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Manager of Ireland's only national engineering outreach programme, STEPS @EngineerIreland. Co-founded @Scibernia. Co-curating @showoffyoursci


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@sylvialeatham Sylvia Leatham @sylvialeatham

You know you're getting old when... someone asks for "an AA battery" and you reply "Oh, you mean a Walkman battery?… https://t.co/35qnlVtcz6

@latinxscientist Michelle Barboza-Ramirez @latinxscientist

Example: women's health. A lot of our ignorance regarding women's health has been simply because doctors/researcher… https://t.co/HfKa04pCHb

@sylvialeatham Sylvia Leatham @sylvialeatham

@aoibhinn_ni_s He's amazing. He spoke at our volunteer engineer event last Christmas. Total chills! He had us in (near) tears!

@shaunoboyle Shaun O'Boyle @shaunoboyle

If you're an LGBTQ+ scientist in Ireland, sign up for a new monthly mailing especially for you here:… https://t.co/KmfjvpHa16

@sylvialeatham Sylvia Leatham @sylvialeatham

@scicomie Hey, I think there's a problem with that survey link...

@sylvialeatham Sylvia Leatham @sylvialeatham

@aoibhywavy Hi! Can you DM me your email address? Thanks!

@Famelab_Ireland Famelab_Ireland @Famelab_Ireland

#Famelabbers in Ireland, take a look and/or pass on to anyone who might be interested. https://t.co/QaKp6BSGRR

@CoolPlanetExp CoolPlanetExperience @CoolPlanetExp

We've had some awesome entries so far - our faves are " the inconvenient truthers" & "the #energy savers" - can you… https://t.co/XbltagU36h

@sylvialeatham Sylvia Leatham @sylvialeatham

@phildublin82 Start time or getting up time?

@sylvialeatham Sylvia Leatham @sylvialeatham

@SarahLRCarroll @EUErasmusPlus Cool. What's your project, Sarah?

@iamscicomm I Am SciComm @iamscicomm

I'm @thermoflynamics - I'm a PhD biochemist, podcaster, @FameLab 2017 winner, music maker and I have been known, on… https://t.co/LiiZ4TqoFP

@NiamhTalking90 Niamh Kavanagh @NiamhTalking90

This weekend marked the birth of two #computerscience Queens! Sunday was #AdaLovelace & Saturday was #GraceHopper… https://t.co/QhvggG8chR

@misterwootube Eddie Woo @misterwootube

If you ever needed to be convinced that geometry is beautiful... 💃 https://t.co/HkeF2piBw2

@fboss fboss @fboss

Voting is now open to decide the topic for discussion in Monday's #edchatie discussion https://t.co/GJbg2NZZDe Vote and retweet, please

@NiamhTalking90 Niamh Kavanagh @NiamhTalking90

Fallen behind on #bookelves17 this week with #scicom17 But today marks #AdaLovelace's birthday (the 1st computer p… https://t.co/AWJqsUVYrb

@sylvialeatham Sylvia Leatham @sylvialeatham

@Lycaonpictus93 Proper order!

@sylvialeatham Sylvia Leatham @sylvialeatham

@ultrajessamyn @alokjha @thermoflynamics @wellcometrust I am interested in this topic also. I've found some good ti… https://t.co/ln3ae3mjOW

@ultrajessamyn Jessamyn Fairfield @ultrajessamyn

For anyone asking why harassment isn't always reported (especially in academia), this is an enlightening thread. https://t.co/qq8bs4QaRD

@sylvialeatham Sylvia Leatham @sylvialeatham

Interesting! @CBeebiesHQ is launching a kids TV show called Bitz & Bob, whose lead character is a female engineer. https://t.co/5t9q0fqC22

@thebotmechanic Conor McGinn @thebotmechanic

If you’re around Trinity today and interested in knowing more about our engineering courses (or just want to take a… https://t.co/rZlYinU3At

@sylvialeatham Sylvia Leatham @sylvialeatham

Wow! https://t.co/B1xgSLIDCz

@CoolPlanetExp CoolPlanetExperience @CoolPlanetExp

We often hear "#climatechange doesn't really affect us here in Ireland" - this is not the case. According to the… https://t.co/mlmJyW9f1l

@sylvialeatham Sylvia Leatham @sylvialeatham

@DCUScienceComm This is my own personal attempt to combat toy gendering. This is a gift I'm putting together for my… https://t.co/OLNG031qrX

@sylvialeatham Sylvia Leatham @sylvialeatham

@shaunoboyle Also, I've seen sociology referred to as part of the A in STEAM. But surely social science IS a scienc… https://t.co/CwJsG9hHnz

@sylvialeatham Sylvia Leatham @sylvialeatham

The power of ideas. "Neurosexism" is a thing, and it's not good! @DCUScienceComm #scicomm https://t.co/bqZPmOTfsk

@sylvialeatham Sylvia Leatham @sylvialeatham

Oh wow! The ghost of science podcasts past! Thanks @monkeyfudge for restoring the @Scibernia Irish science podcast… https://t.co/5lmT65fvKP

@SciGalleryDub ScienceGalleryDublin @SciGalleryDub

Starting this Sunday, we're be hosting Colourful Youth's second collective showcase, called 'What's Your Issue?' Ca… https://t.co/lTphmv3UFi

@sylvialeatham Sylvia Leatham @sylvialeatham

@shaunoboyle A few things: 1) No one agrees on what STEAM is (for some it means the vastness of the humanities, for… https://t.co/i24oebwnWl

@marievonboran Merry Boranmas🎄 @marievonboran

A wee reminder that Dublin #scicomm Xmas drinks kick off tonight at 8pm @blacksheepdub. Come one, come all!… https://t.co/zXJOb6x1S5

@RIAdawson Royal Irish Academy @RIAdawson

Offaly born Brilliant polymath, John Joly @tcddublin died #OTD in 1933. He invented numerous scientific instruments… https://t.co/a49hziTw1N

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