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Steam Whistle - all natural, craft brewed, Canada's Premium Pilsner. We do one thing really, really well and tweet about it.


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@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

Today we’re thanking John Hay for his contributions. The Ontario Craft Brewing Landscape wouldn’t be what it is tod… https://t.co/acKyIfprMj

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

.@SkratchBastidbuilt a @Spotifyplaylist of his fave Spooky Selections. Hear this & more at #ScreamWhistle Oct 27, 2… https://t.co/AyQXkn2GLD

@DeejayFields Fields McQueen @DeejayFields

Only a few days left to get your tickets for the best Halloween 🎃party in the city @SteamWhistle… https://t.co/Ul1AhZ2KB9

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

Lots of tasty brews to try at the @OntCraftBrewers conference today https://t.co/lqohT8gwhI

Lots of tasty brews to try at the @OntCr...

@engagedshopping Nicki Albrecht @engagedshopping

@MBOTOntario’s Power & Growth event at Markland Golf Club - guest speaker: Greg Taylor of @SteamWhistle talks start… https://t.co/Riyf6Ek2gl

@WarrenLeppik Warren Leppik @WarrenLeppik

@MBOTOntario Growth and Power w/Greg Taylor @SteamWhistle : relationships are critical. Have to do better job of ge… https://t.co/gFPctQlwxK

@WarrenLeppik Warren Leppik @WarrenLeppik

@MBOTOntario Growth and Power w/Greg Taylor @SteamWhistle : what's important about branding is an emotional connective

@WarrenLeppik Warren Leppik @WarrenLeppik

@MBOTOntario Growth & Power w/Greg Taylor @SteamWhistle : if you're a premium product there's better chance of good margins. Quality counts!

@WarrenLeppik Warren Leppik @WarrenLeppik

@MBOTOntario Growth & Power w/Greg Taylor @SteamWhistle: culture is incremental. You have staff that you can't do without - acknowledge them

@cedarhouse1 The Cedar House @cedarhouse1

Happy #ThirstyThursday end the work day with us and $5 #tallcans of @SteamWhistle https://t.co/hcoxzSzeLF

Happy #ThirstyThursday end the work day...

@HelmandAlekozai savageprinceofficial @HelmandAlekozai

I had a great time at the Mississauga Board of Trade Growth and Power Breakfast hosted by my friend and mentor Imra… https://t.co/tituRH4kE9

@27marketplace 27 Marketplace @27marketplace

What's your flavour!? We've got something for everyone when it comes to our 0.49 wings!! @SteamWhistle on for $4.75… https://t.co/qyEljd73zA

@MBOTOntario Mississauga BOT @MBOTOntario

Last call! Tomorrow 7:30-9:30 am w/ Greg Tayor Co-founder @SteamWhistle as guest speaker. Registration closing soon… https://t.co/SRkkeHfHDB

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

Today we bid adieu to Canada’s poet. A man that united a country in his final days with grit, determination...and g… https://t.co/f7oqSrLwQD

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

These good folks in Saskatchewan grow the 2 row malted barley you taste in every glass, can and bottle of our Pilsn… https://t.co/CCQrKOUVLx

@diffusart Diffusart @diffusart

Posters everywhere in #Ottawa -Here Elgin @diffusart Do not miss #artspeaks Thank you sponsors : @TSDistillers… https://t.co/XO6R76DFA2

@VanImprovFest Van Improv Festival @VanImprovFest

The after party was as fun as the fest, in no small part to @SteamWhistle #VIIF2017 https://t.co/EvrUyeCLie

The after party was as fun as the fest,...

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

Show us your art work and we’ll give you a stage. Find more info on our Call to Artists program here:… https://t.co/WvLg4wwDLz

@MLDBanks 🌟Matt Banks @MLDBanks

@baileystaysposi The Delta by Rogers Centre? Head over to @SteamWhistle if you haven't yet. You won't regret it.

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

Daily Hive Toronto has a great round up of all things spooky happening in Toronto this October: https://t.co/AP2oLojoN1

@VanImprovFest Van Improv Festival @VanImprovFest

We're happy to be serving @SteamWhistle again this year! Warning: laugh first, then drink. It's getting pretty risk… https://t.co/RhGSrvJ95m

@spncreXe spencer @spncreXe

.@SteamWhistle your tour guide Francis was unreal, what an amazing experience with him!

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

Doing some entertaining this weekend? Throw our @Spotify playlist on and you’ll be crowned champ of the Aux cord:… https://t.co/Gk4WbUXMQi

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

Last month we hosted a Crab Crack with the good folks from @rodneyscalgary. You can check out the photos here: https://t.co/FBcZ3TSHc7

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

Don’t worry, I grabbed beer #SurviveAHorrorMovieIn5Words https://t.co/jr7MbeZbac

Don’t worry, I grabbed beer #SurviveAHor...

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

This Oct you can either come in costume to our October #YogaUNTAPPED or stay in corpse pose or a really long time:… https://t.co/UpzK85moKM

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

A portion from the art sold in our Oct exhibit HOME will benefit Riverdale Housing Action Group & Animation Program… https://t.co/ThFQOOTf2N

@steamwhistle Steam Whistle @steamwhistle

On our blog we've got 5 steps for planning a #Halloween kegger of epic proportions: https://t.co/7Kci2i2PL9

@metcalf_ca Metcalf Foundation @metcalf_ca

Safety counts. The evidence supports #BloorBikeLanes #bikeTO https://t.co/nVpyovWQWm

Safety counts. The evidence supports #Bl...

@MarilynDSpink Marilyn Spink, P.Eng @MarilynDSpink

Making @SteamWhistle Beer - Not possible w/o metallurgical, materials, mechanical or process control Engineers!… https://t.co/nj0ftQWgty

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