScienceMarchIE March For Science IE @ScienceMarchIE

"I'm marching because there's a problem..." - @phildublin82 #ScienceMarch #ScienceMarchIE https://t.co/XLcdmdwE5b

@thesisin3 Thesis in 3 @thesisin3

Bon chance to all participants in the Thesis in 3 in French today! 7 Universities present! @FranceinIreland… https://t.co/G67FmmT1S5

@NiamhTalking90 Niamh Kavanagh @NiamhTalking90

Shoutout to @Famelab_Ireland & @thesisin3 on my poster @IOP_Ireland, encouraging people to get involved in #scicomm… https://t.co/AHKac35WjG

@thesisin3 Thesis in 3 @thesisin3

@connect_ie @PhysicsBusking @IWish_ie @SciGalleryDub @scienceirel @SFIdiscover Awhhh thanking you! Glad to have you on board!

@connect_ie CONNECT Centre @connect_ie

Well deserved shout out for @PhysicsBusking @IWish_ie @SciGalleryDub @thesisin3 at @scienceirel @SFIdiscover review… https://t.co/DlwVsXbF70

@IrishSciTeach ISTA @IrishSciTeach

Last chance to enter the School's Chemistry Newsletter Competition. This year's theme is the 'Chemistry of... https://t.co/WHlRZk5vr6

@CoolPlanetExp CoolPlanetExperience @CoolPlanetExp

Our CEO Vicky Brown met @claireoconnell from @siliconrepublic to talk science, climate change & what's next! @vixbwn https://t.co/afLT1q42UW

@PhysicsNews Institute of Physics @PhysicsNews

Niamh entered @thesisin3 and came in second, and this year made it to the national final of @FameLab in Ireland!

@thesisin3 Thesis in 3 @thesisin3

Sarah Guerin gives her winning Thesis in 3 presentation 'Nature's SHOCKING Secret' at #SFIsummit #scienceweek #Tin3… https://t.co/jmrDIPLSvG

@thesisin3 Thesis in 3 @thesisin3

Well done to all the winners! #Tin3 #2017final https://t.co/Z5nUAWPznR

Well done to all the winners! #Tin3 #201...

@thesisin3 Thesis in 3 @thesisin3

Congratulations to all speakers. Fantastic work everyone! https://t.co/qKT96xfQhd

Congratulations to all speakers. Fantast...

@thesisin3 Thesis in 3 @thesisin3

1st place goes to Sarah Guerin! 'Nature's shocking secret' very well done Sarah!

@thesisin3 Thesis in 3 @thesisin3

Dual award to Barbara Oliveira! 2nd place & people's choice!!

@thesisin3 Thesis in 3 @thesisin3

3rd place to Gabriella Farries. Congratulations Gabriella!

@thesisin3 Thesis in 3 @thesisin3

A very special thanks to everyone who has been involved with every facet of Thesis in Three

@thesisin3 Thesis in 3 @thesisin3

Well done @aoibhywavy & @phildublin82 on a fantastic night & a fantastic event! #Tin3 @scienceirel https://t.co/yzGI9RPuze

Well done @aoibhywavy & @phildublin8...

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