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From Seth MacFarlane, #TheOrville is a space adventure series that follows the U.S.S. Orville. Thursdays at 9/8c on FOX.

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@theorville The Orville @theorville

TOMORROW #TheOrville docks at @paleycenter. Have you got your tix to see the cast and creatives LIVE at 2pm PT? No… https://t.co/GtZSoH9cH1

@SethMacFarlane Seth MacFarlane @SethMacFarlane

Very grateful for our #SaturnAwards nominations for #theorville! We’re working hard on an exciting season 2!

@ChadLColeman Chad L Coleman @ChadLColeman

Join us this Saturday! #TheOrville https://t.co/i5Fbe2WoX9

@TheOrville The Orville @TheOrville

Are you LA's biggest fan of #TheOrville? Reply to let us know why! 🎟🚀🎟 https://t.co/D1UNe6o5f7

Are you LA's biggest fan of #TheOrville?...

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I hope you’ll join us! https://t.co/DKsGZCHcDi

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Catch @SethMacFarlane and the cast of @TheOrville this Saturday at 2pm PT for a #Paleyfest screening/panel at the… https://t.co/Spj24oXvR7

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❗️❕❗️❕❗️❕#PaleyFest #TheOrville https://t.co/Rr9vHxRxN1

@theorville The Orville @theorville

There's such a thing as oversharing, Ed. Tell us more: https://t.co/df43ehU5uz #TheOrville https://t.co/397ViImlrG

There's such a thing as oversharing, Ed....

@BJTannerTv BJ Tanner @BJTannerTv

🎉🎉🎉Happy bday to the coolest lady on and off this planet...we couldn’t ask for better if we tried. Enjoy your day❤️… https://t.co/xwfS3HOXR6

@KaiWener Kai Wener @KaiWener

We ❤️ exploring outer space with you!! Happiest Birthday Miss Penny! Thank you for everything!🎈👑🌎🚀 @PennyJJerald… https://t.co/HKkPXOjr1R

@joncassar Jon Cassar @joncassar

#TheOrville - Happy Birthday to the most beautiful doctor in space @PennyJJerald https://t.co/8ifNlQTqjR

#TheOrville - Happy Birthday to the most...

@theorville The Orville @theorville

🎂🚀 @PennyJJerald, may your birthday be out of this world! 🚀🎂 #TheOrville https://t.co/lyk6zbO6cC

🎂🚀 @PennyJJerald, may your birthday be o...

@theorville The Orville @theorville

Wear merch from #TheOrville and proclaim your allegiance to the Union. 👕 Get yours here: https://t.co/5D12R7N9xD https://t.co/o6gV6T2KdN

Wear merch from #TheOrville and proclaim...

@paleycenter Paley Center @paleycenter

Women can be: Tough. 👊 #InternationalWomensDay #TheOrville @TheOrville #PaleyFest https://t.co/jWds2Rk2l2 https://t.co/i1w1CyGcCD

Women can be: Tough. 👊 #InternationalWom...

@joncassar Jon Cassar @joncassar

#TheOrville - part of todays set. https://t.co/VNP4NXOPEf

@paleycenter Paley Center @paleycenter

Friends, aliens, robots, everyone’s welcome. SEE #TheOrville at #PaleyFest LA on 3/17: https://t.co/jWds2Rk2l2 https://t.co/qeObwu1eXt

Friends, aliens, robots, everyone’s welc...

@joncassar Jon Cassar @joncassar

@ericvideo I wouldn't know - I've never directed on a sitcom - #TheOrville is a 1 hour drama - with a double shot of comedy chaser

@joncassar Jon Cassar @joncassar

End of a great first week of shooting on #TheOrville. Thx to the… https://t.co/YkB4Vo85dB

@SethMacFarlane Seth MacFarlane @SethMacFarlane

Wrap on week 1 of #theorville season 2 - what an amazing, first-rate cast and crew — Most talented bunch in town &… https://t.co/Uq7MKbV08M

@neiltyson Neil deGrasse Tyson @neiltyson

Apparently, after his show ended, @FOXTV’s Cleveland went into Space. He now plays an actor named Mike Henry, who p… https://t.co/FcmbeRKUUm

@jleefilm J Lee @jleefilm

It's this Saturday! Get your tickets or I will prob do absolutely nothing about it! But seriously. Get your ticke… https://t.co/URMQ3eh9BE

@ChadLColeman Chad L Coleman @ChadLColeman

Maxing and relaxing in my trailer! #theorville https://t.co/ptnwaUFfOj

@jleefilm J Lee @jleefilm

I was actually texting you how much I hate you when you took this picture https://t.co/ZrK60tXaYI

@ChadLColeman Chad L Coleman @ChadLColeman

Klyden does the classics! #TheOrville https://t.co/bfhPp76hNl

@theorville The Orville @theorville

Me: I just got tix for me and bae to see #TheOrville live at @paleycenter. Friend: Join us on March 17 at 2pm P… https://t.co/28pxuXCbtD

@ScottGrimes Scott Grimes @ScottGrimes

@jleefilm and me really enjoying each other and laughing and laughing today shooting photos for @TheOrville https://t.co/3vPvWNGCrL

@jleefilm and me really enjoying each ot...

@theorville The Orville @theorville

#TheOrville lands at @paleycenter in ONE WEEK. Greet the cast and crew March 17 at 2pm PT. https://t.co/Vpx7Yc0RQc… https://t.co/Eciyxz61dy

@ChadLColeman Chad L Coleman @ChadLColeman

Ain't #love grand? @theorville #TheOrville #klyden #romance https://t.co/50X8f9RMcL

@TomCostantino Tom Costantino @TomCostantino

Finally moved into my new/old/new office and thanking @lee_draws_stuff @leesargent x1000 times. @TheOrville… https://t.co/05wOSoywCk

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