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The first 9 episodes of #StarTrekDiscovery are now streaming on CBS All Access. Season 1 continues Jan 7, 2018.

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@startrekcbs Star Trek: Discovery @startrekcbs

Black (Friday) Alert! Get free shipping on orders of #StarTrekDiscovery merchandise over $35. Shop now:… https://t.co/VrZ7iOyJol

@startrekcbs Star Trek: Discovery @startrekcbs

Indulge yourself and binge-watch Chapter 1 of #StarTrekDiscovery on CBS All Access. Catch up now:… https://t.co/xZgFvufTfl

@startrekcbs Star Trek: Discovery @startrekcbs

Take a behind-the-scenes look at @britjfrain's transformation into Ambassador Sarek. #transformationtuesday… https://t.co/C4pxP2pSIG

@StarTrek Star Trek @StarTrek

The essential guide to the galaxy’s newest #StarTrek series... #StarTrekDiscovery #DISCO #MustHave… https://t.co/UIx2EmMTS6

@startrekcbs Star Trek: Discovery @startrekcbs

Finished the first 9 episodes of #StarTrekDiscovery? Check out @NoActivityCBS and see what else is coming to CBS Al… https://t.co/8GpHWdKtmk

@StarTrek Star Trek @StarTrek

Black (Friday) alert! Get battle ready this #HolidaySeason with the #StarTrekDiscovery #GiftGuide! #DISCO… https://t.co/i4fdM4WyiN

@MrKenMitchell Kenneth Mitchell @MrKenMitchell

For your hiatus viewing pleasure! Saru & KOL 🤣 #StarTrekDiscovery #bts 🖖🏽 HAPPY HOLIDAYS 🖖🏽 https://t.co/PIJ6t6osZl

For your hiatus viewing pleasure! Saru &...

@startrekcbs Star Trek: Discovery @startrekcbs

We are all Tilly. ❤️ Check out Tilly's guide to surviving Starfleet: https://t.co/JoLawzL3hg #StarTrekDiscovery… https://t.co/X6PNOi14TP

@lazmarquez Laz Marquez @lazmarquez

My poster for the mid-season finale of #StarTrekDiscovery is gonna take a bit longer than my usual (there are tons… https://t.co/CbK8rWOqSa

@startrekcbs Star Trek: Discovery @startrekcbs

Find out why #StarTrekDiscovery is one of fall's most highly-reviewed & talked about new series. Stream chapter 1:… https://t.co/RHJAo7CRlc

@EnterpriseExtra Enterprise Extra @EnterpriseExtra

Last week when @karterhol said the mid-season finale of @startrekcbs was "Balance of Terror" level good, I thought… https://t.co/LDgm8asZvM

@marythechief Mary Chieffo @marythechief

I 💙 Hugo Villasenor #BTS #StarTrekDiscovery #TeamKlingon #LRell #jailRell #prostheticmakeup @startrekcbs https://t.co/CDLnUovPKb

I 💙 Hugo Villasenor #BTS #StarTrekDiscov...

@startrekcbs Star Trek: Discovery @startrekcbs

Victory for the Federation could hinge on the outcome of this one critical mission. #StarTrekDiscovery https://t.co/IBnde91GWt

Victory for the Federation could hinge o...

@startrekcbs Star Trek: Discovery @startrekcbs

Ever wonder what it would be like to grow up with Spock? @SonequaMG talks family secrets and sibling rivalries on… https://t.co/iuFZXu7TYk

@startrekcbs Star Trek: Discovery @startrekcbs

You may not be able to jump to January, but there's plenty to binge on CBS All Access right now:… https://t.co/TTLxH0YH1B

@marythechief Mary Chieffo @marythechief

HUGE shout out to the incredible @MrKenMitchell in last night’s episode— I am perpetually in awe of your epic trans… https://t.co/Hb0gIvKuAD

@startrekcbs Star Trek: Discovery @startrekcbs

The first 9 episodes are now streaming on CBS All Access: https://t.co/tE9aAhwnGB #StarTrekDiscovery continues Jan… https://t.co/lvM76T17lj

@MrKenMitchell Kenneth Mitchell @MrKenMitchell

What a glorious HONOR. #StarTrekDiscovery https://t.co/sm24sVfJdt

What a glorious HONOR. #StarTrekDiscover...

@StarTrekRoom Star Trek Writers @StarTrekRoom

We’re not out of the woods yet... 🙃 #IntoTheForestIGo https://t.co/MIxuljcVIq

@JJLendl J.J. LendL @JJLendl

Here's my retro poster for the #StarTrekDiscovery mid-season finale! Congrats to @StarTrekRoom and the entire… https://t.co/MrCETVXYnW

@steveclarkbar Steve Clark @steveclarkbar

Just finished the final episode of @startrekcbs' first chapter. It was a tapestry of seismic moments made all the r… https://t.co/HYK2bPNRSW

@AndrewTomarin Andrew Tomarin @AndrewTomarin

@startrekcbs To the cast and crew, Superb part 1. I am very happy to see this excellent revival. Both for the scrip… https://t.co/b73CKQN8vo

@Jav171 Javier @Jav171

So the plan is to rewatch #StarTrekDiscovery, one episode per week through January. Either that, or finally getting… https://t.co/iEzmhDvKTO

@karterhol Ted Sullivan @karterhol

I am overflowing with pride for @extspace @gryphonmetal tonight. Two women who have written their way into history… https://t.co/pns1YOC1WV

@MattMira Matt Mira @MattMira

Thank you to the crew of #AfterTrek for an amazing first half! We are not great at eye-lines! See you in January! https://t.co/895VsIROU4

Thank you to the crew of #AfterTrek for...

@raiaren Rai Aren, author @raiaren

@startrekcbs Excellent cliff-hanger!! Can't wait to learn what the heck just happened!! 😮 ✨ #StarTrekDiscovery #TrekkieForever 🖖

@Miquai Michael Wong @Miquai

Three random things I loved about tonight's #StarTrekDiscovery episode: 1) the scene transitions; 2) the technobabb… https://t.co/n70yIyvEx0

@AnachroNicholas Nick, unstuck in time. @AnachroNicholas

Tonight’s episode of @startrekcbs was just monumental- everything Trek could and should be. Wonderful. Can’t wait f… https://t.co/CrEhJZ93en

@Thtrjnke87 Kelby Bauder @Thtrjnke87

#StarTrekDiscovery killed it tonight! This show just keeps getting better and better. Keep it up @startrekcbs ❤️🖖🏻

@LLAPawsper Heather Rae 🖖🏼 @LLAPawsper

There is so much to say about tonight’s episode of #StarTrekDiscovery but can I just thank you for this? I have nev… https://t.co/xIXVZHCi9t

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