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You can escape to financial freedom... find out how at https://t.co/BHJRYT8V86

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@theescapeart1st The Escape Artist @theescapeart1st

@ms_ziyou @brucebeckett Thank you!....I hope the next 1,000 takes less than 3 years!!! 😀

@brucebeckett Bruce Beckett @brucebeckett

@TheEscapeART1ST Congrats on 1,000 followers! Well deserved, for one of the best (and funniest) FI blogs on Twitter

@workingoptional Working Optional @workingoptional

Doing what you say you’re going to do is a superpower. Done consistently, its also very rare. Read why via… https://t.co/54UyDyxWXy

@TheEscapeART1ST The Escape Artist @TheEscapeART1ST

Date for your diary: The next London FI meet up is on Friday 15 June from 6pm, in the garden at The Rose & Crown Pu… https://t.co/RuJOWa03MV

@Monevator Monevator @Monevator

Why saving makes you sexier, why ending QE is about to make us poorer, and how to live a happier life by thinking a… https://t.co/M7EUvn27bi

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There's something you need to know about fairness... https://t.co/CygK2YZghe via @TheEscapeART1ST

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Something you need to know about fairness via @TheEscapeART1ST https://t.co/lNG8j9Qb1W

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There's something you need to know about fairness... https://t.co/15QDhyAkZK via @TheEscapeART1ST

@theescapeart1st The Escape Artist @theescapeart1st

Get rich with the process with The Escape Artist https://t.co/EQKPIPym3q

@TheHumblePenny thehumblepenny @TheHumblePenny

Check out this video interview with @theescapeart1st on the role fear plays in our lives and on the pursuit of Fina… https://t.co/YRWjLqdoK1

@Monevator Monevator @Monevator

So yes, I have totally failed at making my weekly money and investing roundup link list any shorter and quicker to… https://t.co/EpwHZ1z23Q

@truzyllo Tom Ruzyllo @truzyllo

@TheEscapeART1ST Just came across your blog - what a find! Great work 👌

@theescapeart1st The Escape Artist @theescapeart1st

@Cernovich @EdLatimore Really?...whenever I see George Clooney, I don't think: there's a guy for whom its all been downhill since age 36

@theescapeart1st The Escape Artist @theescapeart1st

These ain't yo mama's frugality tips... https://t.co/Hzb4zSpMvI via @TheEscapeART1ST

@theescapeart1st The Escape Artist @theescapeart1st

@KateAndrs @JuliaHB1 https://t.co/OltGXzZuGw

@theescapeart1st The Escape Artist @theescapeart1st

@UKValueInvestor Thanks, would be great to see you at the next one John.

@theescapeart1st The Escape Artist @theescapeart1st

@FitFunemployed @thefrgalcottage you can do better than that...get 2 free Times articles a month when you register… https://t.co/fkLnSwUP2O

@ST_Money Sunday Times Money @ST_Money

Dream of retiring early? Here's how @TheEscapeART1ST and @thefrgalcottage acheived financial independence… https://t.co/A1TpIYv7nA

@TheSchoolOfLife The School of Life @TheSchoolOfLife

"An artist must never be a prisoner. Prisoner? An artist should never be a prisoner of himself, prisoner of style,… https://t.co/DJR8ulW5d1

@theescapeart1st The Escape Artist @theescapeart1st

@F123dsa @MuchMore_Less @ST_Money @thefrgalcottage @mrmoneymustache £5k × 25 = £125k required for "enough" (probabl… https://t.co/W7DZtrY3mq

@theescapeart1st The Escape Artist @theescapeart1st

@F123dsa @MuchMore_Less @ST_Money @thefrgalcottage @mrmoneymustache Do you know how much you spend in a year?

@MuchMore_Less Faith Archer @MuchMore_Less

Ever fancied quitting your job? How about retiring super early? Check out my article for @ST_Money about #FIRE: Fin… https://t.co/CJGiHomTzW

@theescapeart1st The Escape Artist @theescapeart1st

Choose FI Podcast 067 | Raptitude and Free to Pursue https://t.co/M5LYFueg3v via @choosefi

@garethkthomas Gareth K Thomas 🙋‍♂️ @garethkthomas

"Do what you say you’re going to do." Another great post from @TheEscapeART1ST on why 'grit' and Seth Godin's 'The… https://t.co/iYCRVjg6gW

@theescapeart1st The Escape Artist @theescapeart1st

Get Rich with...Follow Through https://t.co/w4c87hNbf6 via @TheEscapeART1ST

@theescapeart1st The Escape Artist @theescapeart1st

@hellomissfire All people interested in financial independence are welcome...next meetup Friday 15 June

@theescapeart1st The Escape Artist @theescapeart1st

@templedanielson @fireintheuk Yes! From 6pm Thursday in the Cittie of York pub, Chancery Lane tube

@theescapeart1st The Escape Artist @theescapeart1st

@financiallymint Yes... I do!

@FIRECracker_Rev FIREcracker @FIRECracker_Rev

Chatting with @TheEscapeART1ST today about how to retire in the UK: https://t.co/AHCpLtw9EB

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