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Dillard University '22 🎓 All Updated News and Fun Facts to Jump Start Our Way Into New Beginnings ❗ #DU22 💪🏾 #MyDu ✊🏾

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@jacobyhurst Jacoby Hurst @jacobyhurst

Been stressing about college for three weeks now. If anyone from #DU22 #xula22 or #uark22 has any input or advice , it’d be really helpful

@thedillard2022 THE Dillard University @thedillard2022

You still have time 🙌🏾 don't stress yourself out you got this 💪🏾 regardless the choice https://t.co/usZayNDuAP

@tyrenaaa tyrena 🥀🖤 @tyrenaaa

just received an scholarship to Dillard University 🤞🏽✨ I’m so blessed 👏🏽❤️ #DU22 🤔

@minnieeeemeeee ari🦄 @minnieeeemeeee

Dillard💙💙💙 #DU22 https://t.co/Q3iS4xHqlD

@minnieeeemeeee ari🦄 @minnieeeemeeee

so i’m really looking for a roommate #DU22

@du1869 Dillard University @du1869

Congratulations to the #MyDU School of Nursing! Read all about it https://t.co/F32sn71ZqG. Another great reason to… https://t.co/D7XMcCzlaC

@PrInCeJuAn__ Prince® 🐺 @PrInCeJuAn__

#DU22 all the way 💪💪


Henson Hall is named after the first black Arctic Explorer, Matthew Henson, who went to the North Pole in 1909.… https://t.co/LfeKNPyf1I

@thedillard2022 THE Dillard University @thedillard2022

Congratulations 🎉🙌🏾❗️ https://t.co/GUsbUyk7fC

@brytanni_d 🌹Simoneee❤️ @brytanni_d

Ayeee #DU22 ❗️❗️ https://t.co/Uf26Twdd15


Williams Hall is named after Fannie C. Williams, a graduate of Straight College. It is the only building on campus… https://t.co/a1ABnXoQ34

@kingcarrr Jalen🐺 @kingcarrr

#DU22💙 https://t.co/7Gs4sBIOlv

@dessibb DESSI @dessibb

#DCC22 #UNO22 #DU22 Need a roommate and friends 🗣

@realtrilltimmy Timm🤴🏽 @realtrilltimmy

When The School you’re attending is an Ivy League hBcU and In the Top 10 🤷🏽‍♂️👏🏽👏🏽 #DU22 🌀🔵⚫️⚪️👹 https://t.co/OxWw95Omas

When The School you’re attending is an I...

@thedillard2022 THE Dillard University @thedillard2022

Yup thats us !!! https://t.co/bqNxd4TUA7

@Admissions_DU Dillard University @Admissions_DU

@THEDillard2022 did you hear the good news #du22? That's right our Nursing program will be accepting new applicants… https://t.co/FTfRY7silZ

@thedillard2022 THE Dillard University @thedillard2022

#DU22 Nursing majors check this out ✊🏾 https://t.co/KpEMWWwsTR


Dillard University was the first HBCU with a Japanese studies program. #BlackHistoryMonth #DillardHeritageMonth

@imanmuejaza Iman @imanmuejaza

The real question is where do I go now?🤔🤔 #Spelman22 , #DU22 or #HU22?

@thedillard2022 THE Dillard University @thedillard2022

#DU22 #DU22 #DU22 ❗️🗣🙌🏾 https://t.co/158tuRFJcH

@_itssdesbtw i love us for real @_itssdesbtw

#DU22 💙💙💙

@thedillard2022 THE Dillard University @thedillard2022

Oh yeah 💪🏾 https://t.co/YRZ7WeaLW1


Dillard University’s very first football team came up with our mascot, the Bleu Devils. Here’s a photo of the 1960-… https://t.co/u5WJLSbIAQ

@_trezgottemm 🧚🏽‍♀️ @_trezgottemm

well it’s a whole new year, whole new classic, whole new video https://t.co/n0VE4R0XqA

well it’s a whole new year, whole new cl...

@Admissions_DU Dillard University @Admissions_DU

***SAVE THE DATE*** Dillard Decision Day 2018 @THEDillard2022 #DU22 we hope to see you there. Please send all inqui… https://t.co/8x1Om9iDhG

@thedillard2022 THE Dillard University @thedillard2022

Mark your calendars #DU22 Let’s all be there ❗️❗️❗️ https://t.co/xzxaFID4Xc

@Admissions_DU Dillard University @Admissions_DU

@THEDillard2022 Join us this Saturday, Feb 24th in Lafayette, LA to Discover DU. We welcome you and your family. RS… https://t.co/JARBTowiDn

@TheDivahFilez The Divah Filez @TheDivahFilez

#MyDu we are seeking 17 #journalism #publicrelations #interns send #coverletters and #resumes to Thedivahfilez@gmai… https://t.co/TpIXRqTUuf

@jakeyahx3 Keyah👑💛 @jakeyahx3

I neeeed a dorm mate #du22😩

@thedillard2022 THE Dillard University @thedillard2022

Who else loves #BlackHistoryMonth and is sad that there’s only 8 more days left 😔

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