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OED Word of the Day: funambulate, v. (image by @imogenfoxell) https://t.co/i3Hd3ce3ec https://t.co/HI2a65hOad

OED Word of the Day: funambulate, v. (im...

@therealgruffy Gruff @therealgruffy

#MotherLanguageDay today! Äidinkielen päivä.

@kieliverkosto Kieliverkosto @kieliverkosto

Hyvää kansainvälistä äidinkielen päivää! Glad internationella modersmålsdagen! Happy International Mother Language Day! #MotherLanguageDay

@PinkNews PinkNews @PinkNews

MTV star fired after 'homophobic' Twitter rant comparing LGBT people to fleas https://t.co/Mz9L5uAZWD

@guardianfilm Guardian Film @guardianfilm

Why Darkest Hour should win the 2018 best picture Oscar https://t.co/6eLg0lFmYm

@yleuutiset Yle Uutiset @yleuutiset

Tukes varoittaa vaarallisesta matka-adapterista: "Vakava ja harvinainen turvallisuuspuute" https://t.co/I6NakeRsV2 #yle

@HistoryInPix History In Pictures @HistoryInPix

The Who pose for their most iconic picture, UK, 1968, https://t.co/AHGoZUmDzb

The Who pose for their most iconic pictu...

@HistoricalPics Historical Pics @HistoricalPics

NASA Scientists in 1961.. https://t.co/sMXglzv8x8

NASA Scientists in 1961.. https://t.co/s...

@therealgruffy Gruff @therealgruffy

@Tobiiiaaas Oh yes, sometimes not doing something is the best thing to do. Such as not removing a bullet when the r… https://t.co/SShMlwACnJ

@I_W_M Imperial War Museums @I_W_M

The Ministry of Information was first formed at the end of the First World War #OTD 100 years ago and again during… https://t.co/EblYJxQsnP

@qikipedia Quite Interesting @qikipedia

In 1956 an Australian university student fooled thousands of people into thinking he was the Olympic torch runner b… https://t.co/jwWzt8gG8V

@therealgruffy Gruff @therealgruffy

@kylanhomopoika Apua kuka on mennyt laittamaan pekka ja pätkä kielletyssä elokuvassa-lookit? Ei tosiaankaan ole OK nykypäivänä

@Independent The Independent @Independent

Florida lawmakers refuse to consider an assault weapons ban - but vote to label porn a ‘public health risk’ https://t.co/Ve9KdKpgQQ

@Independent The Independent @Independent

Florida lawmakers vote to label porn a ‘public health risk’, after refusing to consider an assault weapons ban https://t.co/Ve9KdKpgQQ


Florida's House of Representatives just declared pornography a public health risk https://t.co/F5c6q35fao

@SmithsonianMag Smithsonian Magazine @SmithsonianMag

The language of flowers has long been used to carry coded meanings in visual art. https://t.co/GzsnO2qels

@DrWhoOnline Doctor Who Online @DrWhoOnline

We've used an all white version of the new #DoctorWho logo for the new series homepage banner on DWO. Really like t… https://t.co/K3zzTi3D2y

@BBCArchive BBC Archive @BBCArchive

#OnThisDay 1946: Actor Alan Rickman was born in Hammersmith. "Talent is an accident of genes, and a responsibilit… https://t.co/1QWQ1JpwWb

@therealgruffy Gruff @therealgruffy

@TuomasMarjamaki Hienoa - tai kuten selittäjä Kekken sanoisi, jättekllar!


"I'm not a crisis actor." Florida school shooting survivor David Hogg denies conspiracy theories and online smear… https://t.co/x8qdDZVuLm

@gaytimesmag Gay Times @gaytimesmag

Gus Kenworthy epically shut down a homophobic troll with just three words. https://t.co/P7bFEJ5WjH https://t.co/slOFcG0FYT

Gus Kenworthy epically shut down a homop...

@yletiede Yle Tiede @yletiede

Tutkimus vahvistaa runsaan alkoholinkäytön olevan yhteydessä varhaisiän muistisairauksiin. https://t.co/lF1wEZj7AY

@therealgruffy Gruff @therealgruffy

@TuomasMarjamaki hienoa! Kohta sitten Oulussa :)

@TuomasMarjamaki Tuomas Marjamäki @TuomasMarjamaki

Tänään Kajaanissa Kaukametsän opistolla klo 17 asiaa Spedestä. Kainuun Sanomien kulttuurituottaja Seppo Turunen kys… https://t.co/KwIqBAhb6L

@taloussanomat Taloussanomat @taloussanomat

Koboltti on nyt ennätyksellisen kallista – hinta liki kolminkertaistui kahdessa vuodessa https://t.co/iM2KEbO7nt

@therealgruffy Gruff @therealgruffy

@AttilaMenyhrt1 @Marina_Sirtis Oh is this from the Stargate episode? ^^

@Independent The Independent @Independent

The extremely painful sex injury most people don't talk about https://t.co/weROG9usp3

@HistoryInPix History In Pictures @HistoryInPix

One of the first cat photos, (1880-1890). https://t.co/iH91RJmjdl

One of the first cat photos, (1880-1890)...

@therealgruffy Gruff @therealgruffy

@MikeOkuda And after him have now come the countless bastards who peddle fake shit just to make money from stupid p… https://t.co/V7Wog0CXgT

@SeriousStrange SERIOUSLY STRANGE @SeriousStrange

When Russian doctors operated on 28-year-old Artyom Sidorkin to remove what they thought was a tumor in his lung th… https://t.co/46AwxY1HmT

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