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Multi-platform gaming community and e-sports organization. Owner: @MrTAKx #WiredIn #TeamWired Powered By: @hubtag @insightcousa

Seattle, WA

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@yackityyyack Yackov @yackityyyack

see you guys at g4g @JR2__ @SickStory_ @Roooooneyyyyy @TeamWiredEsport https://t.co/lGxut6n50s

see you guys at g4g @JR2__ @SickStory_ @...

@teamwiredesport Team Wired @teamwiredesport

@JR2__ #wiredin

@JR2__ Drew @JR2__

I got gassed when I seen mad heads come thru the stream last night so i decided im streaming again, oh yea I got pa… https://t.co/QQU3qwlSQJ

@RagtimeM SSBM|Ragtime Mouse @RagtimeM

Heya i'm Rags. Streamer, Gamer, & Artist. PS: Shenanigans are inevitable. :3 🎮https://t.co/M0cBTeqLab 📺… https://t.co/Jow1G68T2B

@teamwiredesport Team Wired @teamwiredesport

Over the last week a few plans have been made so there will be Intel released soon! We have also added some stream… https://t.co/q1opbO24Nl

@Neon2x Dennis @Neon2x

Yooo all you amazing people! Going live in about 2 hours! Come chill with some BF4 and @PlayDauntless ! Gonna be a… https://t.co/zcZ9sG7RXs

@teamwiredesport Team Wired @teamwiredesport

What's Poppin late night on The Grid? Here's some default links. Corny AF we know. #WiredIn… https://t.co/8LV98hFOPZ

@teamwiredesport Team Wired @teamwiredesport

@Neon2x #wiredin

@Neon2x Dennis @Neon2x

Lets go! Today just keeps getting better! Officially apart of @TeamWiredEsport streaming community! #Wiredin #Nostoppingnow

@Kiro_GG Kiro @Kiro_GG

https://t.co/8nGQYCT6wQ we live with some #Ironsight @IronsightEN @TeamWiredEsport

@teamwiredesport Team Wired @teamwiredesport

What's going on down at #thegrid ?! Just a quick announcement! The Team Wired community stream team is open! Loo… https://t.co/fFRMxHyOY0

@Kiro_GG Kiro @Kiro_GG

Food then stream

@ArenaofValor Arena of Valor @ArenaofValor

Arena of Valor - live https://t.co/PWvamxYqSj

@teamwiredesport Team Wired @teamwiredesport

@DreamsRuleMe So fresh and so clean clean

@Flores_Ry_ 🅱️lores @Flores_Ry_

Going live in just a few minutes :) Darwin Project and IRONSIGHT today. https://t.co/1Iz2gHUJEL

@Vorikx Vorikx @Vorikx

Stream today was fun bois :D Sunday's stream: scheduled ✅ SET THAT REMINDER 😤 Vorikx Plays ROBLOX: https://t.co/4ttMfuJ6th

@Vorikx Vorikx @Vorikx

Guess I should make it somewhat official. I’m looking to edit full time for any content creators out there that n… https://t.co/EgOd599QBK

@Kiro_GG Kiro @Kiro_GG

Live with #Ironsight https://t.co/Y6xgNiBPcq (answer my partner application @IronsightEN )

@Phantasy_NH Nick @Phantasy_NH

Is this thing on? Trying out new loadout cards & chilling come hang out! https://t.co/X3O0Yrmiue

@DreamsRuleMe D.R.E.A.M. Clothing @DreamsRuleMe

$28 for each shirt. We are using an even higher quality shirt for these. Also, every order comes with a FREE Kanji… https://t.co/mfHsd5nTMR

@Six__CB Chancey @Six__CB

I’m tell all of you rn You ain’t ready for the grind that’s gonna commence at this Content House

@ZachtehCEO Xac @ZachtehCEO

2 ex professional Halo players were just drafted into the 2k league. Talk about a crossover. Truly amazing.

@TAKthePotato TAK @TAKthePotato

PogChamp @InsightCoUSA https://t.co/ujVLEaHRMi

@CyberstormGG CyberstormGG, LLC @CyberstormGG

Good luck to our friends @FyraGG as they battle it out in pool play! You got this guys! #FyraAway https://t.co/N6G8usdVtS

Good luck to our friends @FyraGG as they...

@FyraGG Fyra Gaming @FyraGG

Just going to give a little heads up, as far as hype it's been a little slow. However, the upcoming months have a l… https://t.co/mWwJnxF4yH

@FyraGG Fyra Gaming @FyraGG

We've seen some clips, but this is just nutty. Throwing it back to a little bit of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare R… https://t.co/YwEqA8DLXu

@FyraGG Fyra Gaming @FyraGG

Good Afternoon! Either work/school is over for everyone or maybe its still going. But either way we have some conte… https://t.co/NvJbOwiBag

@FyraGG Fyra Gaming @FyraGG

Before we say goodnight to you, we have one more clip of high potato quality. Here is @TAKthePotato with 30 round… https://t.co/1viAt7jQx7

@TAKthePotato TAK @TAKthePotato

So I know a couple streamers putting on a show for #Ironsight on #Twitch. Nutty Plays. @Flores_Ry_ @Kiro_GG https://t.co/pe5mfgzOH2

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