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The Yuto/Kanade event is finally here My 2 faves... maybe it's time I actually grind and rank for a DFes event

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I'd hit.

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Our broadcast team. How do you like it?...

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You are quietly proud of your recent accomplishments over the ... More for Virgo https://t.co/3ITjiTwuI6

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This is gonna be another problem soon tho lol I need more room (again)

@snakeman448 searle @snakeman448

we’re at mothers and get a text that ang is at mothers and chuck screams “let’s go to mothers!!!” this is why i moved away from my friends

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cats are so awesome https://t.co/0RSMUpVxVl

cats are so awesome https://t.co/0RSMUpV...

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TOUCHDOWN: Pippin holds onto to it, runs it into the end zone from 26 yards out. Extra point makes it 14-0, Burroughs, with 1:21 left in 1st

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Comiéndome un bocadillo el otro día con mi hermana 👦🏻🥖👧🏻 https://t.co/0xfVah7Ruz

Comiéndome un bocadillo el otro día con...

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Am I really wearing jeans right if I don’t roll them up cuffed so you can see my anklets

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Good luck to everyone at twitchcon. Be safe and wear condoms... Trust me (has a baby now)

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I think I’ve found a new love. https://t.co/qK1ltQOY2i

I think I’ve found a new love. https://t...

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over the last year, I have talked about how much I love this dumb sport, how much it has given me, how much it can mean to people

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#WeirdReasonsToThrowUp You Threw Down and realized it was a bad idea... https://t.co/G7iAeEXZ4Y

You Threw Down a...

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