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Steam Whistle - all natural, craft brewed, Canada's Premium Pilsner. We do one thing really, really well and tweet about it.


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@ComedyRecords Comedy Records @ComedyRecords

Our next Exclaim! showcase happens September 7 at Wenona Lodge! $10 includes a Steam Whistle https://t.co/SavTGQgPrb

Our next Exclaim! showcase happens Septe...

@MeaghanOGrady Meaghan O'Grady @MeaghanOGrady

Got to sound the steam whistle annnnd won an beer!! #minivaca https://t.co/qieEFltIFl

Got to sound the steam whistle annnnd wo...

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

You have one more week to check out Catherine Harasymiw’s collection “Spaces Between” in our art gallery:… https://t.co/1NUmLkQyVV

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

Who has their pinhole projectors ready for the #SolarEclipse https://t.co/IQjWDIZotq

Who has their pinhole projectors ready f...

@SwampLemon Sunn 🤔))) @SwampLemon

@SteamWhistle And ftr I've been using the same dang bottle opener for the last 7 years when I lived in Detroit, rig… https://t.co/fJkh5jCyNu

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

@WillDavie1986 @LCBO Hey Will, sorry to hear this. Can you send us a DM?

@CanadaBeerRun CanadaBeerRun @CanadaBeerRun

@SteamWhistle Lol love it!! Can't wait for the Start Line with you! Thanks for being there since year one!

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

Because you know we’re all about that healthy balanced lifestyle… Register for the #Toronto @CanadaBeerRun today!… https://t.co/C5FDKCmoIk

@rebeccafelgate Rebecca Felgate @rebeccafelgate

It's a little known fact that, in the absence of sea water, mermaids like to drink @SteamWhistle ! Ready for… https://t.co/mSg33CT9Pb

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

Cheers to the folks from @KBCobeer that just opened the doors to the their new location in... (you guessed it) https://t.co/L93yw6GpSJ

@chrisd6979 LeafSuperFan @chrisd6979

So I Came home today after work.. 2 sweet packages 📦 I'm super pumped to get both 👍 👍@SteamWhistle frisbee… https://t.co/eM11WmfKaJ

@DerivationWell Derivation Wellness @DerivationWell

@SteamWhistle loved meeting you and hope you all had a safe trip back from Alberta https://t.co/Gcjhg4ajwX

@SteamWhistle loved meeting you and hope...

@RJdisc Renato Discenza 科学之王 @RJdisc

Kudos to @SteamWhistle for providing fully equipped bike repair station by @oldeangelinn at @Town_of_NOTL. Civic mi… https://t.co/x2RAGAXiw4

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

@Diamond_Dawgs99 Canada only unfortunately :(

@pcschopp patti schopp @pcschopp

Mmm come visit me @riverfestelora beer tent. I'll pour you a @WellingtonBrew @SteamWhistle @CollectiveBrew… https://t.co/gjhewI8H8A

@MattRFisher Matt R. Fisher @MattRFisher

Always nice to come home to Ontario and get some fresh @SteamWhistle https://t.co/7tWIbAqTML

Always nice to come home to Ontario and...

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

Thanks to everyone that joined us for Summer #RHCBF! Check out the photos from the weekend here https://t.co/BeKKTRPgl1

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

@wavelengthmusic Making you thirsty huh? https://t.co/UtXbFXFKPb

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

Thank you to the breweries, vendors & guests that make #RHCBF one of the best celebrations of all things local! https://t.co/3GgHWEvuCG

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

Start your Sunday off on the right foot with our #YogaUNTAPPED series. Happening this Sunday Aug 20th:… https://t.co/6dUU5bFjBv

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

Find us at Camp @wavelengthmusic serving cold pilsners & making happy campers #CampWL https://t.co/kItMnyCOmi https://t.co/BaIzQIKxjW

Find us at Camp @wavelengthmusic  servin...

@ScotianBeerGuy Chris Snell @ScotianBeerGuy

Join me tonight @theNSLC Mill Cove. You've had the rest now try the best. @2CrowsBrewing @SteamWhistle… https://t.co/jKfejqxJFx

@NebsTheman nebs ™ ツ @NebsTheman

Great tour at Steam Whistle Brewing, love what the company stands for and how happy the employees seem.… https://t.co/HzcsGnRUeH

@Latitude_53 Latitude 53 @Latitude_53

Thanks to @SteamWhistle you could be the owner of this snazzy bike. Stop by the gallery and purchase a raffle ticke… https://t.co/XNAQewfAaf

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

Find us at @riverfestelora from August 18-20th. Enjoy the tunes, share a Steam Whistle and make some #RiverFriends… https://t.co/rH0uzeKTxq

@Ptbo_Canada PTBO_CANADA @Ptbo_Canada

We're proud sponsors with @SteamWhistle of the @CitiotsImprov next show at Gordon Best Theatre August 25th. Don't m… https://t.co/prPmNLagDy

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

#CampWL curated a playlist of the artists you can expect to hear at Camp @wavelengthmusic this year. Listen here: https://t.co/26cAsKbuSF

@Orlando_Corp Orlando Corporation @Orlando_Corp

Thank you @PPGpearson and @SteamWhistle for recognizing our sustainable initiatives & awarding us with this awesome… https://t.co/pSFoRnPcr3

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

@DerekBoersma Looks like a pretty perfect view from here!

@DerekBoersma D Boersma @DerekBoersma

Enjoying at cold @SteamWhistle on the dock. Summer holidays! # starlake#3FG https://t.co/kOJqc7FHQI

Enjoying at cold @SteamWhistle on the do...

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