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28-year-old, writer, renaissance man, nerd. I talk about stories, news and sweet geeky stuff I like. #furry #StarTrek #HolbyCity #Suomi #Finland #DoctorWho


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@therealgruffy Gruffendor @therealgruffy

@KinshukaLucrin Dodged a natural hazard

@therealgruffy Gruffendor @therealgruffy

WEll, almost crashed the car on my way back from work. I'm okay. It was a near miss.

@GayTimesMag Gay Times @GayTimesMag

Sri Lanka to decriminalise homosexuality and protect LGBTQ citizens. https://t.co/zjeRLGSVIX https://t.co/syTPmPMe2N

Sri Lanka to decriminalise homosexuality...

@guardianfilm Guardian Film @guardianfilm

Why is Oscar-buzzed romance Call Me by Your Name so coy about gay sex? https://t.co/dL39kFAkLN

@TheHistoryPress The History Press @TheHistoryPress

Happy Birthday #DoctorWho! #DoctorWhoDay #OTD https://t.co/Lt5y6pBzfz

@RadioTimes Radio Times @RadioTimes

Happy 54th birthday #DoctorWho! Here’s how Radio Times introduced the first ever episode... https://t.co/mycDjrc9pZ https://t.co/g8wSCXL4ad

Happy 54th birthday #DoctorWho! Here’s h...

@Tobiiiaaas Toby @Tobiiiaaas

“Paul McGann makes his series debut.” In case anyone wondered if he was just in the two-part special. #HolbyCity https://t.co/3giiysTkFL

“Paul McGann makes his series debut.” In...

@ylenews Yle News @ylenews

Daily: Finnish Medical Association opposes broader prescription rights for nurses #Finland #healthcare https://t.co/CjRFc5CVBV

@Independent The Independent @Independent

The photographer who took the most famous picture in the world https://t.co/6pu9750e0d

@yleuutiset Yle Uutiset @yleuutiset

Ruokamarkkinoille rynnivät hyönteiset voivat olla vaarallista syötävää allergikoille https://t.co/LBPcshVTLN #yle

@BBCWorld BBC News (World) @BBCWorld

Deal signed to return Myanmar Rohingya https://t.co/X2TNSQfkQd

@elavaarkisto Yle Elävä arkisto @elavaarkisto

Taas on kuulemma sikailtu... Eikun! Tämä #sikamessias-kohuhan on silkka uusinta 1960-luvulta. https://t.co/x5YA1jv5Ni

@Independent The Independent @Independent

Robert Mugabe is granted immunity from prosecution in Zimbabwe https://t.co/jzLGC60EH8

@TheHistoryPress The History Press @TheHistoryPress

#OTD 1869 in #Dumbarton, #Scotland, the clipper Cutty Sark was launched - one of the last clippers ever built, and… https://t.co/85rFOwZWs8

@RadioTimes Radio Times @RadioTimes

If you were in charge of the Christmas TV schedule what shows would YOU put on air? We want you to design your drea… https://t.co/MSYmK5Uupi

@qikipedia Quite Interesting @qikipedia

Word of the day: MUBBLE-FUBBLES - depression or melancholy.

@gaystarnews GSN @gaystarnews

MPs across England are getting tested with @THTorguk for #HIVTestWeek https://t.co/36DD2o78Uk https://t.co/wtT6i0Xdsu

MPs across England are getting tested wi...

@RadioTimes Radio Times @RadioTimes

Lucky #DoctorWho fans can see the Christmas special over a week early - but there's a catch https://t.co/M791pIVvc9 https://t.co/A7Gucz6Css

Lucky #DoctorWho fans can see the Christ...

@TelegraphNews Telegraph News @TelegraphNews

Snake on a train! Commuter hailed a hero after battling serpent in Indonesia https://t.co/vISyCQmx09

@startrekeire Star Trek in Ireland @startrekeire

Hey everybody! Double photoshoot at @StarTrek_DST in Birmingham! Wonderful director @jonathansfrakes & that cool… https://t.co/eQLXmK5MUV

@BBC_Culture BBC Culture @BBC_Culture

What to buy your bookish friends and family: https://t.co/sxpUTrp8c0

@therealgruffy Gruffendor @therealgruffy

@Howlrunner82 @StarTrek Picard said it first

@yleuutiset Yle Uutiset @yleuutiset

Järjestöt ja lapsiasiavaltuutettu vaativat Suomea kieltämään alaikäisten avioliitot – avioon mennyt jopa alle ...… https://t.co/5U1RINoNor

@Telegraph The Telegraph @Telegraph

Doctor Who Christmas special to be screened first in north of England https://t.co/iBGYECB2FY

@Variety Variety @Variety

#JurassicWorldFallenKingdom's first footage shows Chris Pratt petting a baby raptor https://t.co/caKrcLzFMA


The top 10 non-fiction books of 2017 https://t.co/4eKvbA5lZj

@BlogtorWho Blogtor Who @BlogtorWho

Happy Birthday to Who? - 23rd November: Michelle Gomez @MichelleGomez @bbcdoctorwho https://t.co/p0bnoF321y https://t.co/t5DQVvJMTj

Happy Birthday to Who? - 23rd November:...

@therealgruffy Gruffendor @therealgruffy

@MarthaAtack You still have windows? Thought the window tax forced everyone to brick up

@BBCScienceNews BBC Science News @BBCScienceNews

Counting the cost of the tampon tax https://t.co/9b5NHafVsu

@BrandonMutala Brandon-Shea Mutala @BrandonMutala

What is your favourite #StarTrek movie poster? Post the image below. https://t.co/RT0JFFFIL3

What is your favourite #StarTrek movie p...

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