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@Uber_Support Just wondering if you guys completed the reset on my account yet? Nobody has gotten back to my DM.

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@Uber_Support I’m trying to sign into Uber with my existing account but the thing is I have a new number and my ema… https://t.co/mZPBboav6e

@dommiiie 𝐝𝐨𝐦𝐳𝐬𝐚🥀 @dommiiie

Geminis for sure. Don't mention me. https://t.co/lak1HSJdZA

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@JamickanMeCrazy https://t.co/iR8RZByLQ6

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@JamickanMeCrazy Who else yo ass know!?

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@JamickanMeCrazy I’ll call in a bit. Mannnn listen, I got a hoe past

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@JamickanMeCrazy Yeah I know who it is. Didn’t know y’all knew each other. She’s not ya friend anymore. Bye. 🤣🤣🤣

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Who is this that has me blocked? I rem the name. Lmao https://t.co/qxhuH5UqrU

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@jessthagoddess @JamickanMeCrazy

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@JamickanMeCrazy https://t.co/3pHLzaiBT6

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@JamickanMeCrazy https://t.co/iKVTQiHpEk

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@goldenchileee follow me back so my unfollow app wont delete you cuz um...i want you as a follower bye

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I wonder why https://t.co/vqBafcUUZw

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@JamickanMeCrazy https://t.co/N6UKLHyPyy

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Damn, she’s ugly https://t.co/sAqJHMmjLs

@_LayyDoe MK @_LayyDoe

Gemini https://t.co/S35t3KBdPX

@CiaoJazzi 💫 @CiaoJazzi

Leo men https://t.co/tVahZrRXRL

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What makes one better than the other? https://t.co/mEWrynFDpa

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@HowIVibe_ The only way you’ll stay sane and have peace

@HowIVibe_ Chaka Ranks🔛🔝 🥇 @HowIVibe_

@SwayloJr This is a dope thread... I was feeling like this at the end of the year and I'm trying to stay far the fuck away

@ItsAllAboutKee_ 🌹K. @ItsAllAboutKee_

can we just throw women born under aquarius and sagittarius sun sign away? thanks. https://t.co/dVjJom4K8O

@1989swagg adira|disalvio @1989swagg

Aquarius ... https://t.co/cLFp1xHCUa

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Lmao. Nah fam. They got on ya line early https://t.co/7xEiqmWCR5

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Y’all niggas will believe in god but won’t believe in the shit he gave y’all. 🤣 https://t.co/dSbotvQHY6

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If you don’t believe in science...that’s you fam. https://t.co/M0ZFISO8pK

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aries 🤮 https://t.co/UuYPhUkWJu

@FukYoTwitta Bill Clinton Grandson @FukYoTwitta

Yea cuz niggas gon nig regardless of if you don’t like it. I be on the same shit lol https://t.co/vQGyUYXoOq

@BonnieBombs 15, 30, 37, 38, 45, 47 @BonnieBombs

Sagiterrorist https://t.co/IF5UcObP1S

@someMoor Frmlss @someMoor

This is a powerful mindset https://t.co/3nUxefpOuc

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