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Catch @ShyGlizzy taking over #RapCaviar's Instagram right now 🔥 https://t.co/0ebnvRlrmw https://t.co/kXTXx7DeTY

Catch @ShyGlizzy taking over #RapCaviar'...

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Shoutout to everyone who ever thought that Mr Brightside was about turning snakes into the sea (it's saints)… https://t.co/o9k1PsnD25

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Did you ask @madisonbeer to #SayItToMyFace? https://t.co/SZT6kKXwXX https://t.co/2JYdqHPjl5

Did you ask @madisonbeer to #SayItToMyFa...

@KimKardashian Kim Kardashian West @KimKardashian

I teamed up with @Spotify to launch my new profile and today's Crystal Meditation playlist is all about positive vi… https://t.co/jrYHtAhlrV

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Happy birthday to the Freebandz leader Super Future HNDRXX 👑🦅 https://t.co/eLaVSdxx2U https://t.co/hzUDM66grL

Happy birthday to the Freebandz leader...

@steveaoki All Night Aoki @steveaoki

cruise through #newmusicfriday and we at #6 on @Spotify!! Ty ty. #AllNight https://t.co/DULq2tMybx https://t.co/E32DZOQeN7

cruise through #newmusicfriday and we at...

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The #AMAs starts now. Tweet along with us @SpotifyUSA.

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15 years ago today, @audioslave gave us this ⬇️ Today, we have this ➡️ 🔥 Coincidence? https://t.co/GrxwvaLzTm https://t.co/KHLE1wuvcL

15 years ago today, @audioslave gave us...

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Gets treated well for their lumps. Takes advantage of it. But really just wants to dance. Any guesses? #TLDRSongs

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Take a trip #Downtown with @Anitta + @JBALVIN. Watch the music video now on #VivaLatino. https://t.co/VCfBTyW1Ta https://t.co/h65MBQJVzC

Take a trip #Downtown with @Anitta + @JB...

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Get ready for the #AMAs. Stream music from the nominated artists & performers. https://t.co/wFExiuOvPO

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@LuisFonsi @ddlovato 🔥

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Malcolm Young. We salute you. https://t.co/EJDHvuy9lD #RIP

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20 years ago @modestmouseband gave us The Lonesome Crowded West. It still hits hard in all the right places.… https://t.co/MQpGCyayCn

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1-833-21-SWEAT More love and relationship advice from @21savage x @OGKeithSweat this week on #RapCaviar… https://t.co/QLzmnKv08c

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Their first collab on an album. Not their first in life. @TheTimMcGraw ❤️ @FaithHill #TheRestofOurLife Streaming no… https://t.co/VLN8eA9hd4

@Sia sia @Sia

Feel the holiday cheer with 'Everyday Is Christmas' on @Spotify https://t.co/0oFa2Rl1yd 🎀🎁 - Team Sia https://t.co/HkEuIYSuI3

Feel the holiday cheer with 'Everyday Is...

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Thirteen members. #SEVENTEEN is their name. Teen, Age is the new album from @pledis_17. https://t.co/TCCReZ4CCU

Thirteen members.
#SEVENTEEN is their na...

@TheTimMcGraw Tim McGraw @TheTimMcGraw

Stream #TheRestofOurLife @Spotify now! https://t.co/Ki0MTYKWbA https://t.co/O1c8rEp80d

Stream #TheRestofOurLife @Spotify now! h...

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#EchameLaCulpa is here 🙌 @LuisFonsi & @ddlovato Now streaming on #VivaLatino. https://t.co/VCfBTyW1Ta https://t.co/TEbcKXw4OX

#EchameLaCulpa is here 🙌 
@LuisFonsi &am...

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Hear that?👂 The hottest tracks and music videos in Latin music. Streaming now on #VivaLatino.… https://t.co/bzRBaZKE1S

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HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON'T. Now streaming in This Is: @falloutboy https://t.co/gIIOve8XLW https://t.co/rHW0LiC1Vy

Now streaming in...

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Being on tour with @JBALVIN is just as wild as it looks! #MiGente exclusive video streaming now on #VivaLatino. https://t.co/jRJEp1Sv5C

Being on tour with @JBALVIN is just as w...

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Friday Cratediggers has been taken over by @atrak & @baauer You can hear their two new tracks on the playlist now:… https://t.co/UlD2rrGYAB

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@CinemaBite Yes. https://t.co/AkNP1Shjk2

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Blissing Me, new from @bjork. Listen to This Is: Björk now. https://t.co/ohisgk7akv https://t.co/mWOrKm73Nf

Blissing Me, new from @bjork. 
Listen to...

@daddy_yankee Daddy Yankee @daddy_yankee

PREMIER- Exclusive on @Spotify #Vuelve vertical video! @badbunnyPR 🔥 show me your reaction showing gifs from the m… https://t.co/WcWe7mpdcu

@SpotifyLatino Spotify Latino @SpotifyLatino

We’re going behind the scenes of @bombaestereo’s exclusive music video for #Quimica. Watch it now on #VivaLatino.… https://t.co/pdnYoXc0Ks

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.@Wolfalicemusic share their heartfelt “Don’t Delete The Kisses” + a Tim Buckley 60’s classic for #SpotifySingles… https://t.co/DmcC0fBCuM

@Sia sia @Sia

Go big or go home 🎀🎅 - Team Sia https://t.co/FtdIMlQJlE

Go big or go home 🎀🎅 - Team Sia https://...

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