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Professional eSports & Gaming Entertainment l @GFuelEnergy @KontrolFreek @ScufGaming @PvPLive @VictrixPro l https://t.co/HK9xB4HUCY justin@teamkaliber.com


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@teamkaliber TEAM KALIBER @teamkaliber

We have some tK streamers on the nightly gaming grind! #tKAllDay Check them out here: https://t.co/JRcoBPKXCV https://t.co/bsFVcoX6pb

We have some tK streamers on the nightly...

@GFuelEnergy G FUEL® @GFuelEnergy

What happiness looks like - @Theory_tK 😃🏆🎮💙 https://t.co/hbPIO35lV0

What happiness looks like - @Theory_tK 😃...

@Treyarch Treyarch Studios @Treyarch

HUGE congrats to @TeamKaliber on taking the #CWLPS4 New Orleans Championship this weekend! https://t.co/mgGV406IPw

@CODWorldLeague Call of Duty esports @CODWorldLeague

BACK TO BACK. Congratulations to @TeamKaliber, your #CWLPS4 New Orleans CHAMPIONS! https://t.co/afsa1vPHHh


Congratulations to @Team...

@ScufGaming Scuf Gaming® @ScufGaming

Championship Sunday at #CWLNOLA was one for the books 🏆 🔥 The matches were insane and congrats again to… https://t.co/nYSDXOXxem

@aDrive_tK aDrive @aDrive_tK

Shiny Hunting Xerneas and Yveltal! Turn up aDrive Army https://t.co/FcpXpr84QJ

@GFuelEnergy G FUEL® @GFuelEnergy

B2B Champions - @TeamKaliber 🏆💙 https://t.co/UrbTHsf0Qr

B2B Champions - @TeamKaliber 🏆💙 https://...

@ScottyTidwell Scotty @ScottyTidwell

5,000 retweets and I’ll get a @TeamKaliber tattoo. Proud Dad 👀

@OfficialEGL EGL @OfficialEGL

Sorry we are late with the tweet but all @TeamKaliber Apparel is 20% off for the next 48 hours! Congrats to the tea… https://t.co/E0YsuEuztO

@KOSDFF Justin Chandler @KOSDFF

Unbelievably proud of #TKCOD! It’s legacy time boys!! #tKAllDay 🏆🏆 📸: @ImNickMerola https://t.co/8KAtUG814r https://t.co/kerExaPw9f

Unbelievably proud of #TKCOD! It’s legac...

@KontrolFreek KontrolFreek® @KontrolFreek

Congratulations @TeamKaliber on winning back to back CWL tournaments! That was an awesome Grand Finals to watch!… https://t.co/PtvdFGvvMC

@teamkaliber TEAM KALIBER @teamkaliber

Huge shout out to our sponsors @GFuelEnergy @ScufGaming @PVPLive @VictrixPro & @KontrolFreek!! #tKAllDay


Casters Reaction: @TeamKaliber's Hardpoint Comeback against @Luminosity with @CouRageJD & @Maven! #CWLPS4 //… https://t.co/7iVr3JhD1D

@teamkaliber TEAM KALIBER @teamkaliber

HUGE shout out to each and every one of you #tKAllDay supporters! We could not do it without you. See you all at #CWLATLANTA 🏆😍

@teamkaliber TEAM KALIBER @teamkaliber

@MJCheen https://t.co/4AJhESfmvK

@MJCheen  https://t.co/4AJhESfmvK

@ScufGaming Scuf Gaming® @ScufGaming

BACK TO BACK 🏆🏆 @TeamKaliber - 2018 #CWLNOLA @CODWorldLeague @MLG Champions. https://t.co/Tj1zys7ZiC #TeamSCUF https://t.co/K1QbZfuzcH


@TeamKaliber - 2018 #C...

@teamkaliber TEAM KALIBER @teamkaliber

@ScufGaming @CODWorldLeague @MLG #TeamSCUF all day!! 😍

@teamkaliber TEAM KALIBER @teamkaliber

#tKAllDay https://t.co/TPu0eNvYR6

#tKAllDay https://t.co/TPu0eNvYR6

@CallofDuty Call of Duty @CallofDuty

Congratulations to @TeamKaliber, the CWL New Orleans champions! #CODWWII https://t.co/3d5pl75Uw4

Congratulations to @TeamKaliber, the CWL...

@PVPLive PvP Live @PVPLive

CONGRATS @TeamKaliber! Back to back CHAMPS taking #CWLNOLA and Dallas! #tKAllDay @KOSDFF @Theory_tK @KuavoKenny @MJCheen @AccuracyLA

@CliffGammaCEO Cliff Morgan @CliffGammaCEO

Congratulations @TeamKaliber 🏆🏆 Back-to-back Champions!! #tKAllDay @KOSDFF 💪👊

@teamkaliber TEAM KALIBER @teamkaliber

@CliffGammaCEO @KOSDFF Thanks boss man! #tKAllDay


You earned this one. GG @TeamKaliber! @Theory_tK @KuavoKenny @MJCheen @AccuracyLA https://t.co/pUVEvO1d6H //… https://t.co/WCVL1LZNHH


Your @ASTROGaming #ASTROMVP, @MJCheen! https://t.co/pUVEvOiNYf // #CWLNOLA https://t.co/Bv7uXVvfL0

Your @ASTROGaming #ASTROMVP, @MJCheen!...

@VictrixPro Victrix Pro @VictrixPro

Congrats to TK on going back to back! 🏆🏆 Best way to start the season. Pro League can’t come soon enough. #tKAllDay… https://t.co/pY7C7218u9

@teamkaliber TEAM KALIBER @teamkaliber

We are your #CWLNOLA Champions!! As @KuavoKenny @AccuracyLA @Theory_tK @MJCheen take #BacktoBack major CWL events!… https://t.co/KWTu6ketQs

@teamkaliber TEAM KALIBER @teamkaliber

LETS GOOOOO!! We take GAME 5 to end the series 3-2! GGWP to @Luminosity what a great match! We are #CWLNOLA champio… https://t.co/w6SZzcTBS9

@teamkaliber TEAM KALIBER @teamkaliber

⚠️ GAME 5 ⚠️ Series 2-2 vs Luminosity going back to game 5 at #CWLNOLA LETS CLOSE THIS OUT!! #tKAllDay Tw… https://t.co/MGClH2OvdJ

@teamkaliber TEAM KALIBER @teamkaliber

We come back HUGE to win on Ardennes Forest CTF! Series 2-1 vs Luminosity! One more map to take #CWLNOLA #tKAllDay… https://t.co/DWZzwgTnuT

@teamkaliber TEAM KALIBER @teamkaliber

LG strike back with a S&D win on Ardennes Forest! Series 1-1 vs Luminosity! It's getting wild at #CWLNOLA Lets GO b… https://t.co/IvZffA34wP

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