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Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Shadow Minister for Education + Training, Shadow Minister for Women. Authorised T Plibersek, ALP, 267 Cleveland St Redfern 2016


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@SenatorWong Senator Penny Wong @SenatorWong

Celebrating the record number of women in Labor’s Senate Caucus - 16/26 or 61.5% of ALP Senators. Such a wonderful… https://t.co/3lgoXze2jK

@asu_nsw_act ASU @asu_nsw_act

👏Standing ovation at National Press Club for @sallymcmanus fantastic speech outlining how working people must join… https://t.co/ZZZqxJTXKP

@SkyNewsAust Sky News Australia @SkyNewsAust

.@tanya_plibersek: The liberals will never put in more than 20% of the cost of educating a child in a public school… https://t.co/pyExpTY6Um

@SkyNewsAust Sky News Australia @SkyNewsAust

.@tanya_plibersek says the Catholic and public education sectors are a united front in the fight against cuts to sc… https://t.co/hlxejizPNH

@SkyNewsAust Sky News Australia @SkyNewsAust

.@tanya_plibersek: There is a $17 billion difference over the decade between Liberal and Labor when it comes to sch… https://t.co/GiTMl3RpZh

@billshortenmp Bill Shorten @billshortenmp

Over the weekend and across Australia, we’ve seen the devastating and unpredictable power of nature at work. Thank… https://t.co/tjEXrn8eNd

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

South Australia, and our nation, are much better places thanks to @JayWeatherill’s outstanding leadership. He trans… https://t.co/pCHtUqfFeV

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

When @gedkearney joins us in Federal Parliament, 48% of Labor parliamentarians will be women. #proud

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Congratulations @gedkearney, thrilled to have someone of your intelligence and integrity join us in Parliament!

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Good luck to @JayWeatherill and the @alpsa team. If you’re in SA, vote today for the party that will stand up for y… https://t.co/rDb4l85xoC

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Today voters in Batman get the chance to send @gedkearney to parliament. Vote for someone who has advocated for oth… https://t.co/yPzpZGFmco

@gedkearney Ged Kearney @gedkearney

A message from my friend @JuliaGillard. Thank you Julia, from the bottom of my heart! #batmanvotes https://t.co/NN4pFuetBc

A message from my friend @JuliaGillard....

@TheTodayShow The Today Show @TheTodayShow

“I’m going to choose the battler over the top end of town and Mr. Turnbull is using a few pensioners as a sort of h… https://t.co/nva45PyvsR

@billshortenmp Bill Shorten @billshortenmp

It's all about choices - and we choose a fair go for all Australians. https://t.co/pbb7RShegA https://t.co/DJ2qccRgkd

It's all about choices - and we choose a...

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Congratulations @TasmanianLabor - 70% of House of Assembly members are women! #targetswork @EMILYsListAus

@SwannyQLD Wayne Swan @SwannyQLD

Labor will not be lectured to by Malcolm Turnbull or Scott Morrison about standing up for pensioners. Jenny Mackl… https://t.co/dwpcNhYOGq

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

A brilliant mind indeed. Vale Professor Hawking. https://t.co/HP2rDQGbNZ

@gedkearney Ged Kearney @gedkearney

Labor will tip the balance back towards first-home buyers and change the system in favour of affordable housing.… https://t.co/YPayzey8yb

@TWUAus TWU Australia @TWUAus

Watch the live stream of the #rights4riders rally today from 2:30pm on our Facebook page: https://t.co/qdyptf42Sh… https://t.co/FkzovWtlJF

@linessue Senator Sue Lines @linessue

& so it begins, @walabor First Nations Women’s Policy Forum @tanya_plibersek gives the opening speech before our li… https://t.co/VEh1dPdHMG

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Who do these people think shop in their shops? Less money in their pockets, means less people shopping. Unbelievabl… https://t.co/a5aWkjbusJ

@TWUAus TWU Australia @TWUAus

Today @tanya_plibersek met delivery rider Patrick Psotka ahead of major protest in Sydney tomorrow #rights4riders https://t.co/kQAUJxyR7F

Today @tanya_plibersek met delivery ride...

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Did you know that 3 out of 4 delivery riders earn less than the minimum wage? Find out more and show your support a… https://t.co/YUygDlZeqv

@gedkearney Ged Kearney @gedkearney

According to the ABC, there are no federal MPs right now from a nursing background. That's despite there being 200,… https://t.co/wz7nhffnhi

@TheKouk Stephen Koukoulas @TheKouk

Government debt just hit $518.0 billion - up a lazy $245 billion since the Sep 2013 election… https://t.co/6MtGvLMRJp

@UnitedVoiceECEC Big Steps Campaign @UnitedVoiceECEC

For #IWD2018, @tanya_plibersek highlighted the ongoing injustice of educators' pay. We're paid half the national a… https://t.co/garMZmVHVz

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Congratulations Myra! The heart of Millers Point and a fierce advocate for her community #IWD2018 #SaveOurSirius https://t.co/S5uCnBSQUi

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

If you’re looking for something to read, @TheStellaPrize list is a good place to start! https://t.co/80ft7scAZI

@iwda IWDA @iwda

"We can’t wait 50 or more years to close the pay gap. We can’t wait 30 years for equal political representation. In… https://t.co/z1qDn5sudz

@WHVictoria WomensHealthVictoria @WHVictoria

Happy #IWD2018! Excited that 1800MyOptions will go live from 19 March! This new info & phone line service for contr… https://t.co/xivdT1zLvT

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