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@soccerdad125 kyle @soccerdad125

i dissapoint myself........ https://t.co/jxZ47vy4Oz

@soccerdad125 kyle @soccerdad125

all the men in my life constantly disappoint me.....

@soccerdad125 kyle @soccerdad125

@leosunbaby scorpio in the eleventh house ill let u know when i stop

@brigsbeebear sugar gay @brigsbeebear

gay people when you play 80s music https://t.co/eEMm5yiUhF

gay people when you play 80s music https...

@givenchyass gıνeи¢ħч @givenchyass

the world has been a simulation since 2012 and the illuminati is testing ways to fade out humans from existence: a… https://t.co/FMWMXQIsMt

@soccerdad125 kyle @soccerdad125

I LOVE THEM https://t.co/o5izhFlfnQ

@xbabygirlem3 emily ortega @xbabygirlem3

The queen is back and she’s coming for you Lil Tay https://t.co/EccIKLOonR

The queen is back and she’s coming for y...

@soccerdad125 kyle @soccerdad125

relatable :) https://t.co/mNrHEqEyap

@soccerdad125 kyle @soccerdad125

my capricorn sun virgo moon mother just yelled at me after tweeting this im deleting it

@soccerdad125 kyle @soccerdad125

my mom has always been hard on me buf she has my best interests in mind i love her for that ........

@soccerdad125 kyle @soccerdad125


@soccerdad125 kyle @soccerdad125

us :( https://t.co/yNc4LqdLQd

@soccerdad125 kyle @soccerdad125

damn i love my parents so much i rly believe i chose them

@venusdolce 🏹 @venusdolce

I wish more designers had this mindset. https://t.co/fpm60LzkNH

I wish more designers had this mindset....

@soccerdad125 kyle @soccerdad125

i have mars square ascendant and i have no actual idea how to express my anger like ill say im angry but idk how to… https://t.co/55CAkeEjbY

@soccerdad125 kyle @soccerdad125

reply with whats in ur eleventh house and what ur friendships are like i wanna see something

@soccerdad125 kyle @soccerdad125

@CapQueenAstro LMAOOOO

@Cr8DigitalAsset Christina Haftman @Cr8DigitalAsset

You won’t be successful if you don’t identify and systematically eliminate distractions and temptations from your l… https://t.co/WCTVCBDkak

@soccerdad125 kyle @soccerdad125

i have a second house stellium and i have felt it constantly

@soccerdad125 kyle @soccerdad125

dont chase after money let money come to you

@soccerdad125 kyle @soccerdad125

@uranianbabe i feel this

@soccerdad125 kyle @soccerdad125

OKAY KDKDKDKSK https://t.co/UHo61tovWr

@MelissaInfinity Melissa Edwards @MelissaInfinity

You are waiting for someone else to give you permission to be your own sovereign, magic & greatness when it is You… https://t.co/J7An7zfESm

@salsaaldd salsa @salsaaldd

i don’t get why people openly brag about being financially stable on the tl like do you want to be robbed because i… https://t.co/C605lWt3Uk

@astrologyhoney 𝓈 @astrologyhoney

People underestimate this and lose an entire person and their relationship, failing to realize the disrespect attac… https://t.co/LYbOY4xbTA

@ricardojkay fat bully @ricardojkay

my digestive system watching me order mcdonalds at midnight https://t.co/Ak7L6Q49Jx

my digestive system watching me order mc...

@samxmcg Sam @samxmcg

Azealia Banks having beef even in Arabic has me crying https://t.co/7vsHbTiFf8

Azealia Banks having beef even in Arabic...

@ehjovan jovan @ehjovan

heterosexuals force bottoms and tops to fight over heteronormative gender roles in order to weaken us and prevent u… https://t.co/fDH6Q4igcY

@faggrat faggrat @faggrat

farted on the bus today and 4 people turned around, felt like i was on the voice

@ehjovan jovan @ehjovan

if you’re losing your mind over a man you deserve the suffering until you level up

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