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@OlisaOsega Mazi Olisaemeka ™ @OlisaOsega

@thatcbnguy Hmmmm

@Justfandy Fandy @Justfandy

@jahmalusen @opheophagus @kingdahyor See his pinned tweet and header na, a sensible girl should never have schedule… https://t.co/wgagSwkkHx

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@itsThatCuteGal He really needs to.

@thatcbnguy Ç•B•Ñ @thatcbnguy

@hicksonfans @AfricaFactsZone Small play and this one don off cloth https://t.co/3iJDacc9T4

@hicksonfans @AfricaFactsZone Small play...

@itsThatCuteGal Derpina (˘̯˘ ) @itsThatCuteGal

He has to man. Too cruel smh https://t.co/OV4ulRMFzT

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@OlisaOsega https://t.co/lRveLojDs7

@OlisaOsega  https://t.co/lRveLojDs7

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@OlisaOsega https://t.co/VlzjmKOwiM

@OlisaOsega  https://t.co/VlzjmKOwiM

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@OlisaOsega https://t.co/0HPy6hZtdh

@OlisaOsega  https://t.co/0HPy6hZtdh

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@itsThatCuteGal @AHoeStory These are still accusations so let's make no hasty conclusions but that dude needs to speak up or act accordingly

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@__Mari0 But na still rape o. Don't let them open thread on your head here & say you're encouraging rape

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@__Mari0 Ebuka ebuka!!!!!! https://t.co/MqULcSGgkZ

@__Mari0 Ebuka ebuka!!!!!! https://t.co/...

@Iam_Abdulaxis Based on Logistics @Iam_Abdulaxis

Alhaji: Observing his solat (Prayer) at the shop. Customer: Hello, who is here? I want to buy Noodles. Alhaji: K… https://t.co/VMpJ5PdVdT

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😂😂😂😂😂😂 you people will not kill me on this twitter. Lmao!! https://t.co/cUcmMkl6N2

@FshawKingFisher F.SHAW @FshawKingFisher

I am NOT a political/media influencer. Thank you. Signed Management

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@ani_nomso Ehn!!! Danfo & keke are still Uber that doesn't have online data subscription naw 😏😒😒

@ani_nomso KinG NomSo👑 @ani_nomso

Twitter people always using UBER yet Danfo Buses & Keke are always Filled up... https://t.co/JMX5cgLDWq

Twitter people always using UBER yet Dan...

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All these ladies will not see good people to DM. They'll be DMing rapists. 😒😒😒 https://t.co/U21IRA0IWP

@Onos147 Henry O @Onos147

2019 elections transfer window official declared opened with a record breaking transfer of Atiku from APC to his childhood club, PDP.

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@AfricaFactsZone Ghana people just knows how to embarrass their African sisters. And you check well, that might be… https://t.co/sgG4EiFxby

@AfricaFactsZone Africa Facts Zone @AfricaFactsZone

Somewhere in traffic in Ghana. https://t.co/2pWHKb5Kwv

Somewhere in traffic in Ghana. https://t...

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6:15 to 6:45 - moderate intensity jogging🏃🏾🏃🏾 6:45 to 6:50 - do another set of push up of at least 50reps 6:50 to… https://t.co/4qABjW4T1h

@thatcbnguy Ç•B•Ñ @thatcbnguy

Just Another Saturday morning in my Life... 5:45 to 5:50am - say a lil prayer and lie in bed till 6am 6am to 6:05… https://t.co/E6YOPlVU4g

@Slimsoms ..Bones.. @Slimsoms

@thatcbnguy Why don't you see me around midnight today so I can explain very well?? 😌

@badgalmaddie_ 9jaWitches 🧙‍♀️🇳🇬 @badgalmaddie_

We could have been in 2018 by now if not for these fat girls walking slowly 😒 https://t.co/WBCybcqi7t

We could have been in 2018 by now if not...

@AfricaFactsZone Africa Facts Zone @AfricaFactsZone

Nigerian Dancer, @Pinkidebbie (real name Debbie Odumewu) has broken the Guinness World Record of Longest Dance Mara… https://t.co/6DvJYwiH2E

@hengadas Henry @hengadas

@sherry_shay__ well your future husband didn't pay up to that amount

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@ManUtdInPidgin Any combo wey involve Lindelof is already a failed combo

@thatcbnguy Ç•B•Ñ @thatcbnguy

Gurls are EASILY drawn towards vanities. Guys are EASILY drawn towards gurls. At the end, we all TEND towards vanities.

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@Slimsoms why is Titus now expensive 😒😒😟😟 https://t.co/Lx1kDktzgb

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No be small rain o

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