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Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Shadow Minister for Education + Training, Shadow Minister for Women in the Australian Parliament. RTs do not equal endorsements


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@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Congratulations! 🌈❤️ https://t.co/O7wYcogxtD

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Bennelong, send Mr Turnbull a message. Tell him to fix his second-rate NBN. Vote @KKeneally #auspol #nbnfail https://t.co/KFyeUYiyLV

Bennelong, send Mr Turnbull a message. T...

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

At Gladesville PS with our amazing @NSWLabor vols. Bennelong if you want someone who will fight against… https://t.co/DGN4QPZWg8

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Best team around. @KKeneally @NSWLabor #BennelongVotes https://t.co/gSLDARXOi4

Best team around. @KKeneally @NSWLabor #...

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

How on earth can Barnaby Joyce and the Nationals support this? @AustralianLabor will continue to fight against Malc… https://t.co/qQ5jRlKO0R

@SkyNewsAust Sky News Australia @SkyNewsAust

.@tanya_plibersek: The fact that the voiceless finally have a voice is such a significant moment in Australia's his… https://t.co/onrbW5jv8R

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Malcolm Turnbull's cutting $1.4 million from Warrawong High in the Illawarra, while he gives private schools more f… https://t.co/LYHm5wVO4f

@uniaus Universities Aust. @uniaus

A productivity-led return to budget surplus would be hit by uni cuts. Read our media release here: https://t.co/R5t0FAyt8j

@andrewrpearson Andrew Pearson @andrewrpearson

Deputy Opposition Leader @tanya_plibersek is a special guest at Warrawong High School's presentation day this morni… https://t.co/8jc3GLF6fw

@TeachersFed Teachers Federation @TeachersFed

Schools all around Australia are facing funding cuts under @TurnbullMalcolm and @birmo’s new funding model.… https://t.co/mWLKRArUrn

@billshortenmp Bill Shorten @billshortenmp

I was honestly shocked by this - the total disrespect and dismissal of the legitimate aspirations of our First Aust… https://t.co/116jVC16r5

@_afao AFAO @_afao

With greater resources, we can end #HIV transmission sooner. This is a big step forward. @CatherineKingMP https://t.co/Ytl7zqvgC5

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Congratulations @QLDLabor + @AnnastaciaMP! Looking forward to another term of a Labor govt that invests in educatio… https://t.co/LB4fA6MyY2

@billshortenmp Bill Shorten @billshortenmp

Magda's earned a rest 🌈 https://t.co/I3B4MI6pGD

Magda's earned a rest 🌈 https://t.co/I3B...

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Yesterday was a good day. #marriageequality https://t.co/GdFJfKwPYf

Yesterday was a good day. #marriageequal...

@BreakfastNews News Breakfast @BreakfastNews

"We're sending a message that we're an inclusive society," says @tanya_plibersek on the historic #SSM vote https://t.co/HGxsYIZYGx

'We're sending a message that we're an i...

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

After all these years, after this long fight for equality, this wrong has finally been made right. Today love preva… https://t.co/YlwUhDgXfO

@nytimes The New York Times @nytimes

Time's editor in chief said that the #MeToo movement represented the "fastest-moving social change we've seen in de… https://t.co/EXIAUzRj2J

@AdamSpenceAU Adam Spence @AdamSpenceAU

Here's a riddle. The Link with Stan Grant could draw 300k+ viewers on a Friday night. Before cuts, #Lateline could… https://t.co/jyKRnHiWcW

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Apparently this is also not a promise #nbnfail https://t.co/VMnr9O8KCJ

Apparently this is also not a promise #n...

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Not a promise but a goal. Or an ambition, design, destination, intent, intention, mission, object, objective, targe… https://t.co/UgbBxBekWg

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Apparently Libs' promise that every Australian would have access to NBN by end of 2016 wasn't a promise it was a "goal". Own goal. #nbnfail

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

.@TurnbullMalcolm claims NBN HFC debacle is just a flesh wound #QT #AusPol #nbnfail

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Needs a caption competition... https://t.co/bvEvmwK3rd

@OurWatchAus Our Watch @OurWatchAus

An insightful piece on the reality faced by many older women living in Australia at risk of poverty as a result of… https://t.co/lFWJZFZd4O

@unionsnsw Unions NSW @unionsnsw

The Turnbull Government is proposing to cut school funding by $11 million. We need funding for our schools in… https://t.co/GMOmkPO3rM

@Luke_FoleyNSW Luke Foley @Luke_FoleyNSW

What are we, “government of the developers, by the developers, for the developers ?” https://t.co/zqdw2sZnjW

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Labor offers to give up #QT to deal immediately with #MarriageEquality but @TurnbullMalcolm refuses so he can talk… https://t.co/TNNdoTrhe5

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Rainbow socks from Rainbow Families 🌈 https://t.co/SP82FVvyBi

Rainbow socks from Rainbow Families 🌈 ht...

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Very powerful https://t.co/7JJGcGkCBI

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