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Proud #Trump supporter for #MAGA #1A #2A #Vets #Military #BackTheBlue #tcot #ccot NO PC or SJW crap will be tolerated. Feminists don't speak for me.

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@sparklesoup45 SparkleMAGA🇺🇸 @sparklesoup45

@Fuctupmind Maybe it'e because you're not abusive & unhinged 😀

@DTrumpPoll Trump Opinion Polls @DTrumpPoll

With 4 days left until @realDonaldTrump starts his second year as @POTUS, how do you rate his first 12 months?… https://t.co/Kc89EhCIVv

@RodStryker Maverick @RodStryker

@Acosta @POTUS This clip NEVER gets old! "No, I won't give you a question. Don't be RUDE. DON'T BE RUDE. You are F… https://t.co/9mxQTkdou9


Never forget that Illinois Senator Dicky Durbin once compared the US military to Nazis and Soviet Gulags. 🎥… https://t.co/i3rxznyOGz

@Fuctupmind Mike @Fuctupmind

Follow @Pink_About_it ALMOST 30K Do it! https://t.co/rtOXTskueV

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@LiverLipLouie LiverLipLouie @LiverLipLouie

Illegal Scum who killed 2 Cops in California says he wished he killed more. Dems put Citizens of other countries be… https://t.co/FT08UdBNlA

@LiverLipLouie LiverLipLouie @LiverLipLouie

You Never see DemocRats protesting to help out Vets, but they will always be out there to protest for illegals righ… https://t.co/zpvigNqfPC

@GartrellLinda Deplorable Linda G. @GartrellLinda

#FakeNewsMedia has lost all credibility They are NOT news reporters anymore Exposed for: 🔥daily biased reporting 🔥s… https://t.co/RXE5H9uIEl

@NWOinPanicMode NYPatriot @NWOinPanicMode

Best Fiction Writer For A Failing Newspaper.. #FakeNewsAwards @maggieNYT https://t.co/t4jFew124D

Best Fiction Writer For A Failing Newspa...

@sparklesoup45 SparkleMAGA🇺🇸 @sparklesoup45

@Fuctupmind @PNN_Unleashed @polNewsReturned F https://t.co/z5MrS08Lo4

@Fuctupmind @PNN_Unleashed @polNewsRetur...

@Fuctupmind Mike @Fuctupmind

DAMN AGAIN? @PNN_Unleashed suspended again. Press F. Go here 👉 @polNewsReturned https://t.co/kc7tS3C44L


@PNN_Unleashed suspended ag...

@Trumperland Allllllllllllllice☕️Unfiltered @Trumperland

@realDonaldTrump 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 ... The GOP Server Crashed ... ? ?Hacked By The Russians? ? So much for: #11. Russia… https://t.co/AEysBpd3pL

@JrcheneyJohn John~And I Stand 🇺🇸 @JrcheneyJohn

Meet My Dear Friend Nancy @ChooseToBFree She’s A Trump Supporter And a Great Patriot To Follow. Help me get Nanc… https://t.co/CDLww7UlnB


I'm a budding low/no budget filmmaker trying to find quality products as I produce my short film Haunt. I'm current… https://t.co/omp51F50iR

@SparkleSoup45 SparkleMAGA🇺🇸 @SparkleSoup45

For the record THIS is one of the illegals the Democrats think matter more than YOU Illegal alien charged in the k… https://t.co/wmzXa2jczp

@PinkBelgium PHIL🇺🇸🇧🇪4TRUMP✝️ @PinkBelgium

📢 "We Need A New Generation Of New #GOP Leaders" 👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🌵 #AZSEN #TeamWard #MakeArizonaGreatAgain #MAGA… https://t.co/6RUSOLrKMe

@ColumbiaBugle The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 @ColumbiaBugle

Award for Smoothest Takedown of Fake News goes to the lovely Sarah Huckabee Sanders. #FakeNewsAwards https://t.co/YEbsV54P8V

Award for Smoothest Takedown of Fake New...

@FemalesForTrump FemalesForTrump, Stable Genius in 👠Stilettos👠 @FemalesForTrump

#FakeNewsAwards This list says it all‼️ https://t.co/I3XDadnqKC

This list says it all‼️...

@GrizzleMeister GRIZZLE @GrizzleMeister

US Army Vet Ricky Taylor on the staggering number of minorities that support President Trump & the phony news being… https://t.co/2Sd3Zeke2T

@GartrellLinda Deplorable Linda G. @GartrellLinda

Former Sheriff David Clarke: Cory Booker Lacks the Temperament To Be President Watch the video & remember he admits… https://t.co/sHWbU8ycao

@NWOinPanicMode NYPatriot @NWOinPanicMode

Completely Making Shit Up Award... #FakeNewsAwards https://t.co/flAzpIzgV8

Completely Making Shit Up Award... #Fake...

@sparklesoup45 SparkleMAGA🇺🇸 @sparklesoup45

BREAKING: Trump Announces the FAKE NEWS AWARDS WINNER! #FakeNewsAwards #WednesdayWisdom #NYTimes #FakeNews… https://t.co/L4CTvVcdbt

@sparklesoup45 SparkleMAGA🇺🇸 @sparklesoup45

We call it ABUSIVE UNHINGED BULLYING Behavior towards a woman 👉Alyssa here calls that "leadership" #Booker… https://t.co/3xe1jZ2KSi

@JrcheneyJohn John~And I Stand 🇺🇸 @JrcheneyJohn

The Dirty Little Secret About DACA And The Democrats 👉They Want Future Voters👉The Ones That Will Be Dependent On Th… https://t.co/Ug5uc4gf7i

@DTrumpPoll Trump Opinion Polls @DTrumpPoll

With 4 days left until @realDonaldTrump starts his second year as @POTUS, how do you rate his first 12 months?… https://t.co/LTdlWzR9zH

@GartrellLinda Deplorable Linda G. @GartrellLinda

WHY we need to #BuildTheWall 🇺🇸security 🇺🇸safety 🇺🇸stopping drugs 🇺🇸stopping human trafficking No wall, then no de… https://t.co/zKkwWS9Fvh

@LeahR77 Leah 🌪🌵🎸 @LeahR77

Some REAL News ..Haitian Senate President Tells How The Clintons Attempted To BRIBE Him #FakeNewsAwards… https://t.co/B8lYprtTCg

@carrieksada Carrie❤️America🇺🇸 @carrieksada

I’m grateful for a @POTUS who calls things as they are. If you are a member of the #FakeNews Cabal, Trump will call… https://t.co/c1crZy5lBS

@BethanyJuno 🇺🇸𝕋𝕙𝕖 ℂ𝕝𝕠𝕤𝕖𝕣🇮🇹 @BethanyJuno

Ya Gotta Love General Cosgrove😆😆😆🤣👍👊 https://t.co/PK1GBPRoVP

Ya Gotta Love General Cosgrove😆😆😆🤣👍👊 htt...

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