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honestly what the fuck

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@mellowdrone__ laura @mellowdrone__

Women who dress like this don’t give a fuck about your ugly ass misogynistic opinions https://t.co/6eleCtq4lo

@kobychill 𝐤𝖔𝖇𝐲 ♥ @kobychill

28. a disabled little monster... https://t.co/IXyiFt9nFI

28. a disabled little monster... https:/...

@kobychill 𝐤𝖔𝖇𝐲 ♥ @kobychill

3. iconic 2014 amanda bynes breakdown tweets https://t.co/5f3jLv1u3A

3. iconic 2014 amanda bynes breakdown tw...

@storiestounfold 23 @storiestounfold

@foojsholiday it’s about a mentally disabled person who is accused of kidnapping (and killing) two children & they… https://t.co/6UEhWzFLHh

@storiestounfold 23 @storiestounfold

@foojsholiday the movie is good but it really fucked me up

@storiestounfold 23 @storiestounfold

@foojsholiday prisoners

@storiestounfold 23 @storiestounfold

me trying to deny the fact that no one wants me https://t.co/BIv0HYzF2L

@gothiccs soph @gothiccs

my sim when i use the cheat code to get $26380000 to buy the mansion https://t.co/SbLZTTuk6z

@TSwiftDancingTo Taylor Swift Dancing To @TSwiftDancingTo

playing fiction - @ROAMse https://t.co/SuwSrSv7eO

playing fiction - @ROAMse https://t.co/S...

@storiestounfold 23 @storiestounfold

if this is actually a real thing the myth about men only having 1000 loads in life is true, too. https://t.co/MPYnFhWJT6

@storiestounfold 23 @storiestounfold

dudes be like ‚yo i f*cked at least 15 girls, i am the coolest dude out there‘ but blame woman for having sex with… https://t.co/eVZUnxfzng

@storiestounfold 23 @storiestounfold

your mcw retweets this shit, thinking he’s going to have a virgin as a gf but he literally just failed common anato… https://t.co/zxXBY8cXeZ

@ABlanar Alex @ABlanar

I’ll take my $200 in cash or credit plus tax so that’s around $212.74 https://t.co/7xWawMe2xa

@thisisnotxavier xae @thisisnotxavier

one day you and your childhood friends all went out to play for the last time and none of you realized. https://t.co/20TALlmpKA

@exotlc Exotic🌹 @exotlc

"I bet you talk to mad dudes on the low" Me: https://t.co/TKRnCDkC22

'I bet you talk to mad dudes on the low'...

@yelyahwilliams hayley from Paramore @yelyahwilliams

never want to hear another adult talk condescendingly about millenials/young ppl ever again. face the hopeful, inte… https://t.co/xlnwwjii5X

@storiestounfold 23 @storiestounfold

@cinderblockjack 💗

@Benoo_Brown b.b @Benoo_Brown

*accidentally turns front facing camera on* https://t.co/KO9c2no7t2


His first hike after leaving the shelter https://t.co/GVPJfWldvZ

His first hike after leaving the shelter...

@killiandonnelly Killian Donnelly @killiandonnelly

Night then. https://t.co/G9uOqewa7f

Night then. https://t.co/G9uOqewa7f

@ayeedriel_ Adriel @ayeedriel_

high school culture is an upper middle class white girl buying a Nikon and a week later they’re asking you to pay t… https://t.co/1VfaqLYMHu

@storiestounfold 23 @storiestounfold

everything annoys me so much lately

@catcontent catcontent™ @catcontent

my new goal in life is to be as happy as this cat https://t.co/tmt561H04L

my new goal in life is to be as happy as...

@ameliacliff_ Amelia Cliff @ameliacliff_

Actually embarrassed at myself how much effort I put in with people and get 0 back

@storiestounfold 23 @storiestounfold

hes 30 years old? maybe stop treating him like he was 17

@storiestounfold 23 @storiestounfold

honestly who are the people who tell alex to shave ??? pretty sure he dgaf about your opinion

@storiestounfold 23 @storiestounfold

@stajawake i mean if you really want to go you should book an air bnb! i could recommmend one, it’s only 25 minutes… https://t.co/Fa6KcVTClm

@storiestounfold 23 @storiestounfold

id be such a good girlfriend like i won’t cheat on you cause i am way too ugly for anyone else too be attracted to… https://t.co/rrszf2Zj3Q

@storiestounfold 23 @storiestounfold

@stajawake ally pally is a nice location tbh but literally on the middle of nowhere

@storiestounfold 23 @storiestounfold

fun fact is i use tinder but i am too scared too actually agree on a date https://t.co/WFfNDcW7vx

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