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Human Rights Activist. Social Archivist for Philanthropic Art, History, Education Curriculum #DSPDX 2020 Candidate for Portland Mayor #ElectHer


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Latest on the Maryland school shooting: - Male student fired a gun, wounding a female and male student in a hallwa… https://t.co/VXoaqBbLOn


LATEST: Standoff with armed man in restaurant across from Princeton University continues, Princeton police say. The… https://t.co/LVAv07jl0P

@pdxlawgrrrl pdx law grrrl @pdxlawgrrrl

Dear Portland Mayor @TedWheeler: I'm hearing that you have sent a city employee to threaten and intimidate organize… https://t.co/b8JA0dXPWZ

@pdxlawgrrrl pdx law grrrl @pdxlawgrrrl

.@ShaunKing: No issue typifies the gap between New York Ciy's reputation as one of the most liberal cities and real… https://t.co/yjXKllbEvC

@teressa_raiford Teressa Raiford @teressa_raiford

Can school resource officers prevent violence? https://t.co/pmYpKK6O5m

@teressa_raiford Teressa Raiford @teressa_raiford

#Oregon #WellsFargo mortgage consultant out amid Charlottesville, white nationalist allegations https://t.co/Inx8iCkF0g

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Again. https://t.co/JuC3bvAAYJ

@teressa_raiford Teressa Raiford @teressa_raiford

Another explosion rocks Austin, hours after police chief pleaded for attacks to stop https://t.co/FxVBqMDzUG via @KGWNews

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(1/3) We met up with some more Chicago Students in Father Pfleger's church St. Sabina yesterday - reps from Oaklawn… https://t.co/UcgxjkIUl6

@pdxlawgrrrl pdx law grrrl @pdxlawgrrrl

When a district attorney candidate indicates they're a criminal justice reformer the Oregonian treats their campaig… https://t.co/A6Ih75YTkA

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With the Death of Stephan Hawkings(sp?) Ablism ideology&people R saying he is free from hisDisability,that is hisDi… https://t.co/qmCTDgZYRj

@NAACP_LDF Legal Defense Fund @NAACP_LDF

Today is the 50th anniversary of LDF’s historic #PiggiePark case, where #SCOTUS ruled businesses can't justify disc… https://t.co/55BOn6WhTC

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Wow: "Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential running mate, sold stock in US banks on the same day he attended a… https://t.co/jK5YtaTGV4

@TheRoot The Root @TheRoot

Auntie @RepMaxineWaters may be on the few people left in the White House with a spine and it's going to take a lot… https://t.co/I1twkFRVkk

@leftjew Stop The Wars @leftjew

"Are we just supposed to stand back and do nothing while they teach hate to their children?" https://t.co/NroSn05u88

'Are we just supposed to stand back and...

@teressa_raiford Teressa Raiford @teressa_raiford

Taking a break is giving me time to get visits from the most amazing youth activist @DiaryHOH89 🌈🙌🏽💎❤️👊🏾 Disabil… https://t.co/YylyYwrRDQ

@pdxlawgrrrl pdx law grrrl @pdxlawgrrrl

"Jailhouse video reveals California sheriff’s deputies watching and sometimes laughing as a schizophrenic man who h… https://t.co/ySWhIqLa8z

@teressa_raiford Teressa Raiford @teressa_raiford

Complaint filed against PPS over decision impacting children with autism https://t.co/LTyhLdgqFi

@teressa_raiford Teressa Raiford @teressa_raiford

@philipjwolfe Unacceptable 😡

@philipjwolfe Philip J. Wolfe @philipjwolfe

East Portland Chamber of Commerce is hosting a candidates forum event and invited me. After asking about accommodat… https://t.co/TyZ6JKW5EX

@NAACP_LDF Legal Defense Fund @NAACP_LDF

This is disturbing. Russian Twitter trolls sought political gain by stoking the flames of racial division. https://t.co/UyqQw65y3n

@teressa_raiford Teressa Raiford @teressa_raiford

More children have been killed by guns since Sandy Hook than U.S. soldiers in combat since 9/11 https://t.co/FbJ5imPLlz

@teressa_raiford Teressa Raiford @teressa_raiford

Three students were beaten with a paddle for taking part in the school walkout against violence https://t.co/A8NCS1ibsK

@teressa_raiford Teressa Raiford @teressa_raiford

Black women candidates for Congress say they're reclaiming their time https://t.co/lTVzyLKD3i via @usatoday

@teressa_raiford Teressa Raiford @teressa_raiford

Say Her Name: #MarielleFranco, a Brazilian Politician Who Fought for Women and the Poor, Was Killed. Her Death Spar… https://t.co/mtCFSC2Lw2

@WomenintheWorld Women in the World @WomenintheWorld

Rihanna refuses to accept apology from Snapchat for appalling ad it promoted: https://t.co/WspPm8xH7B https://t.co/xXCAuwVekv

Rihanna refuses to accept apology from S...

@seanallenbook SexSizeandScienceBook @seanallenbook

Rihanna wipes $1bn off Snapchat after criticising app for making a 'joke' of domestic violence https://t.co/2MWR5DKvh9

@teressa_raiford Teressa Raiford @teressa_raiford

‘Feminism for the 99 percent’: women’s strike pickets downtown Portland https://t.co/91pGIxTFlg via @@psuvanguard

@lifewithbrandon BRANDON C. YOUNG @lifewithbrandon

Snapchat loses $800 million after Rihanna responds to offensive ad https://t.co/WnLqRAje0y

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My 12 yr old just announced he’s going to @UMBCAthletics for college.

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