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Pray. Exercise. Work. Play

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@MHChehade Mootaz Chehade @MHChehade

Cristaino Ronaldo with another wonder tonight, from 1 goal down he scored brace to put his country in the lead. Por… https://t.co/TkmxccYrMn

@Olanrewaju_Max Olanrewaju @Olanrewaju_Max

“So you stopped talking to me because I didn’t want to have sex with you” Yes ma. My intentions with you were pure… https://t.co/g9vaDXWbqL

@thenff The NFF 🇳🇬 @thenff

FT Poland 0-1 Nigeria #SoarSuperEagles #POLNGA. The @NGSuperEagles record a morale-boosting victory over Poland at… https://t.co/A3f91DxekD

@ManUtdInPidgin Man United In Pidgin @ManUtdInPidgin

Cristiano Ronaldo na Bastrard 😂 How person go score two goals for 90 minute?? Dis guy dey visit babalawo.


Ronaldo no get mate

@IgboProverbs_ IGBO PROVERBS @IgboProverbs_

Agwa ogbenye ihe eji aba ọgaranya, ọ sị ka ya bụrụ ọgbenye ya bụ. / If you tell a poor person what it takes to be r… https://t.co/nXMW9odmfC

@FIFAWorldCup FIFA World Cup 🏆 @FIFAWorldCup

FT 🇫🇷France 2-3 Colombia🇨🇴 Los Cafeteros come from two goals behind to defeat France for the first time in their hi… https://t.co/nugVCJdkkO

@That_IjebuBadoo Baba Folarin @That_IjebuBadoo

"Battery low, connect charger" Wee you keep kwayet, If there's light, you think I won't connect the charger ?

@MrNwiks David @MrNwiks

Lol. Osinbajo explain economic plan finish man like Bill Gates looked at him and told him point blank that the plan doesn't make sense.

@The_Nifemi 🐐 @The_Nifemi

Nokia 3310 was the last known thing made from Vibranium. Wakanda Forever.

@QuintinHarrison Quintin @QuintinHarrison

Dedicate the next 6 months exclusively to your goals. Don’t tell anyone. Don’t make any announcement. Just fall back and WORK!

@OnimoleOfLagos Please FOLLOW Back @OnimoleOfLagos

Stay in your house Friday night and watch money remain in your pocket

@ChinksChinks_ Chinks @ChinksChinks_

So Mourinho keeps changing the formation but FIFA doesn’t... Ok now that the girls have stopped reading, guys I wan… https://t.co/Bx3l8iVykK

@thatcbnguy Ç•B•Ñ ™ @thatcbnguy

@elfizconcept @kaycee2nd Done!!! You're the BOMB! https://t.co/pEUS4mbWOE

@elfizconcept @kaycee2nd Done!!!

@thatcbnguy Ç•B•Ñ ™ @thatcbnguy

@__Mari0 And thought I've seen & experienced the weirdest of things people do for money

@__Mari0 Ebuka 🎲 @__Mari0

The untold story behind Dubai Trips... Anything for the money 👏 https://t.co/4knXehcBFE

The untold story behind Dubai Trips......

@mz_fayte_14422 faith awili @mz_fayte_14422

Please do you have movies on your laptop? https://t.co/zHuIs9Ic7b

Please do you have movies on your laptop...

@thatcbnguy Ç•B•Ñ ™ @thatcbnguy

@mz_fayte_14422 @kaycee2nd Yes I have the latest movies. Come and see for yourself. Lmao

@OnimoleOfLagos Please FOLLOW Back @OnimoleOfLagos

Lol I just wonder what's really wrong with these Americans who complain about college being tough and all .. Like… https://t.co/ah0In9W2Jc

@OGCarterMillz St. Smokey @OGCarterMillz

You'll go to a Guy's house, you know you want to fuck, but you didn't make any moves, him too doesn't wanna make mo… https://t.co/HbPn9vQZzM

@BrownieDivaB Calista @BrownieDivaB

Safe journey is not only when you travel far, If you go to work every morning, esp those who fly bike to Along, PWD… https://t.co/eEbiQpim0p

@goodwoman_ Chelsea Goddess @goodwoman_

Some of these girls are holding their men and relationships with charms. Stay there and be thinking you're in love.… https://t.co/GAZlwGKKna

@chemicalbroda Chemical Brother 👌 @chemicalbroda

It's always advisable to eat in your dream, that way you don't have to eat breakfast. Especially for people who go out early

@thatcbnguy Ç•B•Ñ ™ @thatcbnguy

@madamflair Yet to have a taste of that

@thatcbnguy Ç•B•Ñ ™ @thatcbnguy

Your MCM issa member of the beard gang. He's also a part of the iPhone family but your MCM doesn't have N7000 to re… https://t.co/jd1eZJL77n

@Just_Nonku #GIRLATVINEYARD @Just_Nonku

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 y'all all this for dubai/ Mauritius trips?… https://t.co/GpBK7548Fz

@thatcbnguy Ç•B•Ñ ™ @thatcbnguy

What is this one again on my timeline.... Just for Dubai vacation?? https://t.co/gOBx8TUJaT

@realFFK Femi Fani-Kayode @realFFK

U invited Bill Gates to ur Economic Council meeting and he told u the bitter truth and that things are not working… https://t.co/6APFlLmo44

@Sportive_23 Sportive23 @Sportive_23

Mohamed Salah: "I don't have tattoos, I don't change my hairstyle, I can't dance. I just want to play football." https://t.co/rLZvPllUtt

Mohamed Salah: 'I don't have tattoos, I...

@ImKingApogee ★Royalty™★🇬🇭 @ImKingApogee

I was in a dream and the RED DEVILS were chasing me, immediately I shouted Sevilla they disappeared!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/ZHtkjj4FAy

I was in a dream and the RED DEVILS were...

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