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'When it comes to eyewear, why compromise? Style and comfort come as a pair.' I create British Bespoke Luxury Eyewear, TD Tom Davies.

Sloane Square, London

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@tdtomdavies Tom Davies @tdtomdavies

Wow have you seen @taylorswift13 wearing @edsheeran’s bespoke Tom Davies glasses? Amazing! #endgamemusicvideo https://t.co/PtdDJPfx1L

@tdtomdavies Tom Davies @tdtomdavies

We love them! https://t.co/H1FXXgcGwK

@OceanOptometry Ocean Optometry @OceanOptometry

It's @tdtomdavies #hornplate admiration day. (We just made that up.. But go ahead and admire them anyway!) Handcraf… https://t.co/YF5XwcEOR3

@tdtomdavies Tom Davies @tdtomdavies

Such a pleasure to be featured in @thetimes on my new 'Made in England' factory. Thank you to @hannahprevett for th… https://t.co/R34EcH57ii

@tdtomdavies Tom Davies @tdtomdavies

Just in time for Christmas, we are delighted to see this video of @edsheeran recording this version of Perfect with… https://t.co/qrh2uBJXVY

@tdtomdavies Tom Davies @tdtomdavies

Tom Davies featured in the upcoming Great British Brands 2018, amongst a selection of 150 British success stories.… https://t.co/HTuc4FGPUx

@NOC_equestrian NOC Equestrian @NOC_equestrian

@SpecsLady_Faye @tdtomdavies Love my Tom Davies! Finally got a pair of glasses that fit, don’t slide down my nose w… https://t.co/YYsSI5N8lR

@tdtomdavies Tom Davies @tdtomdavies

@BrettPresnell And your first retweet by me!

@BrettPresnell Brett Presnell @BrettPresnell

My first tweet ever, prompted by my extraordinary experience in @tdtomdavies Sloane Square store on Wednesday: a c… https://t.co/vCkOQQyWhp

@MyGlassesAndMe Siu-Yin Shing @MyGlassesAndMe

Roll on 3pm coz I will be visiting the @tdtomdavies store in Covent Garden getting my very own bespoke specs. Me, t… https://t.co/ed3X0tXX4k

@tdtomdavies Tom Davies @tdtomdavies

We are really looking forward to your appointment! Your dream glasses are almost real. https://t.co/aWIsTIFNoc

@tdtomdavies Tom Davies @tdtomdavies

Swiss singer-songwriter @fusaroveronica wears bespoke Tom Davies Natural Horn frames in her latest music video: Bet… https://t.co/ozOE0nYNWF

@2020europemag 20/20 Europe @2020europemag

INTERVIEW OF THE MONTH: @tdtomdavies ​Tom Davies, the British bespoke eyewear designer, spoke to #2020europe follow… https://t.co/JcpPsoXXat

@tdtomdavies Tom Davies @tdtomdavies

@TerrySapperRE Thank you for the great feedback and for the support! TD

@QHQfashion Quality Headquarters @QHQfashion

Fashion eyewear brand @tdtomdavies reshores production from China to UK new £800,000 factory in Brentford #UKmfg… https://t.co/d1ABzbTiha

@tdtomdavies Tom Davies @tdtomdavies

@OptometryToday interviewed Tom Davies at the launch of his Made in England factory in London. Hear the exciting th… https://t.co/BQa6B6j1Fs

@OptometryToday Optometry Today @OptometryToday

TD @tdtomdavies celebrates 15 years in #business https://t.co/4FeCFPMWbs #eyewear #optical #opticalindustry… https://t.co/73tz0jJRlb

@tdtomdavies Tom Davies @tdtomdavies

@OptometryToday Great video! Thanks for sharing.

@tdtomdavies Tom Davies @tdtomdavies

Beautiful Bespoke Horn Frames! Thank you for sharing @emmydavies25! https://t.co/3bSC963QLj

@tdtomdavies Tom Davies @tdtomdavies

"British spec-designer Tom Davies set up his eponymous label to offer a truly tailored service." Thank you… https://t.co/kvQ4dEr2PU

@tdtomdavies Tom Davies @tdtomdavies

@kenteyecare786 @JessieJ Thanks! We love @JessieJ in our bespoke frames too!

@tdtomdavies Tom Davies @tdtomdavies

Great article by @BQLive about our new Made in England factory! https://t.co/l64i967kHr

@Skinesis Sarah Chapman @Skinesis

Amazing party night with tomdavies #tomdavies15 music champagne 🥂 fabulous glasses and great chat. Congratulations… https://t.co/JHeSBfYEfF

@RuthCadbury Ruth Cadbury MP @RuthCadbury

Meeting inspiring entrepreneur @tdtomdavies; bringing bespoke spectacle design & manufacture to UK & new jobs & app… https://t.co/ADBqGoA2U3

@Gizellerenee Gizelle Renee @Gizellerenee

Awesome night @Tdtomdavies celebrating 15 years. Incredible fun, this man is the REAL glasses guru. #tomdavies15… https://t.co/2ck2UHUOwW

@tdtomdavies Tom Davies @tdtomdavies

Opticians flying in from all over the world to help me celebrate the opening of my new UK factory! https://t.co/4Y03AtYTWH

Opticians flying in from all over the wo...

@tdtomdavies Tom Davies @tdtomdavies

It's full steam ahead at my new UK factory! https://t.co/5DUJj4WzUS

It's full steam ahead at my new UK facto...

@egansopticians Egans Opticians @egansopticians

Great excitement in store for Garrett & Donna who will hit London for @tdtomdavies Launch Party for their New Londo… https://t.co/q8vxQhKjbp

@StephenBowman Stephen Bowman @StephenBowman

Delighted to be singing at the @tdtomdavies 15th celebration next week! Looks to be a very… https://t.co/dFRYiatNI2

@tdtomdavies Tom Davies @tdtomdavies

'Creating the perfect glasses for each individual customer is what lies at the heart of our ethos.' #TomDavies… https://t.co/kyNDH6NcR5

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