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Love my family, my Golden, fun with friends, Colts football, cars, reality TV, craft beer and life!!


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@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

@Chrishell7 @justinhartley I wait to watch with my 15 year old daughter/best friend. She gives me heck for all the… https://t.co/VVibo7zTVF

@coorsltman40 Shannen Priser @coorsltman40

@JMV1070 @TonyD1070 Danica is only dating Aaron Rodgers for his State Farm Insurance, there’s no way she can get co… https://t.co/soAFP9hKdn

@ClayMatthews52 Clay Matthews III @ClayMatthews52

As a fan of the game, those last 3-4 mins were incredible.

@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

@golffan53 @catlady85 @jaq239 @TweetShawniece @jamienotis @JonFrancetic Bottom right pic, hand on Shawniece's shoulder

@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

@MattOverton_LS Please please Jags, beat the Pats!

@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

@catlady85 @jaq239 @TweetShawniece @jamienotis @JonFrancetic Jaclyn and Jon's are still on...

@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

@Anthony_MAFS Who dat!⚜️⚜️

@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

@Patriots @UMGoBlog https://t.co/z47d3Gbu3m

@Patriots @UMGoBlog  https://t.co/z47d3G...

@whatluvsabout Nicole @whatluvsabout

Officiating in this game is garbage. #Titans #Patriots

@Savage_steve Steve H @Savage_steve

Score at halftime is: #Patriots 7 #Titans 7 #NFLOfficials 14 (with more to come) — watching Tennessee Titans vs... https://t.co/GvVuaWmz0B

@PatMcAfeeShow Pat McAfee @PatMcAfeeShow

@Titans 👏🏻👏🏻

@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

@coltfn1 @HolderStephen @IndyStarSports @RapSheet We all love Vinny now so giving the idea a chance...

@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

@aseecondglance @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 @edsheeran I agree! "It loves me!" Or "my red lips"!?!?

@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

@Cody_Napek 🤢

@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

@adamvinatieri @TheBlueMare That's our 🐐!!!

@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

@toddarcher Makes room for @ReggieWayne_17 !!!!

@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

@Anthony_MAFS @NBCGameOfGames You two are so cute!!! #MAFS

@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

@1jacobvickers @bkravitz It's gotta be Chubb

@Jerica_Phillips Jerica Phillips @Jerica_Phillips

BEST STORY OF THE DAY: South Dallas middle school started a “Breakfast with Dads” program but many dads couldn’t ma… https://t.co/HDKKwmW1DD

@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

@PackersFans_ How does that work when she's a die hard Bears fan???

@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

@GaryBrackett58 The sheriff should come back to town and the house he built!

@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

@IndyStarSports Harbaugh (captain comeback) is similar but more winning...

@AdarnSchefter Adam Schefter @AdarnSchefter

The Colts will terminate Chuck Pagano after today's game and have reached a tentative agreement to make Michigan’s… https://t.co/7MKt25qQ8z

@RickStevens63 Rick Stevens @RickStevens63

Okay #ColtsNation Time to show some grit Chop some Wood Keep Pounding Never Give Up I will miss Chuck Pagano the man

@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

Happy 45th 💵💰 https://t.co/RBe7lS6Lza

@tbspeed11 Travis Berryhill @tbspeed11

As heard from the air, "it looks like a race track." Why yes, yes it is. @IMS @jdouglas4 https://t.co/WDxKeppdWR

As heard from the air, 'it looks like a...

@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

@JimIrsay You could be less high and open it in September and October! #smh

@staceya8 Stacey Andrews @staceya8

@CFB Yes Please!!!!

@StylishCyrus Miley Cyrus Fashion @StylishCyrus

Can we acknowledge the fact that the top 3 all originated on TEAM MILEY. #VoiceFinale

@doctorwillkirby My Name Jeff @doctorwillkirby

Who wants to tell me how Addison lost when she’s #1, 6, and 10, while Chloe is #2, 8, and 16? #VoiceFinale https://t.co/D9J6hR3JQa

Who wants to tell me how Addison lost wh...

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